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Opri to Birkhead -- "I Have Had Enough"

9/24/2007 9:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debra Opri is filing a lawsuit against Larry Birkhead for defamation, fraud and breach of contract.
Larry Birkhead and Debra Opri
In the lawsuit, filed this afternoon in L.A. County Superior Court, Opri claims Birkhead slandered her during a recent appearance on "Larry King Live," during which Birkhead said Opri had leaked confidential documents in his paternity case to Rita Cosby. Cosby wrote a book about the Anna Nicole saga.

In her lawsuit, Opri claims Birkhead " ... impugned both Opri's ethics and her professional reputation." Opri says Birkhead's allegation that Opri was a source for Cosby's book is untrue -- "Birkhead never witnessed Opri handing confidential and private documents to Rita Cosby because it never occurred." Opri claims she was not a source in the Cosby book.

Opri cites an interview Birkhead gave to TMZ in which he said he fired her. Opri says in her lawsuit that she was the one who withdrew from the case, claiming Birkhead's statements were "planned and malicious."

Opri goes on to allege, "Birkhead personally leaked a confidential document, Opri's attorney billing within hours of receiving it, to"

Opri says she has paid damage control gurus Sitrick and Company around $200,000 to blunt "defamatory attacks made by Birkhead."

Opri also claims Birkhead knew her fee in the paternity case could exceed $500,000 from the get-go. And she claims he screwed her out of a commission she was entitled to receive on a $1.7 million Dannielynn photo deal.

The suit seeks unspecified damages.

In a statement issued this afternoon, Opri said, "My message today to Larry Birkhead is ... I have had enough."

Birkhead could not immediately be reached for comment.


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think she did birk's head??

2584 days ago


Whose side are you on?
Birkhead 87%
Opri 13%
Total Votes: 810
Note on Poll Results

and at the time that i copied this there were only 24 comments, so the dang fetch thing is rigged...

2584 days ago


OPRI - how many DEAD bodies are there today in this saga -

DEAD: Anna Nicole, her son, her BILLIONAIRS husband J. Howard , her BILLIONAIRE stepson Pierce

ALIVE - Birkhead and Stern

OPRI - WHY WHY WHY did you help this guy?

2584 days ago


Opri has every right to sue this creep because he's been all over the tv slandering her name for months now. She cleaned this jerk up to make him look good in front of the camera & forked money out of her own pocket to pay for his clothes & furnishings for his apartment. He is an ungrateful lying backstabbing grifter who uses women & then trashes them. Look what he did to Anna right after Daniel died going on tv & trashing her. He's now living off the death of Anna & her baby right in her very own house. WHAT A PIECE OF CRAP.

2584 days ago


Had Opri not billed Birkhead for all kinds of facially ridiculous things, I'd give her the benefit of the doubt. Since she did that, though, I can't give her the benefit of the doubt, and personally, I hope she gets disbarred for it. Birkhead isn't the only client complaining about Opri, either, and in fact they all seem to have complaints; so where there's smoke, there's fire. Bottom line, it's impossible to harm someone's reputation, when they have already destroyed it themselves.

2584 days ago


OPRI - WHAT did you expect from Birkhead?

Did you not understand Anna Nicole LEFT the USA to get away from him and to keep her baby from him ?

2584 days ago

Whack A Mole (finger) (formerly Mad Hatter)    

32. Oh come on like 1,500 people already took the pole with this article. Larry's paid bloggers are out in full force.

Posted at 9:48PM on Sep 24th 2007 by jj

Yeah, wonder how the weather is in Colorado? Paid blogger land!

2584 days ago


Debra Opri has NO ethics, and she ruined her own professional reputation. We've all heard of "ambulance chaser" attorneys, well, Opri is a "celebrity chaser" attorney.

2584 days ago

For Justice and the American Way    

Laugh, laugh, laugh!. First you all LOVED Opri because she was defending your hero. Then you all hated her because she was suing him. You all loved Larry, not you hate him because he is just what Anna said he was all along. Now you love Opri again against Larry. Where will it all end?

2584 days ago

Georgia Girl    

Opri don't look like she's had near enough. That's her problem! LOL

2584 days ago


You go, Opri!!! Give that bad boy a taste of his own medicine.

Larry, Howie's days are numbered. When are you going to figure out you've "sided" with the wrong team? Howie's lied and stolen. You seem to have learned a few of his tricks. Let me tell you now, my boy, you're screwed. Ya better figure out what you can do to get yourself out of this mess.

The Marshall money is but a pipe dream. Remember that, Larry.

2584 days ago


heard it get pretty dang chilly up there, they need to stack in an extra supply of BS as a cold front is moving in..........

2584 days ago

Innocent ByStander    

37. Polls don't lie :)

Opri has looked bad in the public opinion since the BEGINNING!

Ever take a look at her response to Birkhead's suit? She never acknowledged anything in her response that looks exactly like Chapter 12 in Rita's book.

Posted at 9:50PM on Sep 24th 2007 by butterfly

YOU and polls lie. How can there be that many votes????????? Harvey has rigged it! It's it's a................................. never mind but mafia comes to mind.

2584 days ago

Real Deal    

You idiots who are giving prasie to Opri....For What????????

Larry was the natual father and Opri had nothing to do with the custody case which is STILL not resolved in the Bahamas. All she do was self serving media stunts in the Florida courts. She did not need to be there and served no purpose and had not influnce on the burial of Anna. She used that platform to self promote and charged Larry that outrageous bill. That free air time she grabed was worth millions but the greedy wench shot herself with that bill, stealing the money from the magazine deal and jumping in bed with Rita.

I hope she is the bar pulls her license. She is a disgrace.

2584 days ago


There was a reason anna Nicole wanted Larry out of her life and a reason she wanted Howard named as the father of Dannilynn. I don't know what the story is, but I've never liked him and the fact that Deb Opri keeps after him...well, maybe she was used and is fed up. At any rate...can we please be finished with the sorry, sad tale of Anna?

2584 days ago
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