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Brit Bodyguard -- "Don't Let Her Swim with Kids!"

9/24/2007 9:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of Britney Spears' security guys was so concerned that she might hurt her two sons, he once tried to keep her from swimming with the kids -- at her own home.

So says former Spears bodyguard Tony "Fat Tony" Barretto, who makes the new allegation in another interview with the British tabs. He tells the Daily Mail that he "thought she was going to hurt the kids" and that at one point, says Barretto, she started to wig out, just like she did during her head-shaving spree.

That's when, according to Fat Tony, another member of the security detail said, "I'm worried about the kids. Don't let her go swimming with them." Asked Barretto, "Is she going to drown them?" and started to cry. "How am I supposed to protect someone like that?"

Oscar Accuser Pulls Punches

The woman who said last week that she'd taken saucy shots of the boxer in various states of fishnet has backtracked from her original story.

Milana Dravnel now tells Rush & Molloy, "I cannot personally verify the authenticity of the images," because pictures she still claims she took "were taken from my personal camera and were out of my control." Though she claims that she hasn't made any scratch from the snaps, she says other people "pressured" her into going public.

She's scheduled to be on "Entertainment Tonight," but now says that she lied to them in their interview.

Party Favors: Bruce Willis Gets Tara'd in NYC ... Cruise Honors Anti-Hitlerites ... Dr. Dre Goes Off

Bruce Willis tried to get into the newest super-exclusive New York night spot, Socialista, but not only was he negged, other non-famous people actually got in after him, reports Page Six. Owner Armin Amiri says he told bouncers to shut down the club, and he's embarrassed about the snub. ... Tom Cruise held a minute of silence on the set of that Hitler movie, before he and his crew shot scenes at the site where subjects of the film had been executed. ... Dr. Dre tells the L.A. Times about the making of his record -- his last solo record ever, for now.


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2497 days ago

Ricky Ticky Tock    

Man those pics of Oscar are fake as f. man. In most of em the head doesn't even match the body and there isn't any neck. It's a bad Photoshop if you ask me.

2497 days ago


The reason I believe the fat ass is that Brit's lawyers "didn't give any evidence to rebut it."

"When lawyers don't wish to cross-examine a witness, they think it would hurt their client more than help." Allred said the judge must have listened, because he labeled her a drug-user.

2497 days ago

Desease control    

That is very disturbing. It seems she haas no sens of what is safe or not safe for kids.
K-fed should get the kids to a swim teacher and make sure they learn to swim.
learn to flaot on back when in trouble .
niether brit or k-fed have pool fence around thier pools.
God help those poor kids.

2497 days ago

Deb H    

Gloria, Gloria, Gloria! You've trained Tony well! When asked if he would benefit in any way by Matt (Today Show), book writing etc, Tony let Gloria answer for him AND she did not answer the question! Typical.

IMO he looks like a person scorned and is out to hurt Brit.
Album coming out in November and one of the titles being considered is "What if the joke is on you?"! Brit, I sure hope you are playing a joke on us and that drug testing all comes back negative! NOW that would be brilliant!

Were VMA's a planned performance Brit? (After all, everyone is STILL talking about it) Think about it....her performance was just as shocking as her kissing Madonna!

Brit's in your face behavior, knowing full well that she is being scrutinized every minute of even day has just got to be calculated!


2497 days ago

big joe    

another slut that did not get money.

2497 days ago


I thought Fat Tony wanted to be a secret witness and didn't want publicity! Now he and his lawyer are doing interviews on the today show? I'd be more afraid of going swimming with Fat Tony! I think Tony's the one who need help and i fear for his children!

2497 days ago


You know schizophrenia doesn't set in until late teens, early 20's. This could very well be the case with Brit.

2497 days ago


Yeah, I don't exactly doubt what the bodyguard is saying- but if he was THAT concerned about her childrens safety, why didn't he go to the police? He was with her in what, April or May? And he decides to come out with this now?

2497 days ago


I believe him because her lawyers did not challenge anything he said. So that tells me it's true. If it was bs, they would have torn him apart. And the judge believe him too.

2497 days ago


Fat Tony appears to have health problems due to his extreme obesity. If the man can't control his own diet what is he feeding his own kids? His children may be in danger! He can't control his diet, he can't hold a job (got fired by britney spears after 8 weeks), his speech was slurred when speaking on the today show. Somebody Please Save Fat Tony's Children!

2497 days ago


But why not do something about it sooner Tasha? Especially when he has children of his own. Again, I don't doubt what he is saying but obviously his motive in this is NOT the safety of the children. Any who thinks that must be as dumb as him.

2496 days ago


Fat Tony is just trying to get his 15 minutes! ALL EX-employees will turn on their old bosses, it's called VENGEANCE! This guy needs to keep stuffing himself, and mind his own business, that girl loves her kids and never would hurt them. This is a typical hesaid shesaid divorce that will get nasty, because of MONEY! Fat Tony is going to end up blackballed from being a "bodyguard" for anyone, because he's a GOSSIP! And how is he supposed to "guard" anyone? Just push him over and he'll never get back up! What a JOKE he is, just because you're "big", it does'nt make you a bodyguard.

2496 days ago


has anyone around brit brit ever heard of postpartum depression???? she has a lot of the signs of it! anyone who has kids that close together can go though it. and hell a lot of women do go through PPD. they should have gotten her help a long time ago for it! she wouldn't be going through what she is now if someone actually cared about her well being.

2496 days ago


Sometimes Lawyers don't challenge for a few reason's we didn't see tony talk maybe he was coached the whole time he spoke. If it's fake and lies sometimes it's better not to cross and let them just be bad witness.

2496 days ago
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