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O.J. to Handyman: "I'm Going to F***ing Kill You!"

9/23/2007 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

O.J. SimpsonO.J. Simpson had an explosive altercation six weeks ago, when he accused his girlfriend of sleeping with an ex-con handyman, according to what the worker and his wife told the New York Post.

The pair tell the Post that Simpson arrived at the home of Janos and Marlene Gonzalez thirty minutes after leaving an angry voicemail in which he accused Janos Gonzalez -- who Simpson had hired to work at his South Miami home -- of sleeping with Christie Prody, the Juice's longtime girlfriend.

According to Marlene Gonzalez, O.J. parked his car -- with his girlfriend in the front seat -- in the Gonzalez family driveway and he approached Marlene, telling her that her husband Janos had sex with Prody earlier that day. Her husband heard the commotion and came outside to tell O.J. to leave, to which Simpson responded, "Come over here. I'm going to f***ing kill you!"

Simpson then placed his hand behind him as if drawing a gun, according to Marlene. "I didn't know if he really had one." The confrontation lasted less than 15 minutes, ending when Mrs. Gonzalez called the police. O.J. then drove off. The couple filed a police report and described the incident as a verbal dispute -- no weapons were used.

Janos Gonzalez has denied he ever met Prody, but said he had heard about Simpson's relationship with her (police have responded to three domestic disputes between 2000 and 2005). But police reports and court documents obtained by The Post show Prody and Gonzalez did have a past; police busted the pair inside Gonzalez's truck on Aug. 22, 2006 for allegedly having drugs.

Miami police have not pursued the dispute case between O.J.Simpson and Janos Gonzalez.

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Boo Hoo    

Thank you founding fathers for the problems we inherited!!

2494 days ago


That be right. He just a good man that dem white folks won't leave lone. They be jealous.

2494 days ago


Hurry up and pinch a loaf OJ.

2494 days ago


It will not be long before this despicable man kills agai

2494 days ago

Georgia Girl    

Christie Prody must have a death wish.

2494 days ago


Orenthal appears to be coming close to another slashing incident. These people are lucky they still have their heads. Drugs are baad, um kay? Surprising he would continue to use cocaine after the last experience (maybe it was a bad batch). I'm sure the the Miami police are getting tired of this and are devising a plan to plant a bunch of blood evidence at his house.

2494 days ago

Sam T    

> 104. Okay, I know this is not going to set well with all posting, and reading, here,but if
> this man's name was O. J. Brown, or anything other than Simpson, would we even be > reading about this here?

Nope. OJ's a 'celebrity', and, like it or not, his antics are news, and he knows it. If he doesn't want coverage, he should keep himself in better control. Perhaps he has a problem controlling himself?

> People moronically threaten others every second of the day. Does it mean that they are > going to carry out the threat? For the most part, No it doesn't!

True, but sometimes it does - more likely when people have anger management problems, and feel they're above the law.

Moreover, threatening to kill someone IS illegal - sorry, deal with it.

> I don't know any man walking the earth who, upon learning that his wife/partner had
> slept with another man would not make idle threats to that man.

Pardon, no where did the story say she HAD slept with him - only that OJ accused her of such.

> And, if the majority of you were honest about it you would say the same thing.

If you were honest, you'd admit you have an agenda, and have likely been posting OJ-supporting, delusional nonsense under multiple posting names here for some time now (at least, 'your' style matches others who post the same rants with the same grammar, word choices and syntax). Of course, if pigs would fly, they'd be pigeons. And if OJ wasn't a sociopath, he'd be comfortably retired.

> I’ve listened to the nay-sayers and the OJ supporters

You mean, yourself, regarding the last point?

> for the past week or so since this ridiculous crap in Vegas happened.

Yes, it was ridiculous. Ridiculous for OJ to try to take the law in his own hands, commit armed robbery, and kidnapping, in a LAS VEGAS HOTEL. Poor OJ. If only he wasn't OJ, maybe the Las Vegas police would have just let him go with a big, sloppy wet kiss. Hah!

> It is time for the reporters to so start reporting on some meaningful news now, i.e., the
> many hungry and homeless of the world; the war in Iraq; the Iranian situation,; etc.

Yes, one of the common, early themes in a pro-OJ rant. Call it "#1 - There are bigger problems in the world, why is OJ worth reportage". The simple answer is - those stories are being reported on, too, by the media. Here's a hint: more than one story at a time can be news.

> Everyone seems to have forgotten that a jury of 12 found OJ innocent in the double
> murder case 12 years ago.

Pro-OJ rant Theme "#2 - you all have forgotten that a jury found OJ innocent". Two replies are worthy:

(1) why does the fact that an L.A. jury issued L.A. celebrity justice have anything to do with OJ's ACTIONS in Las Vegas. There are witnesses, physical evidence, even AUDIOTAPES of his actions. He seems to have had many opportunities to NOT break the law, and chose otherwise. He chose... unwisely.

