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Whitney's Tricky Escape Plan

9/26/2007 3:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Hills" good girl Whitney Port knows how to ditch the paparazzi -- by telling them there's a bigger star around the corner -- which wouldn't be difficult to believe!

Lauren Conrad's sidekick was caught by TMZ as she left the Intermix party last night at their new Robertson Blvd. store. Surrounded by a few snapping paps, Port told photogs, "I think Lauren and Audrina are leaving."

The photogs, TMZ included, took the bait and ditched Port. That wily Whitney! LC was nowhere in sight!


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There you go again WAKE UP- you are on this website and are reading these posts so you are no better than anyone else. There is nothing wrong with looking at these sites. You don't know what I look at or do the rest of my day so you can't talk.

(I know that was just pointless to even say that)

2553 days ago

Save Joe Francis     

Trudy. You are a moron and you're only fooling yourself by trying to defend your actions. How can you happily sit on your fat ass and idly waste your time reading about TMZ trash while the government plans the merger of the USA, Canada and Mexico. While it destroys the value of the dollar. While Wall Street Banks keep you and every other American under servitude to paying debt. While the government sells your children's future short with it's horrendous education system and addiction to credit. While the main stream media feeds you rubbish "news" about these movie stars, junkies and whores and meanwhile America crumbles all around you.

How can you call yourself a proud American when you don't even care enough to know what is happening to America? Isn't the proud American just a lie?

2553 days ago

Merry Christmas    

Someone please cancel this show!

2553 days ago

Merry Christmas    

Wake Up - Calm down. Good Lord, you sound like a raving lunatic. How much of your time has been spent on this site spewing the same old crap? People need an outlet from the everyday horrors of our society. This site is just fine for a get away. It doesn't mean everyone spends their entire day here. Don't assume. People could say the same for you.

2553 days ago


*blah* I LOVE WHITNEY!! ok...back to reading my brain surgery manuals.

2553 days ago



2553 days ago


I knew it was a waste of time- oh well, I tried. You will get what is due to you for judging others.

2553 days ago

Merry Christmas    

Wake up - you're the lunatic. You are actually back on this site. You are such a hypocrite spewing your stupid CNN BS. Get of TMZ you egomaniac. Go seek out professional help. I spend a lot of time reading other news worthy sites, political sites, etc. Screw you smart @$$. You even mention Greasy & Kim by name - YOU ARE THE LOSER - not us!

2553 days ago


Wait I think I know who this person is.....NOPE, I don't, just another TMZ publicity stunt.

2553 days ago

Logo Designers    

so meaningless - whos cares about 'Hills'

2553 days ago

Garth fan    

Good for her, guess it doesn't take much to outsmart the papparazzi;)

2553 days ago


Hey....WAKE UP...Your in the wrong blog...we could give a rats assssssss what you think. Go find a blog that cares what you think...we sure don't.

2553 days ago

Save Joe Francis     

#15 you sound like the perfect example of the handicapped intellect of America's population. A handicap that is the result of a dumbed down media, weak education system and the cult of consumerism and celebrity.

2553 days ago


You mean there really is a BIGGER star than Whitney Pert...Port???? No way!!!

Sometimes I think....and maybe I'm a Conspiracy Nut.....but when the Britney news is guys at TMZ post pics and video of each other, create a 'celebrity' out of your twisted imaginations, and then take bets to see if we actually believe they exist.

Or maybe the paparazzi numbers have grown to the size where a pic of anyone walking in the 30-mile zone becomes attractive.
Chalk one up for oversaturation.

2553 days ago

chin chin    

"Wake Up America"/"Educating Americas Future Leaders"-You are hysterical- you actually made me laugh out loud- a HUGE achievment!

You are an incredible moron & hypocrite! You've wasted at least 7 hours on this site today alone. May I suggest a satisfying hobby such as Bird Watching or De Ccoupage or how bout Papier Mache? I heard somewhere that illegal mexicans teach lessons in the art of Papier Mache at a very reasonable and unbeatable rate :) Best of luck :)

2553 days ago
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