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Spears in Burbank Shooting Spree! Ay!

9/27/2007 9:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brit Brit got herself a new camcorder -- and she turned tables on the paparazzi by filming of all her paparazzi friends at a Mexican restaurant! Dice queso, y'allitos!

TMZ was outside Acapulco in Burbank yesterday (which Spears called, in Brit-speak, "Acu-poo-culas") when the camera-wielding, brunette-weaved popwreck arrived while recording her favorite paps. When asked why she decided to play paparazzo, Brit said, "You guys are beautiful!"

Inside the restaurant, Brit invited a starstruck fan over to her table to snap a photo. Right after the shot, the ecstatic girl drove right over to local radio station KIIS-FM and shared the whole experience with JoJo on the Radio.

After Brit finished up, the restaurant got a ringing endorsement from Spears -- even if she couldn't pronounce its name. Mercifully, Britney hopped into the passenger seat.


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Brit phones the paps as to her whereabouts. This girl just cannot get enough publicity, bad or otherwise! She deserves exactly what she gets.

2551 days ago

dont worry about it    

I think britney should keep moving forward and get her life straightened out. She would first worry about her kids and them worry about her career. Once her personal issues are worked out she should then move forward with her career. her song has hit the top 10 so that should be enough to satisfy her for a little while. Brit your true fans are here to support you and we want to see you suceed again. We have listened to your music for all these years and we want to continue to look forward to the new and improved Britney. GO BRITNEY!!!!!!!

2551 days ago



quit coming to and maybe they'll stop!

2551 days ago


They are out of control! How are they allowed to just lay ontop of the car and put their cameras on the windows? 1 scratch on my hood and I would have to flip out..let alone she can't even takes 5 minutes to walk from the car to the door!

2551 days ago

jonathan all those 'paps' just happen to be at Acapulco rest. in Burbank of all places. Brit is a friggin trainwreck and the paps glorify that idiot by showing up where she tells them to.

2551 days ago


Changed my mind about Britney - she is really cool - psych! She needs to move back to the south where the no drivers license, kids neglecting, trashy dressing, stupid morons would all greet her with open arms!

2551 days ago


yeah great idea... Britney should lock her and her kids inside her home why so she can become even more depressed and isolated! She has the right to go in and out of her home as everyone else does... the paps need to back off!
Britney you look great!! Keep up the good work!

2551 days ago


was she serious about the "Acapoocula" comment????

2551 days ago


How sad is this kid . Maybe if she sat her butt at home and be with her kids, she might be better off. SO childish. She is not gonna be happy until she really does lose her kids. GROW UP ! Isn't what she doing in frount of her kids considered CHILD ABUSE ? Its not always about the physical side. There is the emotional side as well. This Britney is really becoming a head case. Can someone with somekind od sense take those kids away ! SHe is out of control. Plain and simpe truth !

2551 days ago


It's funny how she walks into the eatery unassisted and then leaves being practically held up by her friend...that's curious to me.

2551 days ago


Im still trying to figure out what happened to this girl.She went from Pop Princess, to Hillbilly Ho in a short time. Did "K-Fed" have that much power over this girl to ruin her beyond repair. This kid really needs to get some help. Her family is'nt helping, neither are her so called friends. She really is over the deep end.

2551 days ago


Can't she just stay away from the media for ONE freaking day?

She's on TV and TMZ every day!

2551 days ago

who cares    

I agree with 5. I was thinking while watching that mess that the Paps are totally out of control. There should be a law forbidding them from being so close...who cares if they get run over when they stand in front of a car with film rolling like that. How is she supposed to see where she's walking much less driving with all that mess around her constantly. Crazy.

2551 days ago


I hate to say it, but she actually looks kinda NORMAL here - except for all the photographers.
She should really stay home once in a while because it is really hard to defend her when she goes out EVERY night.
The photographers wait outside her house 24 hours a day waiting for her to leave so they can follow her --- maybe she could bore them to death by not leaving her house for a couple of days.
Just a thought, but she can't because she is a media whore.

2551 days ago


That tape is crazy! Those photogs wouldn't even give her room to walk much less breathe! One would say stay home but she has the right just like the rest of us to go out and do whatever she has to do. Why should she stay home because of the papparazzi or whatever they may print?! I don't think she has to call them and tell them where she is going as I am quite certain that a picture of her doing something or anything illegal or contrary to the court's order is worth at least $250,000 right now.
I think she looks nice except for the botched weave job. Come on Brit ROCK THE SHORT DO!!!

2551 days ago
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