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OJ: What Happens in Vegas ... ?

9/15/2007 6:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As Las Vegas police continue to piece together the Thursday night hotel incident between former NFL player/knife enthusiast O.J. Simpson and sports memorabilia dealer Alfred Beardsley, Simpson offered a bit more insight into what's left of his mindset.

O.J. spoke with a reporter at the L.A. Times and said that though he declined to identify the men he was with on the night of the alleged incident, they weren't thugs. "I don't hang out with gangsters. I hang out with golfers."

Either way, The Juice seemed in a jovial enough mood to joke around. After his interview, he called back to quip, "I forgot to tell you: I thought what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas?"

In 1997, Simpson was found liable in a civil court for the deaths of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.


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Give him the same treatment under the law that White America has afforded Robert Blake once he was found not guilty by a jury of his peers. Case closed. No Civil Lawsuit oe anything of that nature. Where is the media in that case?

2564 days ago

Go with the Flow!    

I would love to hang him upside down and use it as a Pinata! Second in line will be Rita Cosby and than Debra Opri and Virgie Arthur to start.

2564 days ago

Go with the Flow!    

I meant to say use him as a pinata, Not use it, Gross! @ # 60.

2564 days ago

Go with the Flow!    

Ivana the Idiot is a jerkoff!

2564 days ago


Jody, I'm sorry for you if you can't see that it is about race. With everything you said, you still did not address the issue of Robert Blake. But that is par for the course.

2564 days ago

what cuties    

Give me a break - you must be kidding - he did "WHAT" - again not accountabile for his actions - he always "SKIPS" along - zippy de do da ................. :-(

2564 days ago

what cuties    

Give me a break - you must be kidding - he did "WHAT" - again not accountabile for his actions - he always "SKIPS" along - zippy de do da ................. :-(

2564 days ago

Go with the Flow!    

Hey people! Ivan Jerkoff @ # 48 says you become dumb by being on vacation. She works
next to a lawyers office at McDonalds in the playground, cleaning up the throw up and
other messes the kids make and she thinks she is a lawyer. She is DELUSIONAL!

2564 days ago

Real Deal    

132. spyyyyyke,

You brought up the Jewish factor to me, wjich was not my comment at all. It think his actions reflected poorly on the Jewish Community as the outspoken person representong the Jewish Community, Against the book until it might put money in his pockets. Why bought the funds towards the many charities that are in the loving memery of Ron Goldman and Nicole.

Get it right upy idiot and do not be controversal for the sake of it.

Posted at 12:26AM on Sep 16th 2007 by Free The Juice

133. lynnz.....

Gee, one less person in Vegas throwing Holy Water,...Oh darn..

Boycott Vegas, LOL!!!

Get a grip!

Posted at 12:32AM on Sep 16th 2007 by Free The Juice

134. WoW!

I did not realize that there were so many GLOVE experts in this world!
Wow, The LA DA office is probably wishin they knew all of you gole experts where out there during the trial.

I guess every one who lives in a citiy where it rains and snows has to but new gloves after wearing them once based on the Glove experterts.

I should have bought stock in glove companies.

You guys are absolutly brilliant, thanks for the glove education!

Posted at 12:43AM on Sep 16th 2007 by Free The Juice

2564 days ago


As usual with OJ, it's all about HIM, the narcisstic sociopath:

2564 days ago


I read this comment on Amazon regarding the book tonight, and thought the author made a valid point:
I couldn't put it down! Quit being so weak minded and get over your never...ending...whine that this is about blood money and all the ethical lines being crossed.

If the killer was getting money selling this book "THAT" would be wrong! Get it?

It has nothing to do with the monetary value of the sales now. It's simply a way for the family to let the killer know that THEY have control, NOT the killer.

The more money the Goldman's rake in from this the better!! Every cent they raise is a slap in the face of this despicable killer. It was the money the killer was after and now he doesn't get a dime and he has exposed himself for nothing! beautiful is that! Get on board and buy the book it's simply a confession from a killer in writing!

Here we have a man who is so disgusting he even has the nerve to write about his murders. He truly is a psychopath! Now I get the answers directly from the killer himself, that's incredible. Those people who can't or won't read this are so out of touch with life it's ridiculous.

2564 days ago

Susan B    

Is this killer still alive??? Please go away OJ = you are anything but normal.

Murderer, Murderer, murderer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2564 days ago

Susan B    

Jody is right. Murder has nothing to do with race. OJ killed 2 persons and walked free. The black jury was just as much fault for his aquittal as Mark Fuhrman.

I don't hate him because he is black either. OJ is a murderer who is arrogant. I wonder how he faces his children or whether or not they even interact with him.

As far as Robert Blake, he probably should be in prison also for murder, but this story is about OJ Simpson.

2564 days ago

Britney loves OJ    

OJ is the man!!!...

You people need to leave OJ alone, he's innocent!!!
Let us all focus our energy on apprehending the Jeffrey Dahmers of the world.

We love you JUICE!!
Congratulations on getting your Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!!

2564 days ago

billy jack    

Now that we have the so-called victim claiming to be on O.J.'s side, where is all the vitriol going to come from? Will all of you who chimed in on O.J.'s "criminal" behavior in Las Vegas return to forums like this to withdraw your comments? I'm not guessing that you will. Sure will be curious to see how TMZ, Nancy Grace and Perez Hilton cover this sudden shift in the story.

2564 days ago
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