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It's All Greek to Britney

10/1/2007 9:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Opa! It's Britney dines around the world week! The pop mom was spotted at a Greek restaurant in Malibu last night with her two tots -- and both couldn't stop crying!

TMZ was outside of Taverna Tony, as Brit, Sean Preston and little Jayden James showed up for a quick dinner. Britney carried Jayden into the restaurant, and had help bringing the two boys out after eating -- with the brothers Federline crying as they were strapped into mama's Mercedes. Didn't they like the spanakopita?

Brit showed that she does indeed know how to use a car seat, strapping her booboos in herself! The only thing Spears loses point for: having a pack of cigarettes sitting in the car.


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Tracey Rebello    

I think that the public should give Ms Spears a break!!! she always seen making mistakes ( did any one stop to think that she does some good too!) unforutunatly this is never caught on camera! no one is perfect and i think that Kevin OWES Ms Spears ALOT he was NOTHING till he married her! and he thanks her by suing for cusotdy of the kids!!! he should be ashamed of himself. if he was such a great dad then he would not be taking this route to sort things out between them!Would like to see how he would handle this situation if the roles where reversed! Ms Spears i say hang in there girl !!! cause youre famous every little mistake gets blown out of poportion!! We are praying for you , wish that you website was open for us to email you , messages of hope!! I wish you all of the best and hope that Kevin will come to his senses!!!

2505 days ago


At least she has good taste in food...that's about all you can say for her. Kalo Orexi!

2550 days ago

Lenn K.    

I understand you have to eat, but why always in public place that you know the media is staking out?

2550 days ago


What?! Babies crying? Call social services...

2550 days ago


Please, just leave her be. No wonder the kids hate being around her. Let her alone. Its getting old

2550 days ago


Maybe the kids were crying becasue there were 8,000 cameras flashes in their faces?

2550 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

..........Yawn, Zzzzzzzzzz............Nobody better to write about? Boycott Britney's Life!!! She is being FORCED on US, left and right.......Give us a break!!!!

2550 days ago


I think she did really well for her age & for all the people around her & crying babies! She seemed like she was handling it well.

2550 days ago


What a shame that she needs to pimp those boys out! Get a life Britney, Get to know God, or something positive. If not God, get to know a psychiatrist! Ding Dang already!

2550 days ago


Does this Idiot girl ever eat at home???? Why the eff does she insist on eating out all the time? And her poor children, I feel badly for the kids, they're going to need a hell of a lot of therapy some day, because she's doing such a great job effing them up right now!

2550 days ago


And this is news..................shut thy pie hole unless you have something newsworthy TMZ.

2550 days ago

whatever tha fu*!/rockergirl    

yeah i feel sorry for those kids! rehab-goin,streetwalker-dressin' l ,pole-dancin' suv-battin' -mama's a famous train wreck.-don't u change livin' wild a bit when ya become a mom ?

2550 days ago

kim suck    


2550 days ago


No, I think she is like any normal person. I was a stay at home mom and it was crazy, I would always be out and about. It is her god given right to be able to eat where she wants. To have those photographers in your face has to be a nightmare for those kids. And because of the Dee Dee Dee K-Fed she can't bring the kids to Louisiana where there would be privacy. You don't see millions of photogs at the rehab where Lindsay is. K-Fed is setting her and her children up for disaster.

2550 days ago


u complain she isnt seen with her kids..then u make it bad when she is seen with her kids..

kids probably crying because hundreds of people r flashing cameras in their eyes and faces..probably crying bc ur crowding around them and they are SCARED bc they dont know who the hell u r that is trying to take there picture...

as for the ciggs..big freaking deal...people smoke..a lot of ppl i know smoke and carry ciggs with them although they arent smoking inside the car. at least she wasnt out at a club and her kids at home...not saying shes the best mother in the world but i have 2 kids and if losers were crowding around me just to take a picture and make up a fake story id be very over whelmed alost.i already cant stand when my own family is in my business...imagine all those camera people in her business on all day base...

bet u she wouldnt be having such a hard time if everyone wasnt in her face with cameras...theres some days a person just wants to be left alone. and i gurantee u britney spears has never had a day like that since she became "famous"

2550 days ago
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