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Why Britney Lost Custody of Her Kids

10/3/2007 11:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsWe now know exactly what went down in court Monday when L.A .County Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon stripped Britney Spears of physical custody of Sean Preston and Jayden James.

As we first reported, Britney didn't follow a number of conditions the Commish laid down. But sources tell us three factors were the last straws for Gordon.

Britney was supposed to sign a document that would have given the green light for a custody evaluator to conduct psychological evaluations. Commissioner Gordon ordered Spears to get the signed document to Mark Vincent Kaplan, K-Fed's lawyer, by Monday at 10:00 AM or appear in court. She did neither.

- The judge ordered both Kevin and Britney to submit proof they had valid California driver's licenses and insurance. He also ordered that neither party drive with the children if they didn't have the proper license. Over the weekend, TMZ posted video of Spears driving with the kids in Malibu. She did not have a California license at the time. The TMZ posting was discussed in court and the Commish was pissed off.

- The biggest reason for the change was Thursday night, Britney was at Sutra nightclub in Newport Beach. TMZ shot video inside the club. Various people say they saw her drinking alcohol after midnight. According to Gordon's order on Sept. 17, neither Britney nor K-Fed were allowed to consume alcohol within 12 hours of the time they obtained physical custody of the kids. We know Britney picked the children up at 12 noon on Friday, which means she would have violated Gordon's order.

In short, Gordon was ticked off that Britney thumbed her nose at the court. Stay tuned.

Clooney to Fan -- Hello, the Lens Cap!

Note to fans: When you ask your favorite star to take a picture with you, make sure your camera's working. And take off the lens cap. And check the battery.

TMZ spotted Clooney outside of his New York hotel, where a fan from Berlin (who said he'd been waiting five days to snag a snap with George) finally got his chance for a pic. Except, uh, dude, "It's not open," said George, pointing to the lens. Panicking, the kid tried in vain to get the cam to work -- gevalt! -- but a kindly paparazzo saved the day.

Apparently, German time also moves slower -- the kid is grateful that Clooney waited "like, 10 minutes" for him, when it was really about 10 seconds. One thing moving faster was George's injured galpal, Sarah Larson, who was spotted off crutches for the first time since injuring her ankle in the couple's motorcycle accident last week.

Bonaduce Bloodies "Survivor" Star

Danny Bonaduce: Click to watchDanny Bonaduce is a felony suspect.

Last night, at the FOX Reality Channel Really Awards, Bonaduce jumped on stage, picked up "Survivor" star Jonny Fairplay and slammed him on his face, causing him to lose a few teeth and break a toe.

Fairplay was taken to a nearby hospital, where police were called. TMZ cameras were rolling as the bloodied reality star was loaded into an ambulance. Some jerk can be heard taunting the injured Fairplay, yelling the phrase "Team Bonaduce" as he got into the ride.

Bonaduce is named as the suspect in a felony battery report.

On The Adam Carolla radio show today, Bonaduce said he's had a thing against Fairplay ever since he pulled the famous "grandmother stunt" on "Survivor," lying that she had died in order to get sympathy on the show.
Bonaduce on the Adam Corrola show
Danny said he thought the show was over and he was leaving, and Fairplay was on the stage, asking the audience why they were booing him. Danny says that as he walked by, he said, "They're booing him because they hate him."

Someone then asked Danny to go on stage and tell him that, which he says he did. Danny says he was off the first step of the stage when Fairplay suddenly ran at him, jumped on him and wrapped his legs around him.

Danny Bonaduce: Click to watchDanny says he didn't know if Fairplay was joking. He then says he grabbed the butt of Fairplay's jeans and threw him over his head, not realizing how light he was. Danny says Fairplay face planted into one of the seats behind him.

Bonaduce told TMZ his side of the story outside "The Adam Carolla Show" this morning -- check out the interview to hear how he says the fight went down. Danny says that he didn't start the dustup, and also reveals why he isn't worried about the cops.


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You should be ashamed of yourselves! It is stepping over the line to involve yourselves in other people's legal matters.

