MacGyver Blows Away the Competition

9/13/2007 1:46 PM PDT
He could make a bomb with toothpaste, chewing gum and a paper clip -- and even though the show hasn't been on the air for fifteen years, fans would still take MacGyver over Bond.

A new poll from McCormick Tribute Foundation found that 27 percent of Americans polled said that they'd want MacGyver, as played by Richard Dean Anderson, with them in the event of a disaster. McCormick Tribune Foundation found that the brown leather-jacketed MacGyver beat out Indiana Jones, Jason Bourne, Bond and other adventurers as the favorite fictional hero.

Said Don Cooke, McCormick's Senior Vice President for Philanthropy, "I love 'MacGyver.' You could give him a sock and a piece of string and he could somehow create electricity for the whole city."