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Lil Wayne Celebrates His Bday on Yacht

10/1/2007 9:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lil Wayne aka Weezy F. Baby turned 25 on September 27, but he's still partyin' like it's his birthday! The rap superstar chartered a yacht in Miami on Saturday, throwing himself yet another party! Each one is better than the last!

Baby makin' machine Diddy showed up, as well as rappers T.I. and Baby, along with members of the "Terror Squad." This was an A-list hip-hop bday jam! All the cool kids showed up!


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#15...You are one screwed up beotch!!

2548 days ago


i agree wit #15. lil wayne is one of the best rappers alive, if not the best. another example is in his song diamonds on my neck he says "hotter than them other boys, standin by the heater in the summer with the oven on" anybody that hate on weezy apparently aint neva heard none of his stuff. i luv u wayne!!! keep it up!! happy birthday baby!!

2548 days ago


i know whats in that tabacky im about to smoke some right now

2548 days ago




2547 days ago


He's a D- Boy- he's got money in his pocket -got the money on the block- he got the money and the power! His music Rocks it!!!!!

2547 days ago


Len K, you sound bitter. I doubt rap would die, but I hope I hope the enlightened rapper becomes popular again. Instead of talking about a bunch of nothing (money sex drugs).
You should here these kids today in the street, I can't believe my ears. The only popular one that talks some sense is Kanye West. I must admit, I can enjoy the ignorant rap now and then, but I am older. I feel for the impressionable kids!

2547 days ago


How dare anyone compare Lil Wayne to the Late GREAT Tupac Shakur! That is purely ridiculous and it goes to show you how LOST you are!!!!

2547 days ago


Disco lasted all but 5-10 yrs (if that long) rap and hip hop has been around for 30 yrs. Now, if it's going to die out, then it's living a long death. Those who speak of rappers not having any talent, not everyone can do what they do and make it sound good. If you could rap, you would be passing your demo yelling man listen to my demo. Oops, I guess that would make you a hater. Gangsta or not rappers have some talent, now what some may talk about is ridiculous, but to be able to put words together like that and to beat, you have to have some skill. Lil Wayne is on top of his game, but he's no Tupac (R.I.P.). If you do not know what you are talking about, you should probably keep your opinions to yourself.

2546 days ago

love on heaven and earth    

To RJ and Lenn K.
Sounds like to me that both of you are mad at yourself and the world because s--t isn't going your way in life. What that boy do or any other rapper does with their money isnt mind or your business. Lil wayne is 25 yrs old and i'm glad he's making money the honest way and from someone who came from the projects and making it big i'm proud. rap been here since the 80's and to be truthful if you listen to james brown music rap came out then because james brown was rapping in his songs. so no rap isnt died disco however was in, in the 70's for 2-5 yrs yes disco is died heavy metal took that over. and you want to talk about rappers giving back to their community please name me 25 celebrities beside oprah that gave something and what they gave like oprah gave homes to the katrina victims. and please tell me what britney, nicole, paris gave back? i can answer that no a damn thing!!!!!!!!!!!!

2546 days ago


da banger in da hood celbratn his birf day yo!

2546 days ago


Hope the boat sinks with all those rap-a-holes on board....

2546 days ago

h t*ownz chaunte    

There r 2 many haterz out hea. Why can't people just be happy when some1 makes it instead of trying to bring em down. Don't hate on how much some1 has jus cuz u ain't got it, cuz if u had that kinda doe, you'd probably spend it on d same stuff. N*E*Wayz, big ups Wayne, if no1 else luvs u, I always will!!!!

2546 days ago

h t*ownz chaunte    

Happy b*day baby!! I'm ya #1 fan & if u eva come 2 h*town again, I'll make sure u find out why!!!

2546 days ago


#10 are you smoking something? More respected than Pac?
Is weezy your daddy? He never will be more respected than Pac.

2546 days ago


he just canceled a concert in our small city because no-one bought advance tickets.


2546 days ago
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