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Hit Up Koi

9/26/2007 2:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ camera's caught Sean Stewart and his father Rod last night at Koi in Los Angeles. Oh yeah, Sean's smokin' hot stepblonde, Penny Lancaster, was there too. Who says boys night out can't have a little estrogen in the mix?

When asked about Kiefer's DUI and Britney's bodyguard -- Sean and Rod stayed tight lipped. Like father, like son.


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Logo Designers    

i like the stewart family

2390 days ago


oh my.......... I love Rod Stewart ! I'm so glad to see that he and Penny do not engage in tabloid crap. Just two days ago I was telling my husband how it would be nice to see Rod's grown children. WOW... .and yes just like dad he is a somkin' hot. Ive been Rods # 1 fan for 33 years. In 1995 I went to Cal to visit my best friend and Yes we went on the tour of Hollywood celebrity homes and I stopped the van upon passing Rods home. Promise I'm not a stalker LOL. I have been to nearly all east coast concerts. I took my daughter, at the time she was 10 yrs old, to his concert...of course it was her first and at age 21 she too is a huge fan. Note to--- Rod My dream is to meet you. You are a music genius and I admire your work. Respectfully

2479 days ago

just wondering    

...I actually feel sort of bad for Sean...wht a messdup family life...NO role models!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....I hope he keeps his act together and finds some passion abt somehting...then he may become happy one day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...must be lonely having everything on the outside and NOTHING on the inside...u have to experience it and obviously he hasn't grown up that way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....

2479 days ago


Never was a Rod Stewart fan, never will be..his voice grates on my nerves like someone dragging their nails down a chalkboard. Anyway, I do feel sorry for the kids he has had over the years with all the wives he has had over the years. Anyone with a lick of sense knew the marriage to Rachel Hunter was never going to last...he was too old and she was too young. It is just a matter of time before this marriage ends too.

2478 days ago

Daniel Rostenkowski    


Coy Kilroy resurfaces at Koi in LA. Photographers aiming their lenses at Rod Stewart were distracted by a mysterious figure sporting a Kilroy was Here "T", blazer, and American Flag breast pin! Deferring to Stewart and his wife, Kilroy, nonetheless captured the attention of the fawning photogs as he braced for their mad rush for a statement from the star. They were denied, but Kilroy, this heroic and legendary "always first or always there after they left" leftover from WWII, stood firm. Several onlookers reported having seen Kilroy on many other occasions in the area and commented that he seemed to have aged, but not diminished in his dependability to stand his ground in the face of any adversary. As he left the area in an unidentified automobile with two very attractive blondes, he was heard to say "I'll be back!"

2477 days ago

Daniel Rostenkowski    

In typical papparzzi fashion, a major breaking story was missed. While trying to capture silly video of Rod Stewart, the photogs missed the opportunity to see the real Tom Jones as he looks to his family, without the make-up, glitter and glam. Thinking that the cameras were rolling for him, Tom Jones tried to recoil from the onrushing cameras but can still be plainly seen in the attached video. He was the one wearing the Kilroy shirt (his signature trademark) and Armani blazer. His granddaughter, the actress Andrea Nicole, can be heard in the background, concerned for her famous grandfather. All was averted as he successfully dodged the onslaught.

2477 days ago

Michelle Simon    

true that. they should have had the cameras on tom jones and his socialite, talented actress grand daughter, Andie Nichole. you can hear her quirky laugh in the background and her grandfather experiences the glam of los angeles. watch out for Andie.

2477 days ago

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