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Reich Spice

9/25/2007 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Posh Spice made her way through LAX yesterday, looking more ready to join the Luftwaffe than the cast of "Ugly Betty." Is she going to play a role in buddy Tom Cruise's new Hitler movie? Can she not see?

Frau Beckham camped it up in this reprehensible flight outfit, that is hopefully not part of her new dVB fashion line -- if it is, there'll be a "majah" furor!


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why would she draw attention to her oversiezed head?

2549 days ago

Empathy Matters    

Quit photographing this freak. She is so full of it, she needs to be brought down to earth. The freak thinks she became high class after living in England, when she actually makes one feel like puking!

Her old singing group is just as worthless in every way.

2549 days ago

Empathy Matters    

What will bring this weirdo to earth is her husband taking up with someone else. That will teach her how superior she is.

She needs to go back to England and frolick with the likes of those snobs like her. She probably was -- most likely was -- snubbed by those over there, so she comes back pretending to have turned into something high class.

2549 days ago


This outfit seems to be a little wintery to be wearing with open toe shoes. Is that her big toe at a nintey degree angle??? Put that thing in a boot and hide it !! She looked much better when she was "Posh Spice", 15 lbs. heavier, classy brunette, and had a good stylist.

2549 days ago


Just plain unattractive. I not jealous of her in the least - she's just plain and simple ugly. She actually looked attractive about 10 years ago when she had a little meat on her bones and had the longer hair and she smiled!!!

2549 days ago


Ta, ta, tea time anyone. Eat some cookies.

2549 days ago

Da Truff    

When they made a Victoria Beckham bobblehead doll, they actually had to reduce the head to body ratio. She must have amazing neck muscles for that body to actually hold up that giant melon of a head. She's an orange on a toothpick!

2549 days ago


What IS this woman's claim to fame..her husband?! Oh yeah, I know, she was a "Spice Girl" too! Gee, nursery rhymes turned into dance songs. I just wish this woman would find SOMETHING to smile about (dang David, do YOU get her to smile?) and lastly, do something with that ratty, ends-chewed-off -by -gremlins haircut (if you can call it a cut). It is the most unflattering style for her. Brittany's weave looks better.

2549 days ago


I don't care what you people say, I like her!! Granted, the hat is a little much...but she was hilarious on that NBC special...MAJAH!

2549 days ago

Shame on you    

Thank goodness she covered up those gawd-awful baksetball shapped boobs. With the income she has you'd have thought she could afford to have nicely shapped boobs.

2549 days ago


EWWWW!!!!! her foot whats wrong with her toe? what some people will do for fasion!

2549 days ago


She left the whip in the limo.

2549 days ago


Dont you lot realise yet that whenever someone is getting publicity, she tries to hug it for herself. Mel B performed in Dancing with the Stars, so she wears this outfit because she knows she will be photographed and it will be in the papers. When the Emmy were on, she wore her Turtl Ninja Outfit. Come you paps, you are playing her game. IGNORE HER..... SHE IS NOTHING. WOT DOES HE DO TO DESERVE HER MUG SHOTS IN THE PAPERS OR MAGS??? and also the Becks can afford to PAY for their photos to be splashed all over the place. They are losing their credibility and have got to do something to stay in the spotlight.

2549 days ago

she can't be real ... looks and acts like an android

2548 days ago

marcy pigeau    

god she is soooo ungly women that i have every seen and she is not even famas wel the reason is because is her husband and he is hot but what the hell her see her! yike! i bet he put a paper bag when he want a kiss or sex! the oput fit that she has on is sucks!

2548 days ago
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