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Ro to O: No, No, No

9/18/2007 9:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rosie O'Donnell gave Oprah Winfrey the big fat brush-off when the talk queen invited Ro to be on her show -- and is dissing her in favor of Diane Sawyer.

Page Six reports that Oprah asked Rosie to talk about her new memoir "Celebrity Detox," in which she slams Baba Wawa, Lord Combover Trump and Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and talks about her troubled past. But she already promised Diane Sawyer a sit-down, and told the biggest mover of books in the world, 'no thanks.'

Says Rosie's rep, "I'm sure Rosie will do Oprah's show another time."

Juice Gets Corn Flakes and Mystery Meat in Clink

One night on 600-count cotton, next night on splintery hardwood -- such is the "plight" of O.J. Simpson, who spent his second night at the Clark County Detention Center on Monday.

"It's friggin' cold, first off. The [beds] are horrible," says an ex-inmate to the New York Post. O.J. is confined to a 7x14-foot cell, and is in solitary right now, with only four hours a day outside his cell. He also asked guards for his reading glasses and a Bible.

Meanwhile, his sister and his girlfriend arrived last night to visit him. He's due in court tomorrow morning for a bail hearing.

Party Favors: Mary-Louise Parker Gets Jolie with African Baby ... Michael Chiklis Loves His Booty ... Very Very Small Films Screen at Treo Festival

"Weeds" matriarch Mary-Louise Parker has adopted a baby girl from Africa, say her reps to People, though no word on name or age. The little one joins Parker's 3-year-old son, Will. ... "Shield" star Michael Chiklis was spotted by a TMZ spy snapping up Pirate's Booty snacks at Trader Joe's in Studio City, and an Orangina with which to wash it down. ... Palm, Inc. and MobiTV want filmmakers to submit 60-second films for the very-very small screen -- your Treo, namely -- and are putting on a month-long Comedy Film Festival on the MobiTV service. "The festival is kind of like the Oscars for the time-deprived," said John Henson.


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You know, I'll be glad when Rosie finally crashes and burns from her own self-destruction. She has really lost her mind, no really. She used to be so cute and funny... but what happened? She makes me sick now and I think she truly believes that she has an influence on society. When will someone actually tell her that she most certainly does not? Perhaps then she'll stop making a fool of herself.

2555 days ago


Good for her. I hate self-loving Oprah. I have had ENOUGH of her crap. I cant even watch her show for 5 minutes before i puke over all her stroking of herself. OPRAH IS OVER-RATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2555 days ago


you know, with rosie's book, i have a gut feeling that she's lying. the reason she's lying i'm not certain! or couse, her childhood we know was hard, orphaned and all, but the bone breaking--just don't buy it!

2555 days ago


I always find it interesting that being over weight or a leisbian disisses someones ideas or personal truths. Rosie is very passionate about the things she believes in - yet so many ppl resort to name calling instead of looking at what she says, research the info & consider 4 themselves what the truth is.

2555 days ago


No, Jo, we don't really care about the fat or the lesbian part--just the outrageous attitude!

2555 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

It could just be that Diane has better back-stage snacks.

2555 days ago


#3 fairy winkled
Well said......I agree 100%!!!!!!

2555 days ago


I despise Rosie O. I also despise all the moronic supporters of hers...Kathy Griffith, Cyndi Lauper, and now, Barry Manilow. People I have loved for years are now on my s*** list. Oprah can f*** off. Barbara W. can, too. As for Mary L. Parker, another idiot adopting kids from other countries, when there are so many needy children here. I am so sick of these celebs. Just friggin act, or sing, you morons.

2555 days ago


Rosie is cool. And if the story is true it's only done for publicity. OPrah does not need Rosie and vice versa. Her book people would tell her that she's crazy. Diane Sawyer and Oprah are very good friends, Rosie will do her show at some point. I'm sure Oprah is home crying about this. And don't fool yourself, if Oprah want osie on her show shw would have been there. They are both ABC shows. Rosie doesn't have it like that.

2555 days ago


#7 I must admit that comment is funny. You should not ahve said it but it's so funny!!!

2555 days ago


#11 - Delusional.
Rosie is an annoying self-centered retard.
Oprah oh Oprah, Please, she sucks Rosies d*ick.
NO Wonder I don't watch ABC.... [A]merican [B]ullsh*t [C]ompany

2555 days ago


I'm happy for Mary-Louise Parker, whoever finds fault in a child finding a happy home has issues they must take of. Who cares where that child comes from?? Kids in an African/Asian orphanage are most likely not to make it than kids in an american orphanage, but if you dont like it then you adopt an american made baby and shut up.

Rosie is crazzy!!!!

2555 days ago


Rosie's antidepressant needs to be re-evaluated to help her w/ her anger issues. I used to like her - now I can't stand to even look at her. She even LOOKS mean.

2555 days ago


The society has become sick when you have people like Oprah who tries to help as many people as possible. SHe's never on the air pulling anyone down. She never disrespect anyone on th air but yet you have people who say some of the most vile things about her. Rosie doesn't have the same spirit or class of Oprah. They are not in the same category. It has nothing to do with color it's al about personialty(spirit). An it does not matter if people help other(especially children) countries. We were born on Earth the entire planet is ours(anyone born and living).

2555 days ago


Doubt Oprah tried too hard to get her. Going with Diane Sawyer is like double twisting the knife in BWs back, she and Sawyer have always been competetive.

2555 days ago
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