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Meagan Dishes the Goods on Britney

10/2/2007 12:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hollywood hot stuff Meagan Good was outside of Hyde last night, where she had some solemn advice for fallen pop star Britney Spears. The boobalicious Meagan told TMZ, "I don't feel like she was an unfit mom. I feel like it was an unfair situation ... not to say she doesn't make mistakes ... It's not like you get a rulebook."

The pretty "Stomp the Yard" actress seemed genuinely concerned for Brit Brit and her children. Actually, she showed more worry on her face than Britney did yesterday!


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DA Scooper    


2541 days ago


At least someone in Hollywood is understanding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2541 days ago

Ms. Giant1    

TMZ and Paps , you guys are headed for another Diana if you don't back off, and let's see how famous your website/tv show will be.. Leave her alone already.. go and dig up Lindsay Ho(Lohan) she needs attention or better yet go get Pamela Anderson

2541 days ago

Rocco and David    

Shut the eff up! Megan. Why don't you just go smoke yourself into a cigarette coma.

Who died and left this girl an authority on motherhood? A cat is a better mother than Brit has been - lately. Mistakes?

I feel sorry for the kids, NOT BRITNEY. She's an adult (a 25 year old adult) and knows better. Give me a break. People should stop with the 'poor, pitiful, Britney' act. Why do people ALWAYS think the woman is the better parent and that a child's life is destroyed if he/she is raised by a father. Clearly, not all women make good mothers, as is the case here.

Almost any female can give birth - not all are mothers/moms.

2541 days ago

Rocco and David    

OMG osh!

PLEASE, someone, anyone with at least 1/2 of a brain - tell me ...

HOW IS BRITNEY'S SITUTAION UNFAIR? Britney made Britney's choices. NO ONE made her do the things she did. WAKE UP!!! It's time Britney was responsible for ALL Britney did/does/will do.

Megan, you are stupid as hell, not to mention clueless. Go back to exposing yourself to the TMZ cameras - do something you are good at. You obvioulsy know absolutley nothing about motherhood. Maybe you and Brit Brit could write a book on how NOT to be a mother.

2541 days ago


I think that by 25 you should KNOW better than to drive your kids on your
lap....this isn't the '70's....or Louisiana.

2541 days ago


This girl just sealed her fate as a retard. How can you possibly defend Bratney Spears? Also, I love how people think they know stuff. I'm sure the JUDGE in the case had ample reason to take custody away. Courts rarely take custody from a mother. Get a clue. She's a disgusting drug addict who is dangerous to herself and others!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2541 days ago


Hey Meagan...just stick to walking around in see through tops and no bra. That seems to be your main talent and source of publicity. Leave the thinking and opinion giving to those who can think on their own. In order for a woman to lose custody in CA she must have done some pretty crazy things. idiot.

2541 days ago


I really dont know who Megan Goodhall is , but what a well spoken 26 year old. She is right, every MOTHER makes mistakes. Ours just arent blasted over the internet / TV on a DAILY basis. Makes me glad Im just a middle class Mother, only reporting to the higher power. When I was a child we all piled in the back of a pick up truck (some standing up mind you) while my brother did doughnuts in the school parking lot !! He has turned out to be THE BEST father I know. I feel like the good ole USA has taken a few steps back. Forcing you to wear seat belts, forcing us to put helmets on our children, etc, is just the start of whats to come. Lets let the leaders us this nation hold our hands and MAKE us become more responsible adults why dont we ??? When my brother was hit head on by that semi, it was his SEAT BELT that ruptured his spleen. Killed him instantly. What happened to freedom of choice ? Why is alchol legal but everything it leads to ILLEGAL ?? I hope for the sake of my children they are able to make rational decisions that they choose to follow because it is a CHOICE they make, not because they are forced to in order to be accepted by society. Time to stop the war on drugs and start the war on IGNORANCE. Down with unions, down with sterio types, let the INDIVIDUAL REIGN !!!

2541 days ago


Meghan Goode was just trying to be a decent human and some folks want to castigate her for it. She has NOT claimed to be an authority - SHE is NOT an Unwed, Dope Addict, Body Parts Flashing, HOOTCHIE - THAT would be Britney's title

2541 days ago


What if this is her coping mechnism for all the changes in her life. You know you can only take so much at a time. I feel for her because I have went through what she has went through but without the paparazzi. And you know what "my kids still love me and I am still alive and well" She will deal with her issues in her own way. I still think that it is bull that a judge has a right to tell you what to do with your life when he is not standing beside you 24/7. It is her business!!! LEAVE HER ALONE!!!! Everyone has dilemas in their life and they deal with them.

2541 days ago


Every time I see buckteeth Meagan speak I feel sorry for her, she s a total tard. She never seems to have a complete like, and after getting coked-up every night her ability to not slur her words are diminishing. I was a true fan of Meagan's but no she just a drip... wasting away.

2541 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Yeah, there IS a rulebook. You can't drive without a VALID driver's licence. You can't drive away after your car has hit another's car without leaving contact information first. You HAVE to go for drug testing if the court has ordered you to. Oh, and you ought to always wear panties, and skirts that actually cover your privates, when out in public. Otherwise, it's called indecent exposure.

2541 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Meagan is obviously trying to be kind here, but what Ms. Spears really needs now is NOT kindness, but this judge's boot kicking her behind. People don't change self-indugent behaviour unless they have to.

2541 days ago


This piece has eyebrows like a hooker porn girl too! Take a look at Solange Knowles- they are classy and near perfect-get a clue heffa!!!!!

2540 days ago
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