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New York Acting a Fool in Hollywood

10/1/2007 2:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiffany Pollard, better known as "New York" from the reality series, "I Love New York," was seen outside of Saddle Ranch in Hollywood last night, being the most lovable bi**h a girl can be! She can be real nasty, but people still love her!

The reigning reality queen admitted she had been drinking -- maybe a little too much -- and proceeded to get annoyed with a fan, cursed like a ... Z-list reality star, and finished with a graceful flip-off of TMZ cameras. She's such a lady!

It's a wonder she's still single!


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Isn't her fifteen min. just about up???

2576 days ago

You know my name    

I'll be SO glad when this skank's 15 minutes of fame is up!! She's just a trashy, nasty, weave wearing bitch with no class or talent at all!

2576 days ago


her mouth is big enough for 3 sets of teeth

2576 days ago

Londyn Marcelle James    

i'm black... she doesn't make me look bad...some women are trashy either way, i like new york for her entertainment value, but as a person she's a hot mess, let her enjoy her 15 mins of fame because after i love new york 2 hoopla has dwindled she'll become another Omarosa, a no name-sack chaser.

2575 days ago


New York is hilarious as hell. I love this clip of her.

"None of your business!" Classic.

Drive on girl!

2574 days ago


I read all the posts and comments it funny how we can forgot that tv is what it is pure entertainment nothing on there is hardly ever real. I'm a black woman and she in no way represent me in any fashion it like watching the soaps most of the enemies on the soaps in real life are best friends. I don't care who she is, or isn't that none of my business. I'm not going to knock anyone out of how they choose to make their money it their life, I don't know if this person on this vh-1 blog is who they say they is either who knows for sure.

I look at this cause it funny and entertaining and it help me not to act that way.

I don't take none of tv shows seriously they are just pure entertainment.

2569 days ago


dez; I think that new york is little crazy. but she still has lot of growing up to do. and with her mother by her side she will always act like a LITTLE CHILD. Mom stop trying to act like you are all saved we all know the truth about you and so does GOD stop playing around. But new york get with chance live your life NO disrespect mom i still love you.

2560 days ago


I think New York is back yard trash and her mom is trash to..Few mins of fame, and she think she is great.In 2 years she still will be back yard trash. and vh1 will say New York who???????..

2559 days ago

Triple Play    

What a PIG. It is no wonder the best that she could do was that old gold tooth fart Flava Flav. he is a real pig f----r why do they waste their time putting her on television. she is the new Omarosa

2558 days ago


So, are they really not related, oh no wonder. I had a suspicion that they were not related. They just don't look alike. Anyway, if it is true then I guess the girl must be milking this whole thing to her advantage.

2557 days ago


I love New York, love her show and everything, she doesn't take no chit from nobody, if I had all those cameras in my face I would cuss them out too. Maybe Brittany should learn from NY so she can tell those photo hounds a thing or two!

2557 days ago


thank you, MarkJacobs! Ditto! New york is such a skank slut whore! Everything about her is fake, fake hair, fake boobs, fake eyes. And her mom looks like a horse!!!

2557 days ago


i love her.

2556 days ago


The trany lives! She looks/is fake, talks and looks like a NY hooker. Oh ya, and has nasty, fat man like feet. She gives me the creeps!

2555 days ago
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