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Suri Still Being Held in Germany

9/21/2007 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Celebubaby Suri Cruise is still being held in Germany! The Scientolotot was snapped in the arms of her grandpa, divorce lawyer Martin Holmes, accompanied by grandma Kathleen, in Berlin's Tiergarten Park. She's one of the most adorable kids on this (or any other) planet!

Suri's father hasn't been seen for days -- he's busy shooting that Hitler movie. Mother Katie must have been undergoing further brainwashing training.


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Seriously, does anyone believe that this is really an innocent family get together? Her parents absolutely despise Tom Cruise....I would too if I were her parents. Her Mom probably wishes she had never helped her get to Hollywood. To have your youngest child, muchless any child, run off with a man who is rumored to be gay, who acts like a control freak, and is almost twice her age has got to be hurtful for any parent. If that's not enough, after only a couple of months knowing him, she denounces her religion, family, and friends.....well, it has got to be absolutely heartbreaking for them. And what friggin timing. They're obviously in their late fifties, empty nest, and just about ready to start focusing on themselves after raising so many children when their very selfish daughter, who's mesmerized by the almighty dollar and name "Cruise" turns into a fruit loop. No, it's not an innocent family vacation...they are in Germany because they haven't seen their daughter in a very long time, they are very very concerned about her, and they needed to see her to find out how she is. Just my opinion.

2590 days ago


Wow, Libraesque, LOTS of anger there, and how would you know if it is or isn't a Brangelina run site? You wouldn't, unless you have an inside track, and so much anger means YES, Just Jared is indeed run by Brad and Angie. LOL, I just love it when the truth is so easily outed by temper tantrums! And Sue, Brad's movies bomb at the box office, sad but true, and Angie's don't even come up on the radar. Go back to Just Jared, at least posts you don't like about Brad and Angie will be censored and the posters will be banned, and Brad and Angie will be so happy in Just Jared Neverland. LMAO!

BTW, this topic is about Toma and Katie, geesh, you Just Jared Kool-Aiders can't even stay out of topics that aren't about those two sickos, rather demented looking of ya'all, ya know? Go drink some more Kool-Aid, kids, and repeat after me - BRAD AND ANGIE SUCK! Bet that would never stay on Just Jared. In fact I know it wouldn't, because when I posted it, it was deleted, and I can't post on that site anymore. LMAO, Just Jared's censorship is SO pathetic.

2590 days ago


I feel sorry for the Holmes family.

2590 days ago


but, i thought katies parents were DEVOUT is dad a divorce lawyer??????

2590 days ago

jim ault    

jimmy sez: Doesn't Katy's mother look like something out of The Omen? She looks like she has the devil in those eyes.Maybe getting involved with the Cruise Man has had a affect on her. They are a very very strange group!

2590 days ago


#42.......not to mention the fact that their youngest daughter had a b a s t a rd child as her first, that must have killed them, although that may work to her advantage when they divorce....since she's not biologically his and she was born out of wedlock, which means he would have had to adopt her

2590 days ago


So Brad and Angie are the "hot ticket" right now? Too bad this didn't happen BEFORE crazy Angie's A might Heart bombed so badly she fled out of the country to pop pills and have a nervous breakdown and drop a few more pounds while terrorizing the entire family because she couldn't take her movie bombing. Yeah, they are SO hot, that's explains A Mighty Heart. Too damned funny, and thanks for the laugh.

2590 days ago


I too hope that her parents are there to rescue them! Scientology freaks following them around are entirely possible. Poor kid. Run Grandpa!

2590 days ago

libraesque2007 have an interesting conception of LOTS OF ANGER....and lets see here the first half of your post was about B&A, ...oh wait and the second half too, so check yourself

And in case you weren't aware, people can flag your comments on seem like an angry offensive person so a lot of people probably flagged you...GET OVER IT.

oh, and NEWS FLASH Pitt won best actor at the Venice Film cry yourself to sleep over that LOSER

2590 days ago


The Cruise jokes are getting boring. Suri is lucky she wasn't born to some trashy celeb like Britney. Also do you say "that Hitler movie" when other actors are making movies about Nazis? You make it sound like it's something strange and has never been done. I don't agree with Tom's beliefs or like what he said about Brooke Shields but he has reigned in the crazy a lot, but I guess you will run these jokes into the ground anyway.

2590 days ago


she is so cute and happy and content looking. sign of good parenting... :)

2590 days ago


Run, Suri, RUN ....or ... CRAWL REAL FAST!!!

2590 days ago


Uh, Liberace or whatever, chill. Cripes, you are the one all foaming at the mouth here, we can READ. Go back to the Just Jared Brangelina site so you don't have to get so upset with the truth, they will hide it from you. And yes, they do censor, and they censor Brangelina posts. And who cares about the Venice Film Festival, truth is, Brand and Angelina aren't very well liked in AMERICA , and that's where the success is measured for these people. I do notice you didn't have anything to say about "A Mighty Heart," but she, too, is not liked, and her movie's lack of success proves that. Now go take something before you bust a gasket. Truth shouldn't upset you so much.

2590 days ago

Movie Ticket Buyer    

Suri was one of the most beautiful babies born to celebs, and now she's the most beautiful little girl....sure to be a real knock out when that family, they glow when around one another

2590 days ago


Katie looks just like her mom. She's aged so much since she married Tommy that before too long, she and mom will pass for twins. Of course, Katie will have to quit dying all the gray hair that Tom and baby-for-hire are giving her.

2590 days ago
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