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DMV to TMZ: Brit Still Doesn't Have a Valid License!

10/2/2007 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A California state DMV spokeswoman tells TMZ, in no uncertain terms: Britney Spears is NOT licensed to drive!

Paparazzi caught the popwreck going to a California DMV office Monday, but we're told she was not issued a license, she was merely checking her status. And, we hear, she wasn't very nice to the staff. The nerve!

According to the DMV, if Britney brings a valid out of state license to the DMV today, and passes the written exam, she will be issued a California license. As TMZ reported Monday, she is licensed to drive in the state of Louisiana.

We're told if she is not able to produce a valid license, she must take a driving test in order to be licensed. Get out of the way!

Her final option, says the DMV, is to "get a learner's permit and practice." Toot toot!


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If she is still a resident of the State of LA, she is entitled to carry a driver's license from that state. IF. I don't know that she is, but that is what the law states. IF she is indeed a resident of LA, there should be no issue with her carrying an LA driver's license instead of having a CA license. In the United States, you cannot legally have a driver's license in more that one state. The judge ought to be smart enough to know that. I don't think that the driver's license is the only issue here.
I hope that whatever issues are coming into play, she can overcome. First and foremost get her life straightened out before it is too late.
Where are either set of parents? Why were the children turned over to K-Fed's bodyguard instead of K-Fed himself. Where was he?

2546 days ago


Well I suppose TMZ is proud of themselves.

Now they can add to their list "We caught 'cha"

Along with
she's to fat
she's too skinny
she look's hot
she ain't hot
she's a trainwreck
before and after
we like you
we don't like you
your a good parent
your not a good parent

I notice Mel Z is not receiving any TMZ comments about partying every night and not staying home with her kid.

And yes parents give their kids cheetos, doritos and other junk foods to eat. It's a common everyday occurence so all ya'll need to stop acting shocked.


I am not a Brit fan but TMZ is turning me into one.

I see don't see a comment column about their new "show".

2546 days ago


PAPS, GO BEYOND YOUR JOB. I have worked in hotel's for the last 20 years from housekeeping to Sales Manager...There is a distinct smell in the room of METH users. TALK to housekeeping. Did they smell something like "cat litter" in the room? If not, you can not acccuse her of METH abuse.

Things might have changed from the last three years ( I do not know that much about METH). But, I do know it smells rteally weird in the much that you have to bring the smoke machine into the room to make things right.

2546 days ago


SKANK - you must be confused, little one - TMZ does NOT have their facts straight - yes, i read my post. they are wrong, b/c she IS licensed now in CA- so i am assuming you believe everything you read, right???

read this - she now has a valid license as of Yesterday. Anyone who is telling them different is pulling TMZ's leg - and maybe they better try to pay some other "source" at the DMV, b/c they are not getting the correct info. It's just another day at the rumor mill and trying to bring her down. can you not read or something???

2546 days ago


I just want to know why did that Lard-Ass X-Bodyguard need to get Gloria Allred as his lawyer?Someone please tell me the answer.He was fired by Britney after only a few weeks working for he.Who will TMZ go after now .I will not go to this WEB-site again.TMZ take that Y'ALL.I know she needs help but people that do anything and everything just to get a picture of someone doesn't say much for them.

2546 days ago


Oh no. We know she cant pass the test. If she could she would have got her DL when she moved to CA. She is begging for jailtime, ding dang Brit. She really needs to grow up now since she lost her boys to K-Fed.

2546 days ago


Oh, so what???? I f you are licensed in one state, how the hell do people drive across the country??Do they stop and get a license in each state??

2546 days ago


Dear Retarded Michelle:

This one's for you, if you know how to cut and paste:

She does NOT have a valid license in California, where she has been resident for several years.

(You aren't from Kentwood, are you?)

2546 days ago

Fly on the Wall    

Well ding dang, y'all, Ah caint figger out how to operate this hyah fancy car. It's a whole lot different than mah daddy's DeSoto. Mah daddy sed Ah don' need me no license, nohow, on account of how good he lernt me to drive. He teeched me to drive jes like he teeched me to plesure a man. He even let me praktice on him jes to make sure Ah knows how to make a man get off. He sez Ah kin make him get off even better than mah mama done did. Ah gots lots to be prowd of, Ah reckon, so's Ah don' need to worry bout no license nowhow.

2546 days ago


Susan B Anthony:

You are hilarious. Thanks for the laugh.

2546 days ago


Michelle news alert................Britney left before she took her test. Ding dang, Brit just can't do anything right now days. You can still hope she gets her licesnse today but i doubt she will pass the test.

2546 days ago



You have something like 3 months to turn over your old DL and apply for a new one. Usually if you do this and the old one is valid you don't have to take a driving test. This is so people can drive across states and such. . .

2546 days ago


We all know she needs help. Why can't everyone just back off and leave her alone.....?
I'm sure a lot of people in this country are driving without a drivers license and they are not pasted all over the tabloids. Federline is another loser, he goes to Vegas to party like an animal doing drugs and drinking alcohol. The only reason he wants to have custody of their boys is because he WANTS MORE MONEY from Brittany. Why didn't he take the other kids with him? Because his ex gf doesn't have the money Brittany has. We've all made mistakes at one time or another, the only difference here is that she is a celebrity and people think they can judge her. Pray for her and for her recovery so that she can have the children back. They NEED their Mom too!!

2546 days ago


CNN reported that Britney did apply for a Ca. licence but did not follow up on it.

2546 days ago

Britta Hornsby    

Honestly! Will everyone just leave her alone. Do any of you know how hard it is to go through a divorce and a custody battle?!? Let alone be hounded by photographers. Maybe she is having trouble dealing with the stress of everything and found comfort in drinking. Maybe she needs someone to help guide her along her path. She needs a Spiritual consultant. She is not a bad mother! People make mistakes. And if you have ever been through a situation like her you would go crazy too! She is crying out for someone to help her... not bring her down! If there is anyone out there who knows Britney and can help her find God in her life that will be the best thing anyone could ever do for her. I am asking everyone to just simply pray for her instead of spread slander and gossip about her.

2546 days ago
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