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Shocker! Judge Says O.J.'s a Flight Risk

9/17/2007 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

O.J. Simpson has been deemed a flight risk by a Nevada judge, and thus he's on a "no bail" hold, says a "media judge" appointed to his criminal case. Wonder how they got that idea?

What's more,he'll have to see a judge within 72 hours of his arrest -- by Wednesday morning. No bail request has been made by the judge, said Clark County, Nev., media judge Nancy Oesterle at a press conference just moments ago, but Judge Ann Zimmerman will determine what bail will be, if any, on Wednesday morning. If the D.A. fails to turn in an official complaint by then, O.J. could walk away a free man.

Oesterle also said that she believes that certain members of the media will be allowed into the meeting, and helpfully pointed out that if O.J. can't afford an attorney, the court will appoint one for him.

By the way, forget #32, The Juice's new number, as in booking number, is 2648927. Wonder if that'll fit on the back of an NFL jersey.


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All I can hope is, that if this ever does see a trial (which I doubt) I hope they arent stupid enough to televise it AGAIN. Thats what ruined it the first go round. Lance Ito was too starstruck for his own good. He was too busy being a celebrity for the cameras. RIP OJ, ROT IN PRISON.

2560 days ago


Hatred destroys civilization. Slavery, how man black peopled killed during Slavery? Shall we go back in Histroy? Many blacks have been killed, going back in history and many of the white killers got away with it. Let us not look back in history. Everybody is guilty of something. Let this man be tried on what he has done now. How many white people killed black people in history and got away with it. Please let us not be hypocrites. Racism is evil. Let America not try OJ based on his past crimes. He was tried and found innocent. The white racists who killed innocent black people were tried and found to be innocent. That is the American Law. With OJ, WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THE "Innocent till proven guilty". So it looks like it doesnt apply to black people. Sad Indeed.

2560 days ago

megan macdonald    

my response to "the judge?" lol re: Mr. Goldman

if Mr. Goldman has had a change of mind on that trash book, that is his business.

the point of the matter is this

his son was murdered / his son is dead

do you have any children? or if you do, do you really love them??

you are not in his shoes

2560 days ago


hey i heard old J was only there to borrow the bronco ,and where is brother al cowlings?

2560 days ago


Leave the juice alone. If he was white, he wouldn't be on every t.v.
He had his day in court and was found innocent because Marc Furman jacked up the crime scene. How come when white people are killed and a black man is framed for it that's all we here, but let it be black people killed and there is a white guy being blamed for it, oh man he was on drugs he didn't know what he was doing. Let god judge him and the rest of you cast the first stone.................

2560 days ago


I hope Nevada can do what california failed to do which is to take a individual that does not deserve to be in public and incarcerate him.

2560 days ago


let's face it OJ's been skating on his former fame a long time... This time he's in deep doo because there are witnesses and audio.
Why would ANYONE walk into a room with 5 guys they only sorta know, some with guns, to "take back" stuff who's wonership is in question? Why not go see what's there and whip out a cell phone and call the cops to confiscate items in question? That's what MOST people would do, not this Rambo stuff.

2560 days ago


How dumb can you be? He could have gone on with a decent life on his pension. He and his likes just don't get it.

2560 days ago


I think that O.j. should of been out not jailed i thought that this was america and he was getting his own things back so lets ask this guy where he got some of the things that o.j. said is his!!!! Now if it was anyone else they would be out on bail and he is not a risk to flee everybody knows who he is and i feel that he was not convicted for the killings of his ex-wife and friend so now that some people were not happy with that so he is always on guard now really people we have so much crime and how about those people who go after our children lets go after them and jail them forever they are a real threat to us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2560 days ago


He is such a DUMBASS. What an idiot.

2560 days ago

Skank You, Y'all    

Lori, it's unfortunate that the kind of person who posts something as inane & childish as the above will not be able to comprehend the impression it makes. So someone who simply believes, in the sincerity of their heart, a certain Conservative idea -- such as waiting for marriage to procreate, or that illegal immigrants who sneak in the States should be sent back -- become an instant TWIT? Holy Cow! Lori, do you have the integrity or guts to confront those who sin around you by expressing such monstrous thoughts? Do you back them down with angry looks & fiery rhetoric? For your sake I hope you aren't that infantile & judgmental. Maybe someone will come along who will freeze you out, as well, just for using your Free Speech rights & ability to draw your own conclusions.
Posted at 5:55PM on Sep 17th 2007 by Karl Daggerfield

(My sincerest apologizes to other readers. I felt the need to respond after being verbally attacked.)

Dearest Karl Daggerfield:

I am perplexed by your ecclesiastical response to my earlier non-offensive posting. I have obviously hit a pungent chord with your one sided definitive opinion. Just ask you, you’ll tell me. You have the audacity to “scold me” for using my “Free Speech rights & ability to draw your own conclusions”. Who made you judge & jury of my opinion?
Then you have the gall to call me “ infantile & judgmental”.

Webster's dictionary defines a Liberal as one who is open minded, not strict in the observance of orthodox, traditional or established forms or ways. Jesus was a pluralist Liberal who taught that one need not conform to strict and orthodox views of God, religion, and life. He rejected greed, violence, the glorification of power, the amassing of
wealth without social balance, and the personal judging of others, their lifestyles and beliefs.
How odd... That seems to go against everything that spews from Mrs. Hasselbeck’s mouth.

I also must agree with some facts posted earlier:
-Her incessant babbling just scream's “ignorant, ultra-right-wing positions“
-She is using the "View's" huge platform to promote her blind following of the very narrow-minded Right-Wing-Minority propaganda machine
-She routinely has her facts wrong, is argumentative without true thought
-Believes in WMD (although none exist)
-Promotes the extreme religious right (no better than what Al-Qaeda does with the Islamic beliefs)
-Intolerant of other’s point of View
-She holds President Bushy Jr.’s war in the Highest Esteem

Peacemaking, not War Making: Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. [Matthew 5:9]

There are a plentitude of choice verb’s I could have used to describe EB. I opted for a less offensive description. I consider her a “twit” because like you, she doesn’t want to hear any one else’s opinion. And like you, anyone that opposes her beliefs gets “shot down in flames”. And you accuse me of “monstrous thoughts, angry looks & fiery

I will pray for you dear child.
I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despite-fully use you, and persecute you; [Matthew 5:44]

2560 days ago

Skank You, Y'all    

Sorry... posted my rant on the wrong page. I apologize.

2560 days ago


In response to #22 comment: The Goldman's can seize the money posted for bail only if it is OJ's money. If a friend puts up the bail for him (and it only needs to be 10% of the bail through a bail bondsman) then the Goldman's can't touch it.

It will be interesting to see if the judge allows bail what with his attempted flight for a crime he insists he was not only not guilty of, he was no where around when it happened. In this case he was present when it happened.

2560 days ago


What goes around comes around.. I hope all he can think of while he's in that cell all alone is what he got away with & that it haunts him until the day he dies. Don't know how he can sleep at nite , so arrogant, nothing is ever his fault , he's just the victim... oh yes a Big time football player, nothing but a pitiful little victim who does no wrong ! Wait til its time to answer to the real "Big" guy once your dead & gone .. if you cant admit it to the world... you will have to answer some day ... !

2560 days ago


I hate OJ........I hate OJ....I hate OJ......not because of what he did but that damn Nancy Grace just won't shut up....My God woman...shut up!!!!!!!!!

2560 days ago
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