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Britney: After Las Vegas -- The Inner Dialog

9/13/2007 4:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oh, man, I am seriously frazzazzleded and exhaustipateded. Let's face it, I'm tarrrd! I had too much fun in Larse Vegas! Gimme more gimme more -- what did nanny tell me to pick up at the groshery store? Oh my gawd! Look how cute this new Weaveholder looks! I am seriously preshified!

Gimme more gimme mmmm mmmm. Sunny day, keepin' the clouds away -- on my way -- can't thank of the rest. I think I should cover that ditty! I'll talk to Diddy about it! He's my new special friender. It's all about the Benjamins -- la la hmm. Sunny day ... um ...

um ... ... Where am I? Oh yah, hot dawgs and Cheetohs for Jayden and crayons and candy cigarettes for Sean -- ding dang he's cute with them kiddie ciggies! He reminds me of K-Fart. Dang him! Hater. Sunny day ... seriously, this is the cutest pockerbook, like, ever. I could fit doggie in thar, and all my necesseries, my lollerpoppers, and -- oh yeah, and I need some Strawberry Qwik -- that stuff is soooo good. Yummerlicious! Tell me how to get how to get to... oh heckers, I think this is a nightgown. Better ask Alli. Note to self: um -- what was I just thinkin'? Nertz. Hate when that happers.

Garsh, I think I was up for three or six days in Vegas, but I seriously kicked ass! I was so ghetto fabulous on that VDA show -- even though I busted my nail, my heel broke on my hooker boots and I was a lil' bit bloated -- oh, hell, better pick up a EPT while I'm in here too. I shoulda knowed betterer when Criss asked me to hold that thing while he did a trick! Hot dawgs ... can't forgit. Sunny day -- benjamins -- la la la.


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Who in the hell writes this crap, oh, I know, it's some of those college graduates we are all told are so smart. They are proving it right here aren't they? Four years of college and this is the result. God help us.

2576 days ago


I think she looks great in this photo. Here's hoping the VMA,s was her wake up call and she is now ready to get a grip on her life. I hope she reaches out the celebs who appear to want to help her with her future career. I wish her the best and hope she finds her niche in the entertainment world. I am not and never have been a Brit fan but I do wish her the best.

2576 days ago


If I'd read something this lame and totally devoid of any entertainment value whatsoever the first time I looked at tmz, I would have hit the back button in a hurry. And I don't even care about Britney Spear one way or the other. Never saw her perform, never listened to her music. I strongly suspect this hideous shtick of an inner dialog parody wouldn't be any more appealing if I had.

Time to exit this mess of web site and never look back.


2576 days ago

Angie MI    

So incredibly mean. A line or two would have been funny, but this is just stupid. There is nothing hilarious about it.

I'm thinking TMZ assigned all of the good writers to the television show and left the website copy up to the contract employees.

By the way, Britney looks gorgeous in this picture. This is the most put together she has looked. The poor girl may have a chance if the media would ease up a bit. It is sick that people get such pleasure out of one's failures or mishaps.

2576 days ago


She looks great in this pic but you guys are getting on my freaking nerves trying to read the comments you put with her not funny at all but damn annoying

2576 days ago

i ♥ britney spears    

why dont yall start reporting facts instead of insults! this site does nothing but pick on poor britney wtf is the deal what your reporters arent good enough to go out and get a real story so yall just make um up? bottom line britney is a strong woman and nothing nobodys says will bring her down!!!

we love you britney!! keep your head up!! you will prevail!!

2576 days ago


BAH HAHAHAHAHA Thats tooo funnny

2576 days ago

i'm just saying    

You guys are the funniest. Love your southern accent.

2576 days ago


So how long are you gonna beat this girl down?? This "material" isn't funny anymore. Move on, get over it, let it go. Geez. Enough is enough. I'm not even a fan of Britney's but there is a point of taking things too far which is exactly what the media is doing.

2576 days ago


If it were not for Britney you guys would have nothing, no wonder you continue to crucify her. I used to enjoy reading your site, now I look in disgust. You will not be happy until she slits her wrists, but I am sure you will make fun of the way she does that

2576 days ago

Nicki B    

Wow, is this monologue suppose to be funny? and give her a break...geeezzzzz

2576 days ago


VENGENCE IS MINE SAITH THE LORD!!! unto others as you'd have done to have made a NASTY BED TO LIE IN!!!

2576 days ago

Hop Off    

Get over it! You're all so pathetic. Karma can't collect soon enough for you sorry bastards.

2576 days ago


to all you "LEAVE HER ALONE's" out there...............there is no point in saying leave her alone............... each and everyone of us are looking for this stuff..... and this article......
was can do better....

2576 days ago


TMZ's fake "Britney" monologues are getting old.

2576 days ago
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