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Gwen and Gavin: They're a Modern Stone Age Family!

9/28/2007 3:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale took their son, Pebbles Kingston, out for a stroll in London yesterday.


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i love Gwen she is so amazing… and her son is so cute oh my god... he's adorable.... stop being so damn mean to kids....every child is cute in there own way and what's wrong with what he's wearing its cute.... beautiful family

2585 days ago


I love Gwen's style...and I have three little boys that I enjoy shopping for, as well. I do, however, need to say that she needs to be careful. He is not a little doll. hile it is true that "normal" is not necessarily best for kids either as that usually means labels and nothing more, I will say that the little guys doesn't have to be her little clown. It is possible to have yous kids have style that fit their personalities without subjecting them to harsh criticism from other not so properly raised kids. Yes, kids shouldn;t tease, but reality is that they do and its very hurtful. I hope she'll start onsidering this at some point becasue its one thing for him to choose this for himself, but its another when she sticks him out there like that.

2585 days ago

W T F ?    

She should wait until she has a girl before she does that.

2585 days ago


He is beautiful and so what he had a pony tail. They ought to stop the pacifier sons pediatrician had me stop at 5 months and it was never an issue. The longer they have it, the harder it is to take it away. And it also gives kids that awful "Jeremy Piven" mouth.....ugly shaped pallet.....

2585 days ago


boy boy boy boy girl? girl? girl? girl?

2585 days ago


He is too gd old for that pacifier...get rid of it or you'll f-up his teeth!!!!

2585 days ago


gavin, you come out of that closet right now!!!!!!!!am surprised you can get a stiffy for your fake girl, she's a real bitch, i hear! seems like all the attention goes to her, so she demands.
hey flatso gwen, you're cute, but not gorgeous. Be very aware of what you can get away with at your age anymore. your hubby already isn't all that attracted to women in the first place...but hey, cute baby!

2585 days ago


Look At These Two Jerks Smiling! Give Your Kid A Haircut, You Dim-Bulbs!!! Azz-Holes!

2585 days ago


duhhhhhhhhh...we don't even know our sexual are we supposed to know our kids.....duhhhhhhhhhh

2585 days ago


Kingston is adorable and he has the most beautiful big brown eyes. As far as his hair, monks wear their hair in a similar manner. What's the big deal? It's just hair and since when can't a boy wear a jacket with red stripes?

2585 days ago


#70 it wouldnt suprise me after reading that I sure as hell will not buy her perfume

2585 days ago


Gavin, someday you will marry me!

2585 days ago


Get a grip on yourselves.They are as normal a couple as can been in the entertainment industry. Its a tiny ponytail for f.....s sake. They are all together. They are all smiling, and the baby appears to be well taken cared for and loved. Chill out on the non-story about the baby's little ponytail. Kingston is a very lucky child to have such a loving family.


2585 days ago


I have had to work for multiple years in the same realm with GS. And everyone who works with her says they same thing. She is wonderful. A true professional, and the real deal. She works very hard at her art and deserves the rewards that come with it. So what if she didn't pay attention to someone at a store. #70 Max was at. Are you bothered for pictures and autographs and a moment of your time everytime you step outside? Do you look perfect 100% ofthe time? Are you taking care of a career, a marriage, a toddler and a public image?
She comes from a great family. Conducts herself with utter profesionalism and adores her family. Can you say the same?

2585 days ago


I, too, saw miss gwen in LA at a convenience store around midnight about a year ago, yes, MAJOR attitude. trust me, no-one would ever give her a second look. After she left, the clerk confirmed it was her. She looks so different when she's all made up, that i wasn't absolutely sure it was her before me all plain faced with sweat-suit. Not pretty at all, and hard-looking without all the make-up, which is done nicely for concert, red carpet. The clerk said she's a b!tch and tells him how to run his store. One time, he had had enough of her and very nicely told her that she doesn't pay any more for items than anyone else, and less lip from everyone else. He said she just talked over him, telling him the items she expects him to have in the store if he expects her to continue to shop there. He said he couldn't believe how much mean she had on that small frame. nothing good to say at all about her, while gavin just stands in the background and shakes his head (like he's embarrassed) to the clerk..

2585 days ago
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