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Full 911 Tape in Clooney Accident

9/25/2007 6:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oceans 911! TMZ has obtained a tape of the 911 call made after George Clooney wrecked his Harley in New Jersey. Watch out for the face!
Clooney audio
Time: 4 mins., 08 secs.
Clooney and girlfriend-of-the-moment Sarah Larson were riding his hog on Friday, when cops say he collided with another car. He was treated for a hairline rib fracture and road rash, while Miss Larson suffered a broken foot.

The person making the call doesn't know Clooney was involved in the accident. The dispatcher seems really confused, not understanding it was a motorcycle incident and two people are on the ground.

You can faintly hear Clooney and Sarah in the background during the last part of the tape.


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The 911 operator sounds like an IDIOT!! I'd hate to need her in an emergency

2582 days ago

Merry Christmas    

I was just thinking it's really going to be difficult for George to break up with this girl after he got her involved in an accident. Given his track record, he doesn't stick around TOO long.

2582 days ago


sounds to me like the 911 calls go to a central call center that isn't in the town probably-that happens in a lot of cases and most people don't even know that-

ask your police/fire where the 911 center is in your area and you might be surprised

then the operator has to re-direct the correct info to the proper locale

so they might not be as familiar with the name of the town as you would have expected

I have a friend who trained and worked in one of the 911 centers for a while

2582 days ago

Marlb Man    

Who cares?

2582 days ago


Does this hop-scotching-bed-bug ever give any charity or do any humanitarian work like -giving back? Hope he's awakened to all he has and all he should give back. C'mon. God's trying to tell you to WAKE UP!!!!

2582 days ago

danny grissom    

i heard this story and was very concerned , been trying hard to get more information , most importantly , hows the bike , will the bike be ok?

2582 days ago

Go Steelers    

WHY DON'T YOU WAKE UP ?!!!!! Mr. Clooney, does tons and tons of humanitarian work.
Ever hear of Darfur? He has donated a ton of money for charitable and humanitarian causes, and has also done alot of leg work for them.

Don't throw stones when you don't know JACK about the man!!!

2582 days ago



2582 days ago

Austin Mallrat    

"Anon": he does a lot of charity work. check your facts before you judge someone. every heard of a little thing called "" or maybe ""?

2582 days ago


ALMOST knocked the gay outta him when he fell off. You know there is a reason to not pass on the right, dumazz.

2582 days ago


She still only broke a toe, not a foot

2582 days ago

Da Truff    

I'll bet $10 that the car involved was driven by a guy wearing a wife beater, gold chains, and a mullet and the car was a mid-80's Camaro. Probably lost control because of a massive hair gel slick...

2582 days ago

just me    

Google "Darfur George Clooney" and see how very much he works and raises money for
the end of genocide, AIDS awareness and poverty in Darfur. He and his organization have, so far, raised over $9 million dollars and he travels there and address Cogress regularly. Check your facts first!

2582 days ago


kuddos to the guy who called for not snapping back at the rude and slow dispatcher !
glad things weren't worse than what they were

2582 days ago

Employer of the Bride    

George Clooney is such a has been. Ever since he got "political" his acting talents have diminished. I could care less about this accident or this 9-1-1 call. It's not like George placed the call himself. Of course not. He probably does even wipe his own a** at home. He's a delusional idiot with nothing important to say. Yawn.

2582 days ago
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