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10/3/2007 9:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Love this video? Hate it? Tell us what you think!


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Dawn Day    

That was great! I missed the show so I was glad to see the highlights.

2554 days ago


So Katie Holmes fell with her baby and it was cute? I feel sorry for this poor girl! She screwed up, haven't we all? If I was being spoken about as badly as she is I would probably take up drinking to numb myself too! It is pathetic. Look at the circus that is her life. Maybe if she could use a bathroom with out cameras following her she and her children could have some sort of normalcy. You can argue she wanted fame, this goes with it but where is the line drawn? Her vehicle is surrounded, she tries to get away and can't without running over someones foot as they are in so close to her vehicle and she is the bad guy? Shame on you! I have never purchased her music, I am not a fan, but in the recent months this young mother has my sympathy. Give your head a shake people!

2554 days ago



2554 days ago


I think TMZ and the rest of the paparazzi need to leave Britney alone and allow her to heal. How would you feel with a mike and camera in your face everytime you went out the door. There are so many women in this country doing worse than Britney, and her jerk ex-husband is taking advantage of the situation. I see he never tried to get custody of Shar Jackson's children.

2554 days ago


It is time for all these people to grow up!!!!
Once you have children you give your rights to them to have a normal life.
I think this should have happened along time ago, this woman is a mess.
We have to stop thinking of them as children, these people are grown ups
acting like children.

2554 days ago


I loved the clip, very fun.

2554 days ago

so what?    

Your video would be fine if I could play it. Your videos from Brightcove DO NOT play on my computer. Every other sites vids play except yours. So what the hell am I doing here?

2554 days ago

Logo Designers    

Loved it!

2554 days ago


It's amazing how someone in the spotlight can't think twice before doing something stupid in public. She still hasn't grown up (25 going on 15?) Perhaps a designer Camelbak filled with vodka would free up one hand.

2554 days ago

Michael Petrangelo    

WOW thoses clips were funny mean these stars do dumb things and we just get to laugh!!! HA HA!!!

2554 days ago


I have nothing against Kerri but TMZ and the rest of the clown papz weren't harassing or pushing her to the point they were touching her. It's totally different when the cameras are going off in every direction and not letting you walk or leave. I guess if Britney stopped and talked like the bimbo Keri and giggled like a child they'd leave Briteny alone. Screw that Kerri should be home like so many dictating to Britney.

Next Katie Holmes almost dropped Suri like Britney almost dropped Shawn. The only difference was that Katie was wearing 6 inch high heels on a play date in the park, lol.

Coco, David and Courtneys daughter wore NO life vest out canoeing with her parents, no mention or harsh words for them, maybe they just ASSUMED David would save her.

People are just so hypocritical when it comes to Britney when others do the exact same thing.

2554 days ago


Very good, but i'm spoiled with your big-screen TV version

2554 days ago


A part of me wonders if she really wants these kids. She keeps partying and always makes sure that the media is aware of her partying, so maybe if K-Fed had the kids, she could continue with her single lifestyle!

2554 days ago

Tash !!    

All I have to say is poor kids I feel for them .,. no mom, no dad really.,. A sin ,. Brittney needs to learn what is more important in her life ,., Her party life or kids.,. I'm a 23 year old mother .,,. I party and have fun but my kids come first., i totally know that.,.If shes addicted to drugs,., go seek help,., or your kids deserve better ,.,.
If she can't provide a good life for her kids then she shouldn't have them .,.,., and same for k-fed.,., He didn't want his other kids ,., why this ones.,., cause of popularity.
No one here is caring about the kids.,., I feel for them .,., being forced to live life the way they do.,
--- drunk and drugged mom who almost droppes them
--- or someone who only wants them to increase fame ,.,

2554 days ago


Any video clip of Britney without a crotch shot is ho-hum, just another day. Maybe she should take lessons from Pam and Tommy Lee on how to behave in videos. Now THAT would be a real come-back story.
By the way, its obvious she wants the $20,000-$40,000 appearance money that she gets from the clubs just for showing up more than she wants the kids since she can't sell records any more. To her the kids are a drag and just get in her way.

2554 days ago
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