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Natalie Imbruglia Gets Torn Up Over Paps

9/17/2007 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Torn" singer Natalie Imbruglia was miraculously swarmed by paparazzi outside Koi on Saturday. 1998 called, they want their pop star back!

The 32-year-old beauty, who was visibly annoyed by the flashbulb frenzy, exited the eatery asking photogs, "How can I get you to stop?" and "Can you leave me alone now?" Wasn't nine years of obscurity enough?!

Poor Nat, if only there were other restaurants in L.A.!


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9 years of obscurity? She's actually been active in the UK and Aus! America has just been missing out on her!

I've been around the world and I'm amazed at how the USA has been missing out on alot of talents from not just their own people but also from different countries. To name a couple, American artists such as Josh Groban and Jason Mraz have long been popular in Asia and Europe even before they got noticed on American soil. Michael Buble, The Corrs and Natalie Imbruglia have made huge hits and concerts everywhere else and yet majority of Americans have not even heard of them.

This goes the same for fashion/clothes. I would say, the best place to shop for clothes is Hongkong. There you have a wide variety of choices, be it designer clothes or regular brands. You can choose from Asian/Chinese/Japanese designs but you also can have the best from American and European fashion line. Unlike in the US, basically, you're just limited to US brands.

It's okay to patronize your own nation's products/talents. But to imply that others don't exist just because of your own ignorance is purely arrogance.

The world is becoming small. It's about time everyone becomes aware of everyone.

2485 days ago


beauty !! :DDD

2470 days ago


She should be happy she was getting any kind of attention! No one's heard a peep about this chick since 1999.

2559 days ago


If she was acting such a bitch and does not want the paps to take her pic then she should go to another restaurant that is not so high profile.

Dumb idiot!!

2559 days ago


A lot of TMZ employees and readers really are stupid...just because YOU haven't heard of her lately she must not be around??? She has released two other albums after her debut album, Left of the Middle (which included the song Torn). Her album White Lilies Island was actually really good. She then went on a publicly announced break from music to return to acting, where she originally started out. She is returning to music with her 4th album, which comes out next year.

I guess since she isn't carrying coke in her pants, driving drunk or making a fool of herself TMZ thinks that means she hasn't done anything career worthy since 1998!

P.S. Torn came out in 1997, not 1998.

2559 days ago


I'm not a fan of Nat, but I do know she's still big in Australia, her home country. She is married to Daniel Johns, singer and guitarist of Silverchair, my favorite band. They've had a pretty big comeback in the US with their first new single (it was #3 on VH1 this week) and they've never stopped being absolutely huge in Australia and other countries. Perhaps she's being swarmed because she's Daniel's wife, not just an actress and pop star on her own.

2559 days ago


I'm serious,who was she?..never heard of her,she does seem like a bitch..another man hating 'want to be'diva..

2559 days ago


Natalie should be lucky she is getting any attention at all and that she has fans like Serene who even know what she is up to...............her claim to fame was a fluke, she was processed and spit out on the music scene as a product. the song "Torn" was not written by her or her people, it was ripped off from a great local LA band from the mid-90's called Ednaswap who did not approve of her use of the song. But I guess thats the way the "business" goes.....

2559 days ago


@Ednawap-fan, Torn is written by by Scott Cutler, Anne Preven and Phil Thornalley. And Phil Thonally himself produced the recording of Torn by Natalie (he also produced more songs of her first album). Since it was Phil Thornally himself who personally introduced the song Torn to Natalie, it's nonsens to say they didn't approve.

2559 days ago

The Marian Movement    

I think she is just really down to earth. Nat and Daniel just walk around like regular people in Australia - very good looking people but no one bothers them. I walked past Daniel a couple of months ago and it's like - oh that's Daniel - he looks at you, you look at him - ONLY so you don't smash into each other, that's their life here. Maybe the photog thing has become a lot more competitive and crazy in LA since she was "Torn",

Yeah she is and always will be very special to Australians. Her new single gets heaps of airplay. Silverchair are like our version of Nivarna.

2559 days ago

Just Me    

Guess what?!
America isn't the only country in the world. It's a shock isn't it *rolls eyes*
Natalie is VERY well known in Australia, NZ, Britain and Europe.
Just because TMZ is focused on the drugged up, anorexic, fame-wh0res of the US, doesn't mean the rest of the world is.

2559 days ago


for rene......phil was not a member of the band. as someone who knew the band, Anne, Scott et al, they were not happy about his introduction of "torn" to natalie. Anne and Scott are still writing great songs nowadays and were finally recognized this past year at the oscars with a best song nomination for the Dreamgirls soundtrack. Regardless, dumb natalie should be grateful we even know her name.

2559 days ago


Really.. if ya dont want attention . dont go to KOI, the IVY, mr.chow.. etc.. what a joke

2558 days ago


Torn was MASSIVE back in 1998 and her debut album went double platinum with 3 Grammys. I heard that she is planning to crack American market again. Her new album is currently doing very well in the UK with 5 of her past hits re-entered UK Top 200 this week.

2558 days ago


she is great! and anybody get anoying with many many cameras and flashes out of a restaurant, isnt it_?
Natalie you were Perfect!

2557 days ago
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