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Adrianne Curry:

Another Fine Mess

9/24/2007 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Usually, when Adrianne Curry blogs, it just makes her look like a crazy woman. Maybe it's just showing her in true form, but her latest dispatch makes her look a little like Strom Thurmond with fake boobs. America's Next Top Race-Baiter!

The first "America's Next Top Model" initially wrote on her MySpace blog that she's boycotting Black History Month and the BET network, and that while the history of slavery of African-Americans "does suck some major balls," she's imploring them to "move the f**k on."

Now, after some serious backlash, the empty-headed model takes another stab at blogging in order to clarify her ridiculous rant, explaining that she feels "horrible that people misunderstood" her message. Perhaps this girl should think before she blogs!

The annoying Adrianne writes, "I am appalled that anyone would claim I am just some stupid white b**ch that doesn't know s**t about anything." How could anyone think such a thing?! Unfortunately, there's more! She says that she comes from an "incredibly political family." Sure. All this worldly philosophy coming from someone who dropped out of high school in her junior year. Stay in school kids!

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Que Pasa    

for those stated if there were a "white channel" we would cry racism. For the record Fox, ABC, NBC and majority of the main stream television stations including CNN are geared towards white people! Before you vent about black people (BET), Mexican People (El Telemundo), and the other races because their are Asian and Middle Eastern specific channels out there as well, you may want to focus on why these races feel the need to have there very own channels. From a numbers view point, take a look at how many sitcoms with an all white cast, or majority white cast (with a token minority added), are currently on the air. Friends, Everyone Loves Raymond, Married with Children, SVU, CSI MIAMI (token latino) CSI (token black), it is down right comical as far as the disparity between the sitcoms, and the race ratios, in the sitcoms, and movies. I will not even address the commercials..... where they have the black people obscured in the background, while an Anglo sells the product. I am not whining, simply stating the facts. However until African Americans whom are first (however forced) immigrants into this country, take a stand we will continue to face some of the ignorance posted on this message board, and also ignorant people like Adrienne, who has thrown an obvious temper tantrum, and in typical fashion, attempts to back peddle out of the situation (it has been said when you are mad, you speak your true feelings). I am sure she will find one of dear black friends and make public appearances with them and had them to the top friends group on myspace..... for damage control. Though it was a brown hand that reached down and groomed her and gave her the chance to model. I wonder what Tyra thinks of this????????????? myspacecom/30andexhaling

2586 days ago


Your full of it, she never said anything about being glad shes not white or anything else you stated she said. get over it. You sound like an obsessed stalker.

2586 days ago




whites would be what WET

sorry budy but they other channels show black shows to
BET please whites don't have a channel yet

2586 days ago

U don't have to be a genius    

@Bill Toney
First of all you are able to turn on your tv because of a black man. Since you seem uneducated regarding there are no good contributions from blacks, let me show you A FEW things they have contributed and the next time while using these things you'll remember it was a contribution by blacks:

Open your fridge, cook in your stove, eat at your ktichen table, use the toilet, dry your clothes, sit in cool or hot air, drive in traffic and follow the traffic signals so that a wreck wont be caused, riding in an elevator, typing on a computer, having your lawn watered by sprinklers, using an ink pen, drinks water or a soda with bottle caps, or set your alarm clock. You need to research your history more before you rant off at the mouth. There are more contributions below but you knew this didn't you? Oh but hey wait, we have a whole month for black history month and those things weren't taught in school? OOOOhh yeah that's right because if students get more than 3 days of discussion of blacks contributions, it would be a day more than were I live and that is including black history month. So don't act like it's a favor done to us, when we have to educate our ownselves to know were we came from but best believe we have to hear about white history in school year round.

It's doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out; hey they have a whole month dedicated to them but children are only been taught about black history 1-3 days out of the entire school year. On the other hand we don't have White history month dedicated to us but children are taught about it over 100+ days out of the year, you do the math. I wouldn't give a damn if the tables were turned, you guys have a whole month dedicated to you and only 1-3 days out of the school year your history is discussed, take a way the label black history month and talk about black history to students 100+ days per year.

Other contributions made by blacks:
"disposable syringes, video home survelance security systems, blood banks, gas masks, traffic signals, fire escape ladder, the elevator, type writing machine, lawn sprinklers, lawn mowers, air conditioner, heating furnace, dust pan, the refrigerator, the mop, the comb, the brush, ironing boards, the pencil sharpener, Daniel Hale Williams performed the first successful open heart surgery operation, peanut butter, IBM computers, the pacemaker, Patricia Bathe, invented a method of eye surgery that has helped many blind people to see, the almanac, the first satellite to send images from space, caps for bottles and jars, ice cream *Augustus Jackson*, gas burner, clock, spark plug, ink pens, portable x-ray, golf tee, ship propellors, kitchen table, cellular phone, lantern/lamp, horse shoe, helicopter, guitar, toilet, range oven and the lists goes on.

2586 days ago


hahaha I just found Billy Toney on myspace what a joke he thinks he is a freemason lol! No wonder he thinks the way he does read his blogs on his my space page I was wondering about him so I did a search and typed in his first and last name what a fool to use his own name on here.

I agree with Jimmi by the way

2586 days ago


I looked him up to what a sucker he thinks he is a freemason and a father of liberty what a joke. Why would he use his real name on here?

2586 days ago

Fed up with OJ    

This chic is a twit of EPIC proportions. She really needs to keep her mouth SHUT!

2586 days ago


@Billy Toney I looked him up to what a fool to be a freemason and the gal looks hispanic in his photos what the heck and why is using his real name to hide behind opions and to be raciest and a freemason?

2586 days ago


I jus tfinished reading Billy Toneys myspace page he is as big of a joke as she is what the heck freemason why is he posting here and why is he using his real name?

2586 days ago


so what if I am freemason your not.

2586 days ago

U don't have to be a genius    

There is a such thing as the "United white persons college fund" it was started by a white person with balls enough to get off their ass and quit complaining about not having a foundation for whites; the same way BET was founded by someone with balls enough to get off their ass and quit complaining about whites having their own tv stations. So your comment, "the street works both ways" is true.

Roger Williams University is offering a scholarship for which only white students are eligible, College Republicans at Boston University are offering a scholarship for whites only. Sure there are people who are/were offended by it; but so what, until you start your own school with your own money, and give scholarships to who you want to, stop bitching about what someone else is getting/giving, get off your lazy ass and make a difference.

People please do your homework before you go around making yourself look stupid with incorrect facts!!!!!!!!!!!

2586 days ago


Iv'e been reading all of the comments and I challenge ANY RACE to this. All races except for African Americans KNOW WHERE THEY CAME FROM !!! Even the slaves in other countries KNOW WHO THEY ARE ! And that's the whole point ! We African Americans don't know our true NAME, LANGUAGE, RELIGION or CULTURE !! I dare any other race to challenge that !!!

2586 days ago


Black person in Texas lol aren't you the same person that was talking about white tarsh a 100 blogs ago? Oh oh you so are do your homework I think you need a shrink.

2586 days ago

U don't have to be a genius    

Billy T,
Now sweetie, no that was not me, now you run along and pick up a book or too. Okay, good head now, it wont hurt you.

2586 days ago


@black person in texas you posted yesterday about white trash this and my brothers baby crap pick up a book you don't even recall what you typed yesterday blogs 100 to 261.

and Cindy leave my myspace page alone so I posted my last name I am a proud free mason.

2586 days ago
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