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OJ: What Happens in Vegas ... ?

9/15/2007 6:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As Las Vegas police continue to piece together the Thursday night hotel incident between former NFL player/knife enthusiast O.J. Simpson and sports memorabilia dealer Alfred Beardsley, Simpson offered a bit more insight into what's left of his mindset.

O.J. spoke with a reporter at the L.A. Times and said that though he declined to identify the men he was with on the night of the alleged incident, they weren't thugs. "I don't hang out with gangsters. I hang out with golfers."

Either way, The Juice seemed in a jovial enough mood to joke around. After his interview, he called back to quip, "I forgot to tell you: I thought what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas?"

In 1997, Simpson was found liable in a civil court for the deaths of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.


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It is very amazing how blind some people are, there is no doubt that the media attention is spurred on by race. They can rationalize anything. The book is good as long as the Goldman's are rakeing in the money. What about the Browns and even the Kids? I will be the first to say the O.J. is an idiot for even thinking about even commenting on a book of this nature, let alone contributing to the publication of it. His problem is that he thinks that some of "YOU" still love him and that he can trust some of you. The sooner he come to the realization that he is still a black man in america, and is subject to a different set of rules, the better off he will be. Regardless of how white he wants to be.

2574 days ago


anyone of us who would get our "stolen" stuff back in that manner would have been arrested on the spot, that's the part I jut don't get. Cops arrest and figure it all out later, this is reversed for OJ ?. there was enough to lock him up.

2574 days ago


Ok... OJ really has a problem with reality here. He just thinks it's alright to,
get away with double murder.Now he's taking back what he says are his.
I just think he has a problem thinking he can do what he wants and when he wants.
Bottom line.Be careful OJ. Some where down the road one of your so called friends,
is gonna set you up to take a big fall. God! I'm waiting for it to happen!

2573 days ago


This murderer represents every single thing thats wrong with our justice system - and he STILL obviously thinks he's above the laws.

2573 days ago


What drama starter was saying is that his kids SHOULDN'T be held accountable for what their father allegedly did. That's all. If they do crimes, then that's on them but for K.M. to say "I wonder if they are criminals now?" is just mean-spirited. I do agree with you though that they should've been left with the Browns.
By the way KM, yes it was an all black jury that acquitted O.J. Your point? Crooked and blind juries have been doing it for years on both sides! How many whites were let go for killing blacks because they had an all white jury?
Its wrong either way so don't try to make it seem like they were the only jury in history to let someone go because of racial prejudices. Its been going on in America for decades! Plus, you should blame the LAPD and the prosecution as well. They had a good case but they made so many mistakes during that trial, even a good rookie lawyer could've won the case for O.J.!

2573 days ago


Anyone interested in what a true racist thinks about OJ and his ongoing troubles should read post #20.

It's very sad that racist ideas like those of this poster still exist in the United States.

2573 days ago

karl anglin    

Can you imagine the hell all of this must be for his children?
I truly feel sorry feel sorry for them.

2573 days ago


If Riccio does not get charged with the same counts as OJ. Then this is all a set up.

2572 days ago


I believe he did it! OJ once threatened me on MySpace! And he sicked his thug friends on me and they harrassed me. Call him a murderer all day long. But don't use the N-word. I haven't used it since.

2572 days ago


This man's arrogance is staggering. And by the way, he does not have a criminal record of murder because our justice system is, unfortunately, not perfect. He's also had numerous other run-ins with the law aside from this current incident and his brutally murdering two people. He is a sociopath.

2572 days ago

martin padden    

..what goes around comes around.....bob detroit

2572 days ago


The News People are in for a BIG let down with the OJ Confrontation in Vegas.....
The Tape will not see the light of day in Court. The Complaints won't go fowarded.
The so called Possie won't stand up under cross so whats left?

OJ will walk after a lot of $$$$ are spent... He will just be back on the minds of the public once again!

Wait and see!

2571 days ago

Carol Ann    

Here we are again. I can onliy hope that this time he won't get off of these charges. It gets a little rediculous everytime you turn around he is finding someway to get out of taking responsibility for his actions. BE A REAL MAN OJ AND FINALLY DO WHAT IS RIGHT. Admitt that you did it and accept your punishment,like a REALMAN would.

2570 days ago


Count the lawyer's at OJ's table... ching, ching... who pays for that ?
Thought he was broke...??

2520 days ago
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