Full 911 Tape in Clooney Accident

9/25/2007 6:03 PM PDT

Full 911 Tape in Clooney Accident

Oceans 911! TMZ has obtained a tape of the 911 call made after George Clooney wrecked his Harley in New Jersey. Watch out for the face!

Time: 4 mins., 08 secs.
Clooney and girlfriend-of-the-moment Sarah Larson were riding his hog on Friday, when cops say he collided with another car. He was treated for a hairline rib fracture and road rash, while Miss Larson suffered a broken foot.

The person making the call doesn't know Clooney was involved in the accident. The dispatcher seems really confused, not understanding it was a motorcycle incident and two people are on the ground.

You can faintly hear Clooney and Sarah in the background during the last part of the tape.