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New York Acting a Fool in Hollywood

10/1/2007 2:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiffany Pollard, better known as "New York" from the reality series, "I Love New York," was seen outside of Saddle Ranch in Hollywood last night, being the most lovable bi**h a girl can be! She can be real nasty, but people still love her!

The reigning reality queen admitted she had been drinking -- maybe a little too much -- and proceeded to get annoyed with a fan, cursed like a ... Z-list reality star, and finished with a graceful flip-off of TMZ cameras. She's such a lady!

It's a wonder she's still single!


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Whats up world, well hell I didn't know it was a fake, its a trip and to those that are sayin that its old news, like we that don't know we some maggets get a life we all don't sit and stare at a pc every moment of the day, back to the vh1 setup what was they thinking that this would not get out. I'm very happy she is a actress because I hated her ways so bad, she is a very hard person to watch and the things that come out her mouth oh my goodness, I'm surprise they let her say things she say as a women, far as her being a black women has no concern to me. We as black women know we don't get down like that and she Ms New York is very talented person wearther you like or not she's getting paid. The women has skills and some men do find her attractive and thats their problem not mine or yours TMZ readers she's not in your buisness, but when in hers! Thats whats it all about people, people taking about people your on this web page for a reason to see what others are doing with their lives because yours at times are very boring. Think about your bored, then you gt on here talking spank, half the time you wish you could be the person your talking about, getting hot under the coller, I don't wish I was that ugly woman and on and on and on. She getting paid to piss you off viewers could job Tiff or what every the hell your name is. The woman thats playing her mother is wrong for pretending to be a God fearing women then sitting there having orgasims on tv. How old is New York anyway. She can't be 24 and that women is 5 years older than her!

2532 days ago


How old is NewYork and her sold called mother, then flavor of love 3 coming out we should ban together and not watch that mess, he has a baby and a women he's about to marry, this has gone on to long, and did anybody she roast of flavor flave? Brigg Nelson wasn't very happy with the fact she don't have a show.

2532 days ago

I hate New York    

new york needs to realize that her 15 minutes of fame is way over. i dont care if its all an act or not. she needs to get her mouth sewed shut for good. she does not make black women look bad....she makes HERSELF look bad and slutty. and wat the hell is up wit her eyes?! why does she close them whenever she talks trash? all that makeup.....she needs to join a freak show. i wouldnt be surprised that shes hiding her herpes breakouts under that crapy makeup. also, why does she think shes better than us, cos shes "religious"? shes such a hypocrite. she also better stop beating up on men cos eventually one will hit her back one day

new york, do us all a favor......shut the HELL up, the world dont need a drama queen like you

2531 days ago


New York makes herself look bad, she is not a representative for black women. So stop saying she makes black women look bad. Think about the problems (with drugs) Britney, Lindsey, Nichole Richie (she might as well be white), Olsen twin ( won't eat to save her life) and the list goes on. Think about your own race before you jump to say New York makes black women look bad, because if thats the case ya'll look even worse than us. If you're black and you're saying she makes you look bad then SHAME ON YOU!! trust and believe she gets paid for acting the way she do, never let another person define you.

2528 days ago


It is a shame we have gone from Mary Magdalene commiting a sin and almost being stoned to New York coming out right being a whore. It makes no sense the way she acts or dresses. The real black wholesome, shamefaced and God fearing woman are perpetrated by the likes of someone by her in the face of the media and the world. New York lives in a house with 20 men with them touching, groping,kissing and who knows what else while the cameras were not rolling. Then she says she is looking for the right man. I think she found him this time. A spineless male who spits in peoples faces and can not even defend himself when the time comes. No real man would even touch New York. New York, enjoy it while it last beca`use judgement is near.

2496 days ago



2578 days ago

The Doctor    

This crazy, nasty, foul mouthed bitch gives Janice from the muppet shows a bad name. Too bad they look alike

2578 days ago


i dont like New York, shes nasty and trashy and makes black girls look bad

2578 days ago


cant stand her. she acts like shes better than others and religious but was all over men on her show. and do i dread her next? Yes! Shes a bad example for all women!

2578 days ago

Dawn Day    

It IS a wonder she's still single! I can't imagine why she hasn't been snatched right up!


2578 days ago


Her real name is Kenya Simmons. She's an actress!

2578 days ago


kenya simmons?? i thought it was tiffany

2578 days ago


Her & her "mom" are actresses! BIG SURPRISE from VH1!

This is old, tired news!

2578 days ago


This bitch is the epitome of skank. And her mama too. I for one will not be watching her show. Shame on VH1 for stooping so low

2578 days ago
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