(2) In a second trial, he was found civilly responsible for those deaths. Or have you forgotten?

> That case must NOT, and SHOULD NOT, have any bearing whatsoever on the current > charges that OJ is faced with.

I agree. Yet, this is OJ supporter Theme "#3 - His responsibility for the deaths of two people should not be held against him in this crime" (pick one - there's more than one crime he's been involved in, it seems). I happen to agree. Yet you raised it, trying in vain to somehow prove a conspiracy.

> I am neither an OJ fan aside from his football career,


> nor am I an OJ hater.

No, you appear to have your nose firmly embedded in OJ's arse.

> Therefore, I do not need to know every time OJ has a run-in .

Perhaps OJ should stop having run-ins? While you have your head up his posterior, perhaps you could pull out for a mo' and ask him. Alternatively, stop reaing TMZ and other celebrity gossip media.

> This is getting to be a bit PREPOSTEROUS.

I'd use the word "DELUSIONAL", in your case.

> On one of the news legal talk shows

Again, I recommend you stop listening to such, as long as OJ remains out of control. It seems better for you.

> Mr. Gonzalez denies knowing Ms. Prody and presumedly that is the end of it for both
> him and OJ.

Brilliant! Earlier, you claimed that "I don't know any man walking the earth who, upon learning that his wife/partner had slept with another man would not make idle threats to that man." Now you say the man doesn't even know OJ's partner. How hypocritical - you cannot have it both ways.

> However, knowing the media it probably is not over.

Observing OJ over the years, his poor behavior will likely continue.

> We will now be TREATED to Geraldo, Nancy, Glen, John, Greta, etc., dissect this
> episode in the saga of O. J. Simpson.

I thoug

2494 days ago



2494 days ago


When is someone going to do a movie about him entitled "The Slasher"? Or is there an old movie by that name?

2494 days ago

Britney the loser    

Oj ur girlfriend is dam fugly and u should be glad that a caretaker wants to sleep wit her u dummy!!!!

2494 days ago


let's take a ride down brainiac lane according to some of the posters here:

it's not OJ's fault that he likes to kill people who "cheat" on him. he caught Nicole cheating on him (weren't they divorced? she wasn't cheating on him, but still....beyotch shoulda known better) it's only natural that he would murder her. i mean, hello. a man's got feelings.

you shouldn't blame him when he hears of his girlfriend doing it with the gardener and threatens to kill him. and as for the dumb guy being scared, what's there to be scared about? why'd he call the police? just because a murderer threatened him? grow up. we know you're just angling for drama....ooops, he did it again. bad OJ.

true enough OJ cheated on Nicole in front of her (pardon the lapse into reality-see police reports) and does same thing with his newest piece of property, and yeah, she must have a screw loose for dating him, but saying she deserves to be murdered is a little harsh-- don't ya think? she's stupid and trashy, but if that were a death sentence...then, your pal OJ would not be tooling around vegas trying to prove he's still a man. most definitely not.

it's ok for a man to kill his girlfriend/wife if she was cheating on him a year after the divorce was final, cuz women are property. and as for her friends, well, they shoulda known better. befriend any woman who was once dating a man and you are asking for it. you know you gotta get permission for that crap. it is everyone else's fault. Never the guy who had the blood all over his self-described hands, arms, torso....

and why should we honor nicole and her family by not blaming her for her exes feelings? clearly, he has justified a double murder. i mean, the guy felt bad. haven't you ever felt bad? cold-hearted beyotches!

......tell me, how concerned should we be? i mean, do you people who espouse these swiss cheese opinions vote? oh right! you're on juries!

2494 days ago


Once A freakin thug always a thug Just Check out his past before football just because you can play a sport in your life dont mean your still not a stupid thug oh i read the book he is such a fake ass person and a waste of life

2494 days ago


I like what Marsha Clark said about Prody. What is she thinking???? Doesn't she realize she is next?????? The police have all read been called to there home for domestic abuse if she ever leaves him, she is a dead woman!!! I believe she claimed he confessed to the crimes to her so she knows he did killed Ron and Nicole. She was a waitress and so was Nicole when he met her. How strange! History repeats itself.

2494 days ago

Dynamo Dan    

OJ was a Thug since he was a kid.
If OJ goes to trial it will be another media circus.
And here is what will happen after the trial is over:
OJ, is found NOT GUILTY. You will see the ignorant cheer.
OJ Found Guilty. The ignorant will possibly RIOT.
White Racist Trash attack a black girl, and get arrested, as they should be. I hope they get life.
White kids hang nooses on a tree.
Six violent Black Kids take it out on one innocent white kid by beating the Hell out him.
The Blacks are arrested for the beating and what happens? A big protest led by the usual MORONS. Rev AL Sharpton. Rev. Jesse Jackson. And of course the great Leo Terrell has to go on CNN and give his two cents worth.

2494 days ago



2494 days ago
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