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Madonna: Desperately Seeking Sunglasses

9/26/2007 12:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The 49-year-old Queen of Pop needs to get her eyes checked -- for better shades!

Madonna was spotted leaving a London restaurant on Tuesday, and despite her chic black ensemble, looked like a middle-aged raver out past her bedtime -- in a pair of wretched rose-tinted sunglasses. Ray of blight!

On a positive note, Madge's unfortunate eyewear almost distracted one from noticing her rigor mortis afflicted man-hands! Almost.


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Britney's Lawyer    

Here's TMZ's business model:

Get a picture of anyone remotely famous.
Slash them to pieces.
Use anything to generate "controversy" no matter how dumb.
Break the "story" up into tiny bits - so you can generate more hits.
Get comments from users to generate still more web hits.
Sell advertising to appease your AOL masters.

There is nothing wrong with this picture of Madonna. You may not like her, but so what. Its Madonna walking out of a doorway. So what.

2582 days ago


Madonna is PROOF you can whore your way to fame and fortune!

2582 days ago


Now THAT'S a hot girl......................

2582 days ago


she looks cute!

the glasses are adorable

2582 days ago

Um OK    

ARE YOU KIDDING ME...SHE LOOKS AWESOME! Her body is tight, her clothes are expensive and classy & the sunglasses are rockin! Other celebs should take notes....this is how it's done!

2581 days ago


skull & crossbone neckalace a new kaballah thing?????

just askin'

2581 days ago

ok then    

What? She looks great! Her glasses are very cool - you can see the veins in her hand -oooooooooooooooh..big deal! Missed the boat this time TMZ...but we still love ya!
Yes, I know I am a suck up- in case someone notices.

2581 days ago


Okay, man hands, a nana sweater, and a post-punk skull and crossbones necklace.
Glue factory, one up!!!

2581 days ago


TMZ - you suck. Leave Madonna alone. She always looks great and IS GREAT.
IS that all you could say, man hands and bad glasses? I see nothing wrong with either.
You are desperate to say something negative about anybody. I hope she puts some sort of Kabalah (or whatever religion she is now) curse on you! Oh, that's right ,she wouldn't waste her time. As I will not waste another minute on your website after this!

2581 days ago


Love the outfit!

2581 days ago


Yes, well...for all you 20-something TMZ writers - just a little info about getting O-L-D-E-R - your skin starts to thin in your mid-40's - it is particularly noticeable in the hands and feet. Many of you probably won't notice, however, because you'll be more concerned with losing most of your hair before you're thirty!

2581 days ago


Madonna looks AMAZING for 49!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2581 days ago

Erynn D    

An alpha female such as Lady M would not be complete without strong, wise and powerful hands... duh! when you people gonna transcend the matter?

2581 days ago


She has done lots of wild things in her life, but Is she getting popped for a DUI? Is she in rehab? Are her kids neglected? Nope. Almost everyone in the world has seen her naked- nice to see her in great clothes. I have dissed her before for things she has done, but she takes care of herself. Think of someone you know who is almost 50.. Madonna looks great! She looks better than the young hollywood brats who are losing their looks NOW because of hard living. Paris, Lindsey- they look older than their 20s. A tan will turn to wrinkles, or skin cancer. Madonna doesn't have that fake tan hollywood orange glow, and she looks great!

2581 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

lol IS THAT her hand ? I thought it was a claw.

2581 days ago
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