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Silverman Suprised by Spears Fiasco

9/20/2007 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Spears slayin' Sarah Silverman was spotted at Robertson Plaza, where she told our photog that she expected Brit-Brit's VMA performance to be amazing. It was, just in a different way.

A CBS promo party brought out Southern girl Emily Proctor, "How I Met Your Mother" actors Neil Patrick Harris and Alyson Hannigan, and "CSI: Miami" star Khandi Alexander.

In NY: Songstress Gloria Estefan catered to her fans, P. Diddy was dressed to impress at the launch of his Unforgivable fragrance, while Usher busted a 'tude and, Beyonce sported a new 'do.

All this and more in today's Blue Plate Special edition of Star Catcher!


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Don't like Silverman and I don't think she's a bit funny.

2597 days ago

hello, it    

Silverman sucks!

2597 days ago


Sarah Silverman is disgusting!!! She has no right to pick on Brit Brit!
Her shows always suck

2597 days ago


She just slams people with no punchline. Kinda like TMZ

2597 days ago

Dark Knight    

She is the least funny "comic" of all time. I don't know who she did to get where she is, but the line must be long and undistinguished.

2597 days ago

Lucas Moretti    



ughh she's a disgrace to comedy

2597 days ago


She better keep honkin' Jimmey Kimmel or her 15 minutes are gonna tick away quick.

2597 days ago


"Silver-tongued Sarah"? More like filthy-mouthed Sarah! Silverman's jokes are plain nasty, vulgar, and tasteless. She's nothing but a bully and I honestly can't see why anyone thinks she's funny, unless perhaps they happen to be as ignorant as she is. Her attempts at being funny are pathetic and mean-spirited. She uses "comedy" as a means of personally attacking people she doesn't happen to like, but she hit a whole new low when she decided to drag Britney's KIDS into it. People say, "Well, that's her act," as if Sarah is untouchable and we should just accept anything and everything she does as long as it's all a part of her "act." When her precious "act" involves making fun of little kids, there's obviously a problem with it. Britney brings a lot of the negative attention onto herself, and that's fair enough, but what did her kids ever do to deserve being the subjects of ridicule? Oh, right, they happened to be Britney Spears' kids, as if you can actually help who your mother happens to be! I'd love to know just how "funny" and "hilarious" people think Ms. Silverman was if she was making fun of anyone else's kids, and on national television no less. People also defend Silverman saying that it was Britney who first called her kids mistakes, but we don't actually know for a fact that Britney ever even said that, and even if she did, what the hell gives Sarah Silverman the right to say it? As if these kids don't have enough problems in their young lives already! Point blank, Sarah Silverman is an awful person to crack jokes at little kids' expense, and I sincerely hope she gets what's coming to her.

2597 days ago


Anyone who brings innocent kids into her so called "act" and degrades them
as mistakes is in my personal opinion an ignorant, no talent, foul mouthed,
mean, pig who insults others to make herself feel good. (no offense meant to the pigs
of the animal kingdom).
She's useless and should not be where she is.
I agree she should keep boinking Kimmel otherwise she's a nobody.

2597 days ago


Silverman should feel bad. She is bad and not in the good way. I was embarassed to watch and listen to her on the VMAs Is it ever funny to slam people's kids ?

2597 days ago


Her and Yimmy and Giarmo are huckin - funny!!!

2597 days ago

a mom    

She is a horrible person. Not a professional and not funny at all. She has no class and now everyone knows it!!

2597 days ago


what a "c"....the photographer should have bitch slapped her

2597 days ago


What is this person suppose to be, I have not seen any type of talent at all unless you call wasting oxygen a talent!

2597 days ago

800 pound gorilla fart    

The Silver girl adds funny flax to the oatmeal pancake of todays' comedians . Dlckhead. Is this the same group commenting here that elected a guy with his hand up a dolls ass as " America's got talent " winner ? Dlckhead.

2597 days ago
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