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Colin Farrell -- St. Alexander?

9/13/2007 4:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Colin Farrell's known as a philandering, dirty-mouthed, Hollywood bad boy -- but this week, he spent around $10,000 on a homeless man.
Colin Farrell
Rewind to 2003 when a local radio station offered $2,000 to anyone who could get the swaggering lothario into the studios -- when a homeless guy known as "Stress" pulled off the incredible feat. On Tuesday, the same vagabond was outside Colin's hotel, with Farrell not only remembering him, but sweeping him into his car for a shopping spree!

According to the Toronto Sun, Farrell took the man to Europe Bound Travel Outfitters, telling workers there to "Get him anything he wants." Stress picked up a $500 jacket, a backpack filled with socks, underwear, boots and a sleeping bag. After shopping Colin then went to an ATM, took out "a wad of twenties" and arranged to pay the dude's rent for a year!


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Colin Farrell you've just won a fan for life. It's good to see what a real man is like for a change. God bless and keep you.

2599 days ago

Tax Man    

I'm with revenue Canada, once we get this man's name
he will have to pay about 4,000 dollars tax on this one.

2599 days ago

Mrs Butters    

ummmmm,if he's homeless,why does he pay rent?

2599 days ago


Wow, read comment 45!!
Colin is a class act!!!

2599 days ago


GOD BLESS YOU COLIN! More people in your field need to help the people here not just from other places....THANK YOU From every human being.

2599 days ago


SO many people posted hate towards this guy in the past. Now look at him. Not even close to the Tom Cruise kinda money and he helps out this homeless guy.

At least Farrell knows how to be a human being. Hope the rest of Hollywood notice this and get to work.

2599 days ago


Umm.. Yeah, Mr. Tax Man, I really do not think you are with Revenue Canada... since he will NOT have to pay $4000 on the money he received, it was charity, maybe you should get your facts straight or go back to school.... Good Job Colin! What an awesome gesture!

2599 days ago


smith and lizzie you two are stupid......colin is not from the us so why wouldn't he want to help someone from his country first???

2599 days ago


This is actually a beautiful bit of news.

2599 days ago


This was a great act by Farrell, but the cynical side of me wonders if this could have been a calculated act to get in the spot light? We haven't heard much about him in since Miami Vice...
But even if it was, really who care? This is a much better way to get some press than 'forgettiing' to wear underpants when you go to a club!

2599 days ago


I only though I loved Colin before this just made me love him so much more. Only if all the celebrity's out there would follow in his foot steps and help out others but, no one can top SEXY COLIN!

2599 days ago


Finally some positive news for Collin. Too tell you the truth none of us really know the man inside, only what we hear and read. Give him a chance. I always watch his films. I like his acting and he is not hard to look at, especially in Miami Vice.

Go Collin! Very nice what you did. Keep up the good work!

2599 days ago


Just to let you people know when you say "let's help people in the USA first. Well...this was in Toronto, not exactly the USA is it?

2599 days ago


Finally! A celebrity helping out an American, not advocating people from Darfur, or opening a segregated school in Johannesburg, South Africa...and Farrell's from Ireland. How's that for irony...?

2599 days ago

Lost in Texas    

Its not that I don't think this is an example of excellent humantiarism. It is, don't get me wrong... however, aren't you wondering how TMZ found out about this? Why can't most celebrities do good deeds without leaking them to the press to get the pats on the back from the media and public!?

I'm wondering if his motives weren't to promote some movie about to come out, I'll be watching to see...

And to the commenter who mentioned helping needy Americans instead of worldwide- you reference Oprah and Angie.... okay fine, but Colin Farrell isn't an American! He's Irish and this happened in Europe!

2599 days ago
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