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Fairplay Gets Tossed

The Video Evidence

10/3/2007 4:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With a stitched-up lip and typically defeated demeanor, Jonny Fairplay exclusively told TMZ his side of the incident, giving a special "You're mean!" message to Danny Bonaduce.

Now TMZ has video of the altercation between reality stars Bonaduce and Fairplay that resulted in a bloodied Fairplay going home in an ambulance.

In the clip, Bonaduce interrupts the "Survivor" star as he's introducing an award at the FOX Reality Really Awards last night. Jonny does his signature monkey humping move (as seen in the "Survivor: Pearl Islands" opening) -- and things go downhill from there.


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OMG!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! That is so funny!!! You go Danny ,do it again. Don't let some freak try and hump ya.

2583 days ago


how could anyone think BONADUCE was in wrong. that guy jumped on his face looked like he was triing to hump him, if anyone was attacked it was BONADUCE. that FAIRPLAY is a jerk if they press charges on BONADUCE i want to donate to his defense plan!!!!!!!!!!

2583 days ago


For one thing, Jonny does not weigh that much, so if Danny used any force at all, Jonny was bound to go flying. I know, because I've carried Jonny Fairplay off a stage before. He's light as a feather.

Another thing, Jon is a severely bad alcoholic. There's two different is an out-of-control drunk who thinks he's the life of the party, and the other is a calm, quiet guy who doesn't really know how to handle life. I've seen both. The night he got into it with Danny, he was trashed off his ass. That's just the sort of thing he does when he's drunk. The night I carried him off stage, he was interrupting an American Idol concert, stripping, and fondling himself. He was the life of the party, alright, but unfortunately it was only because people were laughing at his idiotic behavior.

I don't hate Jonny, because I feel sorry for him. He's a nice guy when he's not trashed. But I think Danny was totally right for what he did to him. I know that if he had humped me instead of having me carry him off the stage, I'd have done the same thing to him.

2583 days ago


If Danny's on steroids he better get his money back. They're not working. Have another cigarette!

2583 days ago

Ben Over    

Johnny should not have jumped on Danny. It might have been funny to him, but most men don't like other men on them in a sexually suggestive position.

2583 days ago


I hate Danny but this other guy assalted him, period.

2583 days ago

Diana Rene Chgo    

I say Johnny deserved what he got!!! He's a Loser, Danny Rocks!!!!

2583 days ago

jonn satic    

DANNY is screwed he could have easily let JOHNNY down, but he didnt DANNY held JOHNNY and then threw JOHNNY , LAY OFF THE ROIDS DANNY.

2583 days ago


I totally understand why Danny did it. It was sexual assault and that stupid Jonny got exacty what he deserved. Danny's arms were pinned by Jonny's legs his only option was to take a lifting motion. What kind of dummy doesn't realize that when you are falling you should protect your face.

2583 days ago


Fairplay is a creep. a little harse of a toss, but he was humping him,I 'd flip him off me too!
Love ya Danny!!!

2583 days ago


c'mon, andy kaufman stuff,no doubt,you do get a little smack around,but the publicity they get is priceless,dont believe the hype......everybody is talking about them two,right??????

2583 days ago


Danny Bonaduce is a DRUNK, a DRUGGIE, a WIFE BEATER/CHEATER...and HAS MAJOR ISSUES...Johnny was kidding!!! I have never even heard of this Johnny guy but dang...i hope Danny gets charged!!!

2583 days ago


Good for Danny! He should have kicked the crap out of the little weasel AFTER he threw him.

2583 days ago


If Danny is charged with assualt as Fairplay claims he has done then he can counter charge that he was defending himself from and unprovoked attack by Fairplay.
I never cared much for Danny until he told the 9-11 truther moron to F-off.
Dany should have to pay for the medical bills though.

2583 days ago


Regardless of acts, gimmicks, hooks, or gags, Regardless of stage, tv camera, or showtimes... if you monkey hump someone without permission.. that is to say: jump on someone and rub your genitals on another person. That person should have the right to get you off their person as fast as possible.

2583 days ago
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