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Britney: After Las Vegas -- The Inner Dialog

9/13/2007 4:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oh, man, I am seriously frazzazzleded and exhaustipateded. Let's face it, I'm tarrrd! I had too much fun in Larse Vegas! Gimme more gimme more -- what did nanny tell me to pick up at the groshery store? Oh my gawd! Look how cute this new Weaveholder looks! I am seriously preshified!

Gimme more gimme mmmm mmmm. Sunny day, keepin' the clouds away -- on my way -- can't thank of the rest. I think I should cover that ditty! I'll talk to Diddy about it! He's my new special friender. It's all about the Benjamins -- la la hmm. Sunny day ... um ...

um ... ... Where am I? Oh yah, hot dawgs and Cheetohs for Jayden and crayons and candy cigarettes for Sean -- ding dang he's cute with them kiddie ciggies! He reminds me of K-Fart. Dang him! Hater. Sunny day ... seriously, this is the cutest pockerbook, like, ever. I could fit doggie in thar, and all my necesseries, my lollerpoppers, and -- oh yeah, and I need some Strawberry Qwik -- that stuff is soooo good. Yummerlicious! Tell me how to get how to get to... oh heckers, I think this is a nightgown. Better ask Alli. Note to self: um -- what was I just thinkin'? Nertz. Hate when that happers.

Garsh, I think I was up for three or six days in Vegas, but I seriously kicked ass! I was so ghetto fabulous on that VDA show -- even though I busted my nail, my heel broke on my hooker boots and I was a lil' bit bloated -- oh, hell, better pick up a EPT while I'm in here too. I shoulda knowed betterer when Criss asked me to hold that thing while he did a trick! Hot dawgs ... can't forgit. Sunny day -- benjamins -- la la la.


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Leave her alone! Gawd, just let her be herself and stop the Brit abuse!

2560 days ago

Amy in KY    

ok, last time you did it, it was funny, this time you just tried too hard, it was ding dang stoopid!!

she has on clothes today, no rear hanging out, so i see improvement coming, could there be hope in her future????????

2560 days ago

so what?    

Is that supposed to be funny? I don't even like Britney, but you gossip sites need to get over it already.

2560 days ago

Desease control    

britt is cool leave her the hell alone

2560 days ago

spread the love    

TMZ...slow news day??? That was horrible, as in not funny. Guess that is what happens when you base your entire existance on a few bimbos and losers to provide you with your 'news' When they are out of pocket, you have to make up stupid content.
Stick to the news please.


2560 days ago

Rosie O'donnel is way too gross for words    

That was really, really stupid.

2560 days ago


actually, doesn't this look more like a nightie?

2560 days ago


whosoever wrote that is sooooo stupid get real she doesn't talk like that ur just stupid get a real job domb ass i really dont care about britney but leave her alone and does kids thats so stupid of u guys saying that britney is getting cigarrets for the baby... that just stupid okkk.

2560 days ago


Cute dress and purse. WHERE ARE HER KIDS ???

2560 days ago

My Two Cents    

TMZ your new TV show sucks. T

2560 days ago

Done with TMZ    

It used to be fun looking at your site, but I am now done, reporting on her was getting cruel enough, but making stuff up and writing it poorly, is crossing the line. Harvey Levin used to be somewhat credible, this is junior high school crap.

2560 days ago


Ok... you crack me up and it is incredibly funny --- BUT, perhaps enough is enough. I'm starting to feel sorry for her and worry if sites like yours and perez aren't going a little too far in abusing an obviously distressed and in need of emotional help individual. I don't think any of us could take this repeated abuse over and over without letting it affect us. I know she is filthy rich and has messed up on her own, but maybe just maybe it is time to back off and let her figure it out.

2560 days ago


Ding Dang!!!

2560 days ago


SHUT up, you guys stink and how stupid, get a life and leave her alone now that you think shes a loser please. Disgusting you just keep pushing and pushing for no reason but to insult your intelligence as a writer idiot. WHO cares, just let it LIE for gawds sake and WHAT do you care what she does, its obvious you dont. GOOD luck BRIT

2560 days ago


TMZ SUCKS!!!! That was the most stupid thing that's ever been posted! You need to stop being mean to her cause if it weren't for her none of you would have jobs! So you should be thankful to her and start treating her better! I don't want to keep coming to this site if you keep being so disgustingly disrespectful to her! It's your job to bring the facts not your stupid opinions like Perez Hilton!

2560 days ago
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