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Talking Something with Corey Haim

9/12/2007 3:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you thought trying to read the ramblings of Courtney Love was tough, try listening to the verbal diarrhea spewed by reality star Corey Haim. They're a match in grammar heaven!

Haim was outside of Cipriani's last night in New York, when he encountered a cameraman waiting to catch a shot of the Beckhams. Instead, he got the "Two Coreys" star giving a shout-out to Corey #2, Mr. Feldman, and ... honestly we're not sure what else he says.

Post your best guesses below.


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Gina Schmina    


2596 days ago

Mike Gir***    

What a clown shoes

2596 days ago


That is so sad. That guy really use to be somebody now he is only a punchline to a bad joke.

2596 days ago

just wondering    

......nice enabler with him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....u must feel ashamed of urself today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....STOP DRINKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2596 days ago


I had not really heard of him until his show with Corey Feldman. Feldman seems like a 'regular" guy with his act together, but this Haim character....... what an absolute idiot. If I did like him before the show I sure would not have after. For some reason he thinks he's a star. This guy is a total dork.

2596 days ago


The thing that really bothers me about Corey Haim, is that he claims to be clean and sober and never once on the show, or this video, does he come close to sobriety. This dude is lost, and trashed all the time it seems.Why Corey feldman and wife Suzi choose to take him on as a partner in this show, is insane. Anything for money I guess.

2596 days ago


Its just so sad that all those years of drugs and alcohol have turned his brain into mush. I'm sure to him, he sounds normal. To the rest of us.....just so sad and pathetic! Either he's still on the drugs, or he really has just done that much damage to himself!!!!! They should make him speak to young hollywood stars who get in trouble the FIRST time. A few hours with Haim will make ANYONE go clean and sober for life!! Bet we'd have a lot less Lohan's and Hilton's and Spears'!!!

2596 days ago

give me a break,,    

ok so he was drinking,, and he got interviewed,,
give the guy a break,,
he use to be a huge actor,,
I wish he would get some more acting gigs,, I use to really love his acting,, he was such a cute teen and I adore him,,
he is hot,,,, drunk in this vid,, but hot none the less,,
stop picking on him you jerks,,
if you have not hear of him,, you must be a very young person,, or just a person who lives in a cave,,
Lost Boys is a cult classic,, and anybody with any taste whatsoever would have seen this movie,, regardless of your age,, if you are old enough to own a computer you should of seen the classic Lost Boys,,
Haim rocked in this,, and in other flicks,,

Team Corey Haim
oh ,, PS,, Corey Feldmans, susieB*tchwife is nasty,, hate that loozer

2596 days ago

Corey Haim is HOT    

Love him!!

glad to see him on TMZ,,
even if he's drunk
he's a hottie,,


2596 days ago


Wow, he's really in serious trouble. And that blathering bimbo he's got holding his leash was sure trying to hog the camera time, LOL.

2596 days ago


This guy is a waste of skin...yuck. Remember when he tried to sell his rotten teeth on e bay? That is beyong low.

2596 days ago

Jill H.    

This is what he's saying:

I'm never going to get off drugs...I'm never going to get off drugs...I'm never going to get off drugs...I'm never going to get off drugs...I'm never going to get off drugs...maybe I should start dating Britney Spears.....

2596 days ago

Corey Haim is HOT    

I hated that nasty woman on the Two Corey's show,,


she was just horrible

love Corey Haim,,
feldman,, he is ok
his wife,, YUCK

2596 days ago


I think he should start dating Zitney. Perfect for each other!! GROSS!!

2596 days ago


Thats cocaine and alchohol talk there.Time for rehab.

2596 days ago
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