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Kate's Got a Thing for Nerds

9/17/2007 2:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taking a break from shooting her new movie in Massachusetts, Kate Hudson went shopping with her boyfriend, actor Dax Shepard, and her son (?), Ryder.

Think there's some hair product in one of those bags?


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Never inked up!    

From #8-

I have nothing to be sorry about. NEVER would I want to stay in an abusive realationship either. That isn't the same as the peolpe who divorce because they had a bad couple of weeks. There are more of those kinds of divorces then not!

Your missing the point here. Not many peolpe take getting married seriously anymore. Of course they get divorced for a reason. But in a lot peolpes minds that reason is usually nothing at all. But to them its huge. Think about it. If peolpe cared about making the marraige work why is the divorce rate a joke?

I know MORE divorced couples then not. That is a fact I bet a lot of others can share in. If you actually read my comment and not atributed it to yourselves you know I got a point. I have tried to help people with advice on staying married- But, come on when is the last time you actually took someones advice. Peolpe have their own agendas.

DUH!!!!! when your spouse dies your not divorced you are a widow. Calm down and stop taking it personal.

2592 days ago

ok then    

# 14 ....get a life..YOU know NOT a thing.. Be prepared for some karma coming your way. It always catches up to judgmental people like yourself. I feel sorry for you actually. You are so unenlightened that you will never grow as a person. NO, abusers do not always "SHOW" themselves before marriage. How do you know that?Have you taken a poll?
I'm an RN, have been in the Nvy overseas, donate my time to my church, have 2 great kids..and guess what? I was married, in an abusive marriage, and am divorced now. When I get up and look myself in the mirror ,I feel great. Don't judge. You just look stupid.

2592 days ago

tonja lasagna    

They are adorable as a family unit.
I hope she decides to have another child with Dax.

2592 days ago

Shanny Smitty    

At least she FINALLY took the half-grown kid's pacifier! Nuthin' burns me more than seeing a 3 or 4 or 5 year old even with one of those NASTY things hanging out of their mouth! I think it's disgusting! Hey, they are for a baby, get a clue!!

2592 days ago


I think she's channeling the 60's - mom's influence?

2592 days ago



2592 days ago

Whippet Good    

Just adding my 2 cents- My parents got divorced because it turned out that my dad was into the mens. I have no clue how my mom could date him for three years and not figure it out- I started to think he was gay when I was 12 (he stayed in the closet all these years, even after the divorce). I think most people see red flags well before the wedding, but don't choose to take it seriously until after they've brought kids into the situation. Because if they admit there is something wrong with the situation, they might lose something. Which is REALLY selfish.
Hopefully the generation of kids who grew up with divorces will choose something better for their own kids. :)

2591 days ago


Now that Hudson ditched her rocker husband, she should cut the kid's hair or his friends will make fun of him and call him "girly girly".

2591 days ago


Dax is an actor?....haha Now that's funny.

2591 days ago


The second guitarist Mark replaced by Black Crowes let an underage hoe I used to hang with suck it in Cleveland Ohio.We partied with them- drank Red-Stripe and Jack on the bus.

2590 days ago


Who wants to buy a sweaty- white towel signed by the Black Crowes from the ninety's!

2590 days ago


She is such a loser. I hope she marries this guy. He's perfect her. Dumb Jim who is only good for sex.

2582 days ago
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