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Britney: After Las Vegas -- The Inner Dialog

9/13/2007 4:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oh, man, I am seriously frazzazzleded and exhaustipateded. Let's face it, I'm tarrrd! I had too much fun in Larse Vegas! Gimme more gimme more -- what did nanny tell me to pick up at the groshery store? Oh my gawd! Look how cute this new Weaveholder looks! I am seriously preshified!

Gimme more gimme mmmm mmmm. Sunny day, keepin' the clouds away -- on my way -- can't thank of the rest. I think I should cover that ditty! I'll talk to Diddy about it! He's my new special friender. It's all about the Benjamins -- la la hmm. Sunny day ... um ...

um ... ... Where am I? Oh yah, hot dawgs and Cheetohs for Jayden and crayons and candy cigarettes for Sean -- ding dang he's cute with them kiddie ciggies! He reminds me of K-Fart. Dang him! Hater. Sunny day ... seriously, this is the cutest pockerbook, like, ever. I could fit doggie in thar, and all my necesseries, my lollerpoppers, and -- oh yeah, and I need some Strawberry Qwik -- that stuff is soooo good. Yummerlicious! Tell me how to get how to get to... oh heckers, I think this is a nightgown. Better ask Alli. Note to self: um -- what was I just thinkin'? Nertz. Hate when that happers.

Garsh, I think I was up for three or six days in Vegas, but I seriously kicked ass! I was so ghetto fabulous on that VDA show -- even though I busted my nail, my heel broke on my hooker boots and I was a lil' bit bloated -- oh, hell, better pick up a EPT while I'm in here too. I shoulda knowed betterer when Criss asked me to hold that thing while he did a trick! Hot dawgs ... can't forgit. Sunny day -- benjamins -- la la la.


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I just want to say that it's just really sad how the media just won't leave this girl ALONE! I'm not trying to defend her on everything that she has done for the past couple of years with her career. I personally think she takes her career as joke, I don't know what her reasons are for her behavior but if she ever wants to come back and get her fans back, she needs to create a new image and stop trying to be the little 17 year girl that she once was. Her life has changed drastically and she needs to open up her eyes and face reality. She hit ROCK BOTTOM at the vma's and everyone watched, she embarrased herself and now all the tabloids are making fun of her. Britney be with your family if anything I'm sure they will always be there, reconcile with your mom and leave everything in the PAST! You have to start living the present! Stop trying to be so sexy, you can be sexy in a nice and decent way, you don't need to EXPOSE yourself so much!

2560 days ago


Give the girl a break, she actually looks good here.

2560 days ago

Wasabi Pea    

No - there is no hope for her - ding dang - she'll do it again.

I love TMZ!!!! You so funny!!!

2560 days ago


Ding Dang Ya'll!!! LOL I love that phrase cracks me up everytime!! But seriously TMZ just because someone speaks with a southern accent doesn't mean they're stupid or inbred or any of the other ill conceived ideas society has about the south. One of my favorite lines in the movie sweet home alabama was "just because I talk slow sweetheart doesn't mean i'm stupid" I do cringe sometimes when i hear southerners carrying it to far for the attention it draws to them. Such people are what give us all a bad name. Britney though is far from "deep south" in her accent, sure she says "ya'll" hell half of society says it these days. I'm not gonna say give the girl a break though because it's people like me commenting on her, reading about her that keeps sites like tmz going. I love tmz i'm hooked! But ding dang ya'll give her a break she is a southern bell after all what did you expect her to sound like? Fran Drescher?

2560 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

So now you don't have anything to write on Britney today so you just start making it up? You guys are losing it there. You have made your popularity by breaking stories and providing mostly accurate information. Please don't drop the ball now that you are on top. Now is the time for excellence to show, not your laziness.

2560 days ago


damn guys! it's totally time to ease up on the girl, i personally am not a huge brit fan but u guys are just bein out right mean, insensitive and low. no wonder shes a train wreck no one lays off her and its jus tearin her apart more

2560 days ago


TMZ- all of you should be ashamed of yourselves. I am officially boycotting your sight. I am also going to start a petition for others who are sick of your sight as well for starting rumors and poking fun at the stars we love. I love X17 because they support Britney and don't go to such great lengths to tear someone apart. Did you ever stop and wonder that Britney may have emotional issues partly because of the BS you write about her? You don't know her, or what she goes through. How would each of you feel if you read this crap about yourselves day after day? You people have no heart. You are driving a wonderful, talented HUMAN BEING into seclusion. It's ABUSE. I can't believe there are sickos out there like you. Your sight should be illegal!
-A Britney fan and proud of it!!!

2560 days ago

my 2 cents    

I don't usually post comments but I felt like I should this time. This should be removed because it is about the dumbest thing I have read in my life.
I don't know what moron is writing this crap but they sound like a 12 year old. This is garbage.
I am the farthest thing from a Britney fan but enough is enough. Get a life and write about something interesting. You're just kicking a dead horse.
She is not fat. She is not ugly. She is human. Get over yourselves.

2560 days ago



do you think anyone has a right to point a camera between your legs everytime you get out of the car? They are in her space and if she does not want to wear panties then that should be her business. It just shows how desperate these sites are for lookers. I think I will contact their advertisers and ask

2560 days ago

Democrats are evil    

She deserves every derogatory word spoken about her but if she's the narcissistic little twit that she appears to be, your going to end up being the reason she puts an end to it. Do you really want to be the grave digger of this celebrity trash? What ever floats your boat. I personally would just leave her alone to be miserable by her lonesome. We all get what we deserve in the end, don't we.

2560 days ago


I'd just really, REALLY like to hear, from Britney PERSONALLY, why she goes out in public WITHOUT panties..... I mean what legit excuse besides she's a schizophrenic can there be for that?

2560 days ago


TMZ....this writers....inbred swamp talk.... and you print their brain dead babble...did you draft ''em right out of preschool!! DUH DUH DUH!!

2560 days ago


Who the hell writes this crap?? Oh, I know, it's some of those college graduates we are all supposed to admire. Give me a frickin break! Just 'cos you go to college doesn't mean you know anything. This proves it. Bet your parents are so proud. All they invested in your education and this is what they have to show for it. STUPID ASS!

2560 days ago


So is the media's hunger for this woman not going to be sadated until she is either committed to a mental hospital or worse??!! Why do you feel it necessary to be so cruel? I'm not a Britney fan but that doesn't mean I kick a person when they are down. geez...

2560 days ago

Go away!!    

why don't you try this with parasite TMZ? At least Britney has talent, lets see you pick on trampy for a change.

2560 days ago
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