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Bridget and Baby OK!

9/26/2007 2:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dissed baby mama Bridget Moynahan appears on the cover of OK! Magazine with baby John this week. The 37-year-old single mother's friends tell the magazine that she's over baby daddy Tom Brady -- and is now feeling "overjoyed" by motherhood.

Friends also told the mag that Tom and girlfriend Gisele Bundchen are both making efforts to mend fences with Moynahan. "Gisele is a big part of Tom's life," said a friend, "so it's important that they all get along for the sake of the baby." And baby makes four!


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OMG!! How can some of you people be so mean to her! Bridgette, best of luck with that sweet baby boy! I think some people enjoy being cruel to others. Why should Bridgette be the one picked on?She is going on with her life, looking fabulous, I might add!! What goes around comes around, Mr. Brady. You'll be the one missing out. :)

2500 days ago

Dawn Day    

Boom, in your face Tom!

2562 days ago


You go, Bridg! Who needs Tommy boy? The baby is beautiful!!! Best of luck to you!

2562 days ago


i hope he's regreting the selfish decisions he's made. so sad for that poor baby. it's a huge shame. i guess it's something that at least he managed to be there for the birth.......

2562 days ago


You go Bridget! Tom B is shallow, lacking good moral judgement and values, which all comes to how he was raised. The Brady's are not the good Catholic family they are trying to project to the public. Tom is a spoled rotten immature boy, not yet a man.

2562 days ago


Sorry, she just sounds whiny and bitchy. Get over it. Pregnant from goodbye sex shouldn't have happened.

2562 days ago


Go Tom Go! Tom Brady is a stud.
Bridget sure isn't saying no to those fat checks every month.
and here is she is whoring out the kid to People. What a loser.

2562 days ago

Robin Givens, Toronto, Canada    

I agree with #6, unfortunately this is just another example of why you shouldn't go around getting knocked up by someone that's not your husband. There is no committment there. I couldn't imagine going through my pregnancy without my husband sharing it with me every step of the way, he was more excited than I was, not parading around with some skinny brazillian biotch.

2562 days ago

Merry Christmas    

Bridget is not the loser in the scenario, Tom is. She gets to raise that beautiful little boy. She gets to be with him 24/7. She gets to see all the firsts. I don't think they should make her out to be the pathetic one!

2562 days ago


That title is just wrong even if its true....Chidlren grow up to read and there is no need damaging the fatehr chidl relationship even if it hasnt began

I commend Bridgette for her strength to weather through a pregnacy at an emotionally difficult time and anyone woman can become a major bitch if they had to go through what she has..she kept her head keep it up and stop with the cover stories

She took pictures got paid, but she has no rights over the editorial and the title..thats what happens when you do covers...ahhah she shoudl have tightened up her agreement, but I doubt few stars wihtout A-list pull can demand that

In any case I rather Tommy boy was outed as a CAD id it means some children getting more money for research to make thier lives better..I am sure tommy boy will realise it for a good cause...its also his charity..he gaveup his rep for the kids..way to go parents..ahahhahah

2562 days ago


So sad to learn your 'sweet & innocent' girlfriend ain't nuthin' but a ho.

2562 days ago


hell has no fury like a woman scorned. she is like Denise Richards,
a BITTER ex who will use the kids to spite their father. TOTAL LOSER.

2562 days ago


She DOES look good!

2562 days ago

Bridget donated the proceeds from sale of the photos to the Friedreich's Ataxia Research Alliance [FARA], as well as the Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation, as her friends have children afflicted by the disorder and disease.

2562 days ago


Okay, so Bridgette just had a baby and now she is expected to make nice with her baby's daddy's new girlfriend?!?!? Right. Tom Brady should be less concerned with having a relationship with his girlfriend and more concerned with building a relationship with his son. He complicated matters BIG TIME by getting involved with someone was not the right time in his life. Does that mean that I think he should stay with Bridgette because they have a baby? Not necessarily but both parents’ focus should be the baby....not a new boyfriend or girlfriend. It is going to be any new mom’s natural instinct to be less then thrilled by some other woman possibly playing mommy to her newborn. Trust me, I know, I am in the exact same situation. WHAT EVER the reason is for the break up (and I'm not taking sides on that one) it was pretty heartless of Tom Brady to start seeing someone else when Bridgette was carrying his child. And Giselle is pretty lame if you ask me. Why would she want to be involved with someone who has so much drama and baggage??? She is low class.......I don't think they will all be “buddy buddy”anytime soon. And I don’t blame Bridgette one bit.

2562 days ago
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