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Pammy and Paris' Ex: Nuptials Not So Fast?

10/1/2007 9:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Even though they've got a license, it looks like Pam Anderson and Rick Salomon could hold off on getting hitched for a little while.

Vegas Confidential reports that the pair had already left Sin City by Sunday, and were back in L.A., with no immediate plans to officially tie the knot. Still, they've got a whole year to take their license and make it good.

VC also says that when they do get married in Vegas, their next door neighbor will be none other than Leonardo DiCaprio.

Country Star Sara Evans Gets Her Divorce

One of the more prurient divorce filings in recent memory finally ended yesterday, with country singer/"Dancing with the Stars" contestant Sara Evans having her divorce granted in Nashville.

If you remember, Evans had alleged that now-ex-husband Craig Schelske cheated on her, verbally and emotionally abused her, and frequently watched porn in their house. Schelske denied all claims and added that Evans filed for the split the same day he found out she was steppin' out on him.

In the agreement, the ex-couple will get joint custody of the three kids, and Evans will pay Schelske at least $500,000 over 10 years.

Party Favors: Angie Still Face of St. John ... "Indian Idol" Slur Causes Riots

Angelina Jolie hasn't been dropped as the face of St. John, according to, despite reports to the contrary. "She appears in the current St. John's campaign and she will appear in the upcoming Spring campaign as well." ... And you thought we took "Idol" seriously? Over 60 people were injured and dozens of cars went up in flames after a mob in eastern India protested a radio host's alleged slur against Prashant Tamang, the latest winner of the show. The angry fans wouldn't let an ambulance pass their blockade, which incited the violence.


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first! Pam is an old whore with hep. C and continues to spread it around.

2587 days ago


Pam is soooo yesterdays Boobs, oops I mean news.

2587 days ago


VC also says that when they do get married in Vegas, they're next door neighbor will be none other than Leonardo DiCaprio.

...try "their next door neighbor", smart guy...

2587 days ago


Wait a minute, TMZ. Yesterday you spelled it, "Salomon." Today, you're spelling it, "Solomon." I've seem the name written other places. It's, "Salomon."

2587 days ago

Dawn Day    

Just goes to show that the older woman has got what it takes to hang on to a man! Even if the man is think he's looking to make another cool mil on a video with his bride-to-be???

Too bad, so sad Paris.

2587 days ago


hey people take a look at the number of responses to salomon marriage newz,hes a dirtball>my god!!! and people need to do more research,when you see two people together dont it make them friends,the only reason pam met paris was because they both have a sex tape and pam continues to feed off other celebs and cindy crawford is not pams friend,her husband is friends with kidrock and that why cindy was at pams wedding party,ill bet you wont see cindy at this wedding party :)

2587 days ago

hell with them all    

Pam, you are washed up and rolled up. How many times have you been married. You mush have a wedding night tunnel for the whole town to drive thru. No Class here. Women like you are well found in yes Hollywood and loser roll. The guys you date/married are big losers too.

2587 days ago

kim suck    

#8--shut up!!!

2587 days ago

Lenn K.    

Hell with the Pam story, what about Sara Evans having 10 years to pay 500K, that's some good lawyering!!!

2587 days ago


5.>are u slow?this broad cant hold on to a man,thats the thing,are you retarded...shes all about the sexual feelings you get in a new relationship but >SORRY>those feelings dont last,its love that make it last! her life is a sorry site for my eyes,cant imagine her families,of course her kids are gonna say their happy>this life shes been offering them is all they know,so they think its normal>daaa

2587 days ago


#9 yer an idiot,wats yer point :)

2587 days ago

whatever tha fu*!/rockergirl    

pam is getting married again ? what for ? I thought she was still screwing tommy lee and kid rock back and forth - she has been seen w/ them several months ago !!

2587 days ago


There is just no self respect in Pamela Anderson. Frankly I could give a rat's ass who she marrys and if she decides on the porn king, more power to her. They deserve each other. As for the 2 kids, well I feel for them. They didn't ask to be born and she is no decent mother. By the way Pammie, how's your folks taking all this garbage? Real proud I betcha. TMZ King Harvey Levin, don't you get a little sick of pouring these so called celebritys down our throats? What in the hell is she famous for outside of running down the beach in a too small swimsuit while supposedly acting, marrying Lee and having their sex tape sold, getting hepitis c, her joke of a marriage to Kid Rock, and now with the porn king? Oh right she has been in What you need to do is put more photos out there of her without the facial putty make-up job and continue to show her true self...a well worn and well ridden whore of a so called woman. She is sickening.

2587 days ago


ok i love pam but how many times is she going to get married ? i think she is getting married now just to get attention. she should have stuck with tommy. i wish i could get married a bunch of times and have no one ask " what wrong with you?"

2587 days ago


She will marry anyone who will do it just to draw attention to herself. Look at her track record. Her poor kids are so confused I feel sorry for them. She's a idiot for putting them through one man right after another constantly. They would be better off with Tommy Lee as bad as he is. She is such a joke. Nobody cares who she's screwing anymore. Spread that hep c around you damn idiot. Her liver will give out before too long and then we won't have to hear about her anymore.

2587 days ago
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