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Shocker! Judge Says O.J.'s a Flight Risk

9/17/2007 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

O.J. Simpson has been deemed a flight risk by a Nevada judge, and thus he's on a "no bail" hold, says a "media judge" appointed to his criminal case. Wonder how they got that idea?

What's more,he'll have to see a judge within 72 hours of his arrest -- by Wednesday morning. No bail request has been made by the judge, said Clark County, Nev., media judge Nancy Oesterle at a press conference just moments ago, but Judge Ann Zimmerman will determine what bail will be, if any, on Wednesday morning. If the D.A. fails to turn in an official complaint by then, O.J. could walk away a free man.

Oesterle also said that she believes that certain members of the media will be allowed into the meeting, and helpfully pointed out that if O.J. can't afford an attorney, the court will appoint one for him.

By the way, forget #32, The Juice's new number, as in booking number, is 2648927. Wonder if that'll fit on the back of an NFL jersey.


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just me    

It keeps getting better and better! LOL

2558 days ago

baby girl    

DD(DeeDee) Stop with your race card already. Nobody likes you.

2558 days ago


He get's 30,000 a month in a pension..he can afford a attorney, PLUS he own's his home here in S Fla.

2558 days ago


This is terrible. They are going to give him justification to get off on a technicality once again. How is it that his co-defendent was release on his own recognicence and allowed to leave the state and OJ is held without bail. I am sure his attorney is very thankful for special treatment for Mr. Simpson.

2558 days ago

megan macdonald    

this slime ball will do anything for attention

with all the DNA provided for crimes i cannot believe this guy is on the streets.
his ego is so big he feels no guilt of the past

what i dont understand is why the US Laws let him off the hook

many of these comments are racial related which is unbelievable
if your worried about his colour / take a look around you of all the other people in the world who commit hideous crimes / this is not about being black or white ... if you commit a crime you do the time, you are put in jail or depending on laws you are put to death. PERIOD

what goes around comes around in life
he will get his in the end

thank god Nicole's children have her sister and grandparents
and to the Goldman family i would like to say i admire your strength, i don't think i could go thru all you and the Brown family have.

megan.... vancouver, CANADA

2558 days ago


#18 I agree with you in who cares about what Black America thinks. But, y'know OJ does deserve a fair trial based on his 07 allegations. The past is the past. I never said OJ like black chicks. I think it's pretty obvious he likes white people and white chicks better. OJ needs black people when it suits him and I guarantee he will get support. Especially that racist Rev Sharpton. I just think he should go to jail if he did what the media is portraying.

2558 days ago


Ummmm....because OJ has shown himself to be a flight risk??? (Bronco chase anyone???)

This should be fun....I'm sure a whole bunch of people are going to jump on the OJ bandwagon just for fun, when they all know he got away with murder.

The DA not filing charges? Walk away free? How is THAT going to happen? Will the DA just "forget" to file the charges? This DA knows his stuff.

I'm mad though...I thought he got no bail already. What happened? He gets ANOTHER shot at a bail hearing? Wasn't that done this morning already?

I'm confused. I hope he rots in jail for the rest of his miserable life! I'm so tired of his smug face!

2558 days ago

johnnie cochran    

"If the gun don't fit you must acquit"

2558 days ago


1995, murder trial, no jail- 1996 civil suit, pay up - 2007 lock up!

2558 days ago


For the person who said nobody likes me. Thanks! You don't know me and I definately do not know you. I, as well as you, am entitled to my opinion whether you like it or not. Now that that is crystal clear. All I said that anything about OJ is going to be about the race card instead, of what the 07 issues are. If you want to fight, fight someone else.

2558 days ago


Is the law smarter than they were in 1995 during the murder trial? How many lawyers can he afford this time?

2558 days ago

Toni C    

Aqquited of murder. Guilty in the civil trial. Some of the comments that I have read and listened to here sound so stupid. How many of you were there the night Nicole and Goldman were murdered? Just as I thought, you all assume to know what happened. Maybe you should look at your own crimes against humanity first instead of spewing hate against an individual who means nothing in your lives. Your all guilty of something big or small.
Maybe you would or maybe you wouldn't exercise bad judgement if you believed that someone has stolen your belongings and you had an opportunity to confront them. I hope that prosecutors aren't over zealous in painting a picture because he's the one that supposedly got away.
Crime does not pay. We all pay for our deeds one way or another. Start a trend and repent for your own sins

2558 days ago


And I thought there was no more excitement for O.J. He will have lots of excitement in

2558 days ago


Here it goes again, one more time race is thrown into the mix....
I don't care if O.J. is purple, or orange (no pun intended). If he committed a crime and it is proven, then let justice prevail... People, there is no need to bring color into this. Unfortunately, the race card was drawn and played in his murder trial. What a circus that was!!
We American's have much more serious issues to contend with right now, and yet It's all about O.J. on TV, on the web.. But because of who he is, our media hypnotizes us instead of reporting on real issues.
And # 10. your correct, it is sad when it is all about the color. And a question to Rev. Al Sharpton: Where are you and Jesse when the rights of everyday citizens (black, white or brown) are trampled on by the legal system????? You lack intelligence if you believe that only African Americans are the only group of people that their legal rights are trampled on here in America. I don't see you Mr. Al Sharpton attending others court hearings "to make sure their rights are not trampled on" ....
Go figure...

2558 days ago


Nothing brings a smile to my face like this slim ball going to jail. It appauls me when I read some of the comments that are left on the many other post about this low life. I mean come on people??? Have you not read about ALL the evidence that was presented in the trial? Apparently not because once you read it, it's not to hard to assume that he was guilty. I remember throughout the trial most of us were rooting for him until all the evidence was presented and then it was obivious he did it.

2558 days ago
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