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Fairplay Gets Tossed

The Video Evidence

10/3/2007 4:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With a stitched-up lip and typically defeated demeanor, Jonny Fairplay exclusively told TMZ his side of the incident, giving a special "You're mean!" message to Danny Bonaduce.

Now TMZ has video of the altercation between reality stars Bonaduce and Fairplay that resulted in a bloodied Fairplay going home in an ambulance.

In the clip, Bonaduce interrupts the "Survivor" star as he's introducing an award at the FOX Reality Really Awards last night. Jonny does his signature monkey humping move (as seen in the "Survivor: Pearl Islands" opening) -- and things go downhill from there.


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Um OK    

To comment #102 .... Get off your high horse and shut the f up!

2543 days ago


I am more of a Danny fan than Johnny FP. I can't stand Johnny FP. But Danny went too far. Johnny FP is like 100 pounds soaking wet. He was no threat to Danny, even after jumping on him. Danny meant to hurt him. After Johnny FP jumped on him, Danny squats and then weight lifts Johnny FP over his head. What pisses me off the most is when Danny struts his stuff after throwing the little bag of trash over his head. Danny, you the man. Next match for Danny, 85 year old lady with a walker. Danny, I could take you any day. I'm 82 and I have a cane.

2543 days ago


ok i agree that johnny shouldnt have humped the guy lol but did danny really have to throw him over his sholder couldnt have have just dropped him to his feet or something

2543 days ago



We would all know that you are a weak pansy ass.

2543 days ago


The way I see it. Johnny Fairplay has the hots for Bonaduce. He tried to cop a piece while Adrienne Curry was egging it on. Bonaduce wasn't in the mood so he tossed him to the stage. Too bad only his teeth and mouth were hurt. So now we'll probably get to see Fairplay on all the major news channels crying a river. They should have just called an airstrike in at the awards ceremony. But then TMZ wouldn't have anything to talk about anymore!!!!!!

2543 days ago

I Am The Real Bella    

Welp.. Seems to me that Fairplay doesn't have a snowball chance in hell to think he can press charges. What a whiner. He dry humps Bonaduce onstage and Bonaduce bounces Fairplay over his head like a rag doll. Fairplay needs to cop to the fact that he wasn't smart enough to break his fall w/his hands instead of his face. Given Bonaduce's past anger issues I think he handled that situation rather nicely. No way in hell will the police press charges on this. Fairplay dry humped first . ..... LOL

2543 days ago


Looked like fair-play to me - ha ha
Go Danny

2543 days ago

Ms. Giant1    

What a bunch of dumb ass idiotic poor white trash loosers, Hillbillies and Adrienne is a nasty skanky slut beyatch

2543 days ago


What man wants to be dry humped? It looks really disgusting. Violating.

2543 days ago



Do that to Perez Hilton-he might have enjoyed it. You picked the wrong man to do that loser.

2543 days ago

Old, tired, crazy, psycho Britney SUCKED    


You're a bigger douche than win for being the bigger douche.

2543 days ago


At first I hated Danny, then I liked him, but that was just wrong. He needs to meet the right person who will give him a good ass beating. He really is a punk. The typical redheaded stepchild, little guy angry kid. I've seen it many times before.

2543 days ago

Old, tired, crazy, psycho Britney SUCKED    

Also...# 113

It's "losers"...NOT "loosers" really aren't much better are you?

2543 days ago


Hey Jonny play with the boys next time........not with the MEN!

2543 days ago

Miss South Carolina    

Like they say..."It's all fun and games until somebody gets hurt". Maybe now Johnny will quit being such a douche nozzle every time a camera is on him.

2543 days ago
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