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O.J.'s Alleged Robbery

Caught on Tape!

9/17/2007 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

**WARNING: This audio contains graphic content. Listener discretion is advised.**

TMZ has obtained an audio tape of O.J. Simpson's confrontation with a sports memorabilia dealer that led to his arrest on felony robbery charges. In it, you hear someone say, "You against the motherf*****g wall."
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The tape was recorded by Thomas Riccio, who co-owns the auction house Universal Rarities. Riccio met up with Simpson just before the confrontation at the Palace Station Casino on Thursday night.

We're told Riccio was on hand to help Simpson prove certain memorabilia being auctioned by Alfred Beardsley was ill-gotten. Riccio says he believed Simpson was going to confront Beardsley in the hotel room to give him an ultimatum -- either hand over the goods or Simpson would call the cops.

Riccio turned his Olympus digital voice recorder on before the group entered the room -- a group that included Simpson and four other men. Almost immediately, Simpson went wild, hurling profanities at Beardsley and another memorabilia dealer, Bruce Fromong.

The confrontation lasts six minutes. It is graphic and telling. Simpson is clearly the ringleader. Simpson repeatedly says, "Think you can steal my s**t and sell it?"

To hear much more of the confrontation, watch TMZ TV tonight.

We're told Riccio also recorded the police interview with Beardsley and Fromong. Riccio also claims he has audio of Beardsley and Fromong conceding they didn't have a right to the memorabilia. Riccio also says he has audio of Bruce Fromong saying he helped Simpson hide money in offshore accounts.

And there's this: Riccio's partner, Jeff Woolf, says Simpson left a message on Riccio's cellphone trying to convince him that there was no gun involved in the robbery.


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baby girl    

I GOTCHA WHERE I WANT YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2559 days ago

Mary Toothman    

Thomas Riccio was the same guy who was selling the Anna Nicole diaries. He started the whole thing by contacting OJ. I wouldn't be surprised if he went to jail for being a part of all of this. What did he hope to achieve by setting up this so called "sting"? Sounds like a shady bunch to me.

2559 days ago


ummm if it was x or z or m from the ordinary people will we hear so much about.? Be famous ,rich, or something and even if you go to the bathroom with a hat on, you be all over the news across the world, ,,, funny world isnt it,,?

2559 days ago


I'm nto going to read the comments because I have a feeling what they say and I so don't want to hear it. Sure OJ shouldn't have taken the law into his own hands, but the thieves who stole his stuff are no better than he is and some would argue that he had every right to come retrieve his stollen property. He certainly is in no position to trust the police.

2559 days ago


blacks wake up. this has nothing do with the law it about black man got of killing two white people lil kim , foxy brown , mike vick, jena6 . the law is not for black people. black people not going to know them self till it to late to busy trying be like white people

2559 days ago


I bet OJ is only thinking about himself *AGAIN* and not the lives he's ruined *AGAIN*

2559 days ago


OJ's arrogance has finally done him in. He thinks this is a joke. Perhaps he'll realize otherwise when he's really doing hard time. Everything to tape? Straight set up, but he shouldn't have been there in the first place. Also, there are plenty of people in this country who don't appreciate seeing obvious murderers walk free unless their name is Robert Blake.

2559 days ago




cover something else ffs

2559 days ago


To #59 Val.....while I agree with most of your comments I am a little sickened by your calling Nicole a slut. That poop woman was the mother of Sydney and Justine and while they were asleep their poor excuse for a father literally cut her head off. If he couldn't have her, he made sure no one would...not even her children. I was extremely pissed at Oprah's treatment of the Goldman's. I commend the Goldman's for doing all they can to go after the murderer of their son and brother. I haven't watched Oprah in years and just happened to see the Goldman's on there while channel changing. I wish heartily that they would pull her from TV....she was shameless in her treatment of Ron's father and sister. Any person with a lick of sense knows that all the money in the world will not compensate for their loss but like many people, Oprah doesn't get it. As for Denise Brown, she sicken's me. What in god's name has she ever done? Did she ever really try to help Nicole before she was butchered? She is no one to judge the Goldman's. If I were them I tooo would do whatever it takes to make him at least pay the civil jugement against him. Ron was a friend of my sister and she said he was a fine young see the murder pictures of him and Nicole and know that OJ most certainly got away with murder and that some people will never accept that ruth simply because he is black just appalls me. Our justice system is far from perfect but I would like those of you who feel that OJ has been treated so unfairly please tell me, what has OJ done for the Black Americans and civil rights movement in this country? Oh that's right....he has lived in exclusively expensive Bel-Aire, he plays golf with his white buddies and steals cable tv in Florida, while he socks money away in non-american accounts. Yes I do agree with you Val but no namecalling of the dead mother of Sydney and Justin...they don't deserve that.

2559 days ago

Montana Redneck    

Can this story get any better!? TMZ made my morning!!!

2559 days ago


Well, ZIP.......... you are one hell of a cheerful guy! Do you walk around spuing this depressing stuff on a regular basis? Is this how you wake up in the morning? Sounds like you need help! The reason this is important to the news is that this man got away with not just murdering his ex, but slautering them and now JUST MAYBE he'll do some jail time! Do you walk around with your head rammed, crammed and slammed right up your ass all the time??? Poor guy.

2559 days ago


oh ya'll need to leave poor OJ alone i think he's innocent. I hope he gets a not guilty again...lmfao.

2559 days ago


Will someone please put a microphone in front of Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton? I would love to hear those two clowns try to defend this idiot.

2559 days ago

Mark Esq.    

Simpson is heard saying "Don’t let nobody out of this room. ... " The DA forgot to add a charge for false imprisonment.

2559 days ago


Glad to see that Jarvis listens to good advice and went to school today!
Go for it Jarvis and be all you can be.

2559 days ago
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