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Hayden Drops F-Bomb in Pap Crush!

9/24/2007 3:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hayden Panettiere's impromptu autograph session outside of "Regis & Kelly" this morning turned so crazy, she resorted to cursing to get the paps to back off. Save the profanity, save the world!

The photogs and autograph seekers around Hayden got so close to the "Heroes" star, they almost crushed a little girl. So Hayden belted out, "Guys! You're f**kin'..." before cutting herself off.

The crowd backed off, and Hayden asked the little girl, "Are you okay?" several times before leaving. You can see Hayden (minus the cussing) on the tonight's season premiere of "Heroes."


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Why don't you *ssholes look out for little kids???

2585 days ago


Geez, so she said the effword...she was obviously getting quite alarmed about all the pushing and shoving and was worried out the kid at the front. I actually though it was really nice that she checked several times that the kid was ok - how many other young stars would have even noticed? Most would have just kept posing for the cameras!

2585 days ago


waddya expect, she is fuuckin Italain !

2585 days ago


Honestly, who cares? Why is TMZ so hard up for this little girl? She obviously is just another Lindsay, Paris or Britney who is telling the rest of the world that at such a young age, she can't handle the fame or the wealth! Please, let's just be over her already - do I hear the trainwreck approaching?

In just the last three months that I even heard this tyke existed, I we have already heard a few examplse of her insane immaturity! I am already sick of hearing her idiotic name!


2585 days ago


it's not a big deal..she was right!!!! sometimes the paps are just stupid, the poor lil girl :(
aww hayden is so cute ..she cares about her fans !!!

2585 days ago


To the idiot that offended nanasuperduper...we'll call you ROXANA're a moron. You're opinion..."at best" is thankfully, just that, your OWN ignorant opinion! You're nothing but an inconsiderate fool for insulting someone who was grateful to a stranger (fine Hayden is a celebrity but how many young celebrities take the time for charity?) for spending time with a dying child. Someone who has the spotlight to be able to speak and have society listen about diseases that are killing our children!! Hayden may be a mediocre "at best" (TO YOU!) but do you see any of these other self-indulged actors or actresses (no matter their age) taking the time to give love and affection to anyone, let alone kids? Of course nana and her family valued the times they had with her niece with or without Hayden, you inconsiderate cold-blooded beast! When's the last time you stopped yourself from insulting people to go to your nearest hospital and volunteer your time to bring a child a smile???

You should try it might burn the needles piercing your heart!

You're no better than those blood-thirsty papparazzi who were trampeling that little girl!

The world is better without you all!

2585 days ago


Roxana Abney, you are a bitch.

2585 days ago


I will never understand why....if people DONT like they stop and take their supposed "sacred" time to read up about them????

Will one of you haters please care to explain? If you DONT like Hayden, then why did you stop to read about her? If you sit here and say, "I knew it! She's another Lindsay/Paris/Britney", wtf do you care then? One day, you'll meet your maker and you'll have to explain why it was that you sat here and made yourself a fool by insulting or degrading someone you dont even like???

If you dont like certain people, then just keep going! Dont give them your time! Go on to the next TMZ article!!! Sheesh!!

Seriously! What is the point? Just save your energy!

2585 days ago


10. nanasuperduper, your neice was dying from cancer and you need a mediocre at best actress to make it special? Are you serious? How completely sad and pathetic you are.

Posted at 3:12PM on Sep 24th 2007 by Roxana Abney

Um- please re-read what you wrote Roxana. You realize you are essentially saying that it is special that her niece was dying? Are YOU serious? You are the sad and pathetic one. All she said was that Hayden visited her niece and obviously gave her a special night before she passed away that all of the family can remember. You are sick to make a comment like that.

And saying a swear word is putting her down the same path as Britney, Lindsey, etc? Give me a break, saying that is ridiculous. I'm not really a fan of hers as I don't watch her show but have a little perspective please.

2585 days ago


Oh, I love her. Stupid Paps. That was a totally appropriate use of the word.

2585 days ago


Shaka, Hayden's actions ARE the subject of this article. It is good she was concerned about the little girl's safety. It is too bad her vocabulary is so deficient she cannot express herself with appropriate terminology. The Bible says in Proverbs 23:7 "For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he:..." Our speech reveals what is in our hearts.

2585 days ago


Clumsy ass photogs stepping on a child to get a shot deserves the F bomb.
I thought she handled it very well, Better then I would have.
It was an appearance not a mosh pit!
One day that crowd may turn on them.
Fans first, And be considerate of all children!

2585 days ago


i dont watch her show, but i agree that at least she cares about the kid's safety. im all for the paps b/c i can objective about it and i know they have a job to do, but come on its a little girl. and who cares if she cursed, big deal. concentrate on what trainwreck brit does to her kids, not some light cursing

2585 days ago


You know, Hayden appears to be a nice, normal person. The paparazzi need to back off a little before they drive her *beep* insane. Yeah, she's an actress and it comes with the territory but lately it's been crazy. She hasn't even been doing anything that could be considered "tabloid material." Was it a few weeks ago that TMZ reported that she was out shopping with her mother? OMG, stop the presses!

Give her a break.

2585 days ago


I agree with Cory Feldman when he says that the trouble with celebrities is the media.
Many celebrities do, in fact, make charity appearances frequently, but it's under-reported because people look for manufactured gossip.

If there is no real gossip they just resort to slander, as in the recent case of reports of Miley Cyrus being pregnant. This story is totally false but every gossip and even some "legitimate" news sources had to pick that up and spread it around. And then everyone can shake their heads at "young hollywood".

Being followed and mauled relentlessly, coupled with slander thrown at you daily to make a story exciting, while leaving out any good you may have done would make the most balanced person crazed-let alone kids who are blind-sided by the avarice and cruelity of people who taunt and hound them because they followed a dream.

2585 days ago
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