Britney: After Las Vegas -- The Inner Dialog

9/13/2007 4:52 PM PDT

Britney: After Las Vegas -- The Inner Dialog

Oh, man, I am seriously frazzazzleded and exhaustipateded. Let's face it, I'm tarrrd! I had too much fun in Larse Vegas! Gimme more gimme more -- what did nanny tell me to pick up at the groshery store? Oh my gawd! Look how cute this new Weaveholder looks! I am seriously preshified!

Gimme more gimme mmmm mmmm. Sunny day, keepin' the clouds away -- on my way -- can't thank of the rest. I think I should cover that ditty! I'll talk to Diddy about it! He's my new special friender. It's all about the Benjamins -- la la hmm. Sunny day ... um ...

um ... ... Where am I? Oh yah, hot dawgs and Cheetohs for Jayden and crayons and candy cigarettes for Sean -- ding dang he's cute with them kiddie ciggies! He reminds me of K-Fart. Dang him! Hater. Sunny day ... seriously, this is the cutest pockerbook, like, ever. I could fit doggie in thar, and all my necesseries, my lollerpoppers, and -- oh yeah, and I need some Strawberry Qwik -- that stuff is soooo good. Yummerlicious! Tell me how to get how to get to... oh heckers, I think this is a nightgown. Better ask Alli. Note to self: um -- what was I just thinkin'? Nertz. Hate when that happers.

Garsh, I think I was up for three or six days in Vegas, but I seriously kicked ass! I was so ghetto fabulous on that VDA show -- even though I busted my nail, my heel broke on my hooker boots and I was a lil' bit bloated -- oh, hell, better pick up a EPT while I'm in here too. I shoulda knowed betterer when Criss asked me to hold that thing while he did a trick! Hot dawgs ... can't forgit. Sunny day -- benjamins -- la la la.