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Brit's Bathroom Break Bonanza

9/25/2007 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A Quiznos in Brentwood was packed with paparazzi after Britney Spears stopped in -- to use the ladies room.

Looking dazed as she exited the bathroom -- wearing boots (hooray for shoes, ya'll!) -- Spears was met by a flurry of photogs who tore the sub shop apart, pushing tables and chairs around to get a good shot of Brit.

Escorted through the madness by holding the hand of a photographer, an ever-observant Britney was heard saying, "You're filming me as we walk." She then hopped into her car, where her kids were sleeping in the back seat, and took off.


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Seriously, WTF is it with her and public bathrooms?
Most of them are disgusting.

2555 days ago


Will you please just leave this woman alone? She is not promoting an album, she is not promoting anything. Her last performance tanked and now she needs to regroup. Let her be. Why do the papparazzi act like this? its dangerous and sick. Get a real job.

2555 days ago


first...she could write a book on all the bathrooms in L.A.

2555 days ago


I hope the idiot did not leave her kids alone in the car...she is beyond help and should be forgotten.

2555 days ago


Uhm, so like, ding dang ya'll.....who wuz watchin' Tater Tot and French Fry while Brit whizzed? She didn't leave 'em in the car by themselves did she?!?!?!?!

2555 days ago

Amy in KY    

I see that she got in on the passenger side, but was she just climbing to the drivers seat b/c it seemed to be empty...and the article says the kids were sleeping in the backseat, please tell me there was another adult in the car, the video was grainy so it was hard to tell. If there was no one else there and she left the kids alone to go to the bathroom, here's another story about her horrific parenting skills!!

2555 days ago


why are the kids in the car alone? Godddd britney read like parenting for dummys or something!

2555 days ago


Maybe she can't hold it. After you have kids your bladder is weak, they knew she was there so if they were in the car alone all those papparrazi would have made sure we knew about. Personally she needs to make herself over I'm tired of the greasy looking weave she's wearing!!!! Hell I don't get my hair done often because I can't afford to she's rich there is no excuse girl buy you some real hair and get it DONE RIGHT!!!!!!!

2555 days ago


Sounds like she left the kids under the 'careful supervision' of the photographers.
Wonder why she can't stay home.
She will not have the kids for long after this.
Gloria will be all over this...
Go Gloria

2555 days ago


She didn't look at all upset by their presence at all, and how exactly would they know exactly where I'm making a pit stop? If I forgot to wear a bra (and who knows what other garment), my shirt (not mini dress) was all wrinkled, and my hair for some reason was shades of dark and light (someone did their own hair coloring) I'd put a potato sack over my head and/or "hold it" until I got home. Hoping beyond hope that the children weren't in the car alone...and hoping that she's not driving without a license.

2555 days ago


so what if she uses the bathroom - why do you ridicule her for that.. maybe she can't hold it, she had two kids in one year, hello???.... and it's disturbing that you think automatically "who is watching the kids?". she has never left them alone, and given all the paps around, you think she would be stupid enough to do that? give her a break already, move on to something else...

2555 days ago

tuna marie    

she was stupid enough to run into a car and go on her merry way without a care in the world while photogs filmed it, so yes she is stupid enough.

2555 days ago

Dawn Day    

Bathroom Breaks = Jack Up Time

2555 days ago



2555 days ago
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