You are not the judge or a lawyer - it is NOT your job to provide evidence in courtroom proceedings. You have made up your minds about Britney, and are selectively producing evidence to back that up. Its backwards.

Seriously, you can trash her all you want, but you are going WAY TOO FAR with this.

leave it alone.

2540 days ago


Those two kids always look tired--not really clean--are never smiling---and absolutely never making eye-contact with mom.

2540 days ago


This stuff happen’s everyday in America, but you don't that publicized! I think that Britney has issues but most of it caused by the public imposing on her personal life. That’s includes this site too!

2540 days ago


Sorry, but because she is young, she should be cut some slack of some sort. Why?? First off, she's not that young. Secondly, she has lived a livestyle that few of us will ever even have the opportunity to envision much less sample. With that comes the advantages/perks of having "help" 24/7 for anything, lawyers to protect her every infraction, accountants to perserve her wealth, assistants at her beck and call and lastly a PR machine that keeps her in the forefront of the news all with her knowledge and blessings, I'm sure. I guess then that adage is true, that "anyone" can make a baby. Give me just one of her monthly stipend's ($700,000) and I guranatee you, both of her children would have not been put through anything that she has already done to them, at least psychologically under my watch. That's the issue here - she is highly selfish and doesn't have her children's welfare as her highest priority. I mean, how much effort does it take to hire good nannies if one is not capable of mothering them?

2540 days ago


With all these negative articles and degrading pics of Britney, I rest easy knowing TMZ will be VERY SYMPATHETIC with the demise of Britney. Perhaps you will be there with a camera when she is a total drug addict or perhaps you will have the first pictures of her when she finally kills herself due to your constant harrassment of her. While you all sit and judge her and follow her, let's not forget how much RESIDULE money and attention you are getting FROM HER.

You should be ashamed of yourselves. You truly should. She is just a young girl and making all of her mistakes in front of the world. You disgust me with YOUR HOUNDING HER ALL THE TIME. And I am no fan of Britneys. I cant wait for the day someone TURNS on YOU and lets loose all your little secrets ; ) Peace !

2540 days ago


Well, if CPS can't get the job done with Brit then TMZ does!!

2540 days ago


Brittany in is a little slut earised from birth. Her parents are idiots and her younger sister already looks like a hooker. She shouldn't even be able to see those kids. She is LOSING it all and I can't wait to see her in bankrupcy and she is ON HER WAY. She is wasting OXYGEN here on earth if you get mt drift. Please lose that nasty azz weight. She is is so gross and you can tell that she stinks and just not her feet. She is nasty.

2540 days ago

Tanya Howell    

Brittany needs to get over herself! She is not all that and a bag of chips. She thinks, "Ooow, I'm Brittany Spears, I can get away with murder and they will never take my kids away. I am untouchable!" Reality check to Brittany....they can take your kids away and I hope they do for a long time with the way you have been acting. She needs to get over herself and realize that she has two wonderful boys that wants their mothers attention. STOP THE NEGLECT AND BE A MOTHER FOR ONCE!!!!

2540 days ago


I feel bad for brits kids... If she does not change her ways NOW-- she will regret it. She will be missing out on the kids.. Once you have kids , it's not about you anymore .Those babies need to be FRIST..........GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT. Set and example for those babies...

2540 days ago

Tanya Howell    


Brittany did this to herself! TMZ or any other tabloid had no part of her losing her children.

2540 days ago


this chick is an airhead but ...she never gets left alone ...what a life ....

2540 days ago


Well im very upset with this,i cannot believe she has turned so bad. i remember my daughter which is 12 now being so fan crazed by her it was unreal but after all of her drama started to unwrap i decided she was not a good rolemodel. what happen to the girl we remember?

and one side of me is upset that people write such trash about the stars,i mean come on are they not supose to go through troubled times? if someone wrote about my every step id be pissed,and to boot half the crap they write is trashy..

and the other part of me says: what the hell?????
i was born and raised in the south and this chick is pushing it ,shes giving us all a bad name. i dont blame K-FED because he broke her heart,damn come on ~how many times have we had our hearts broken? she is no different....
I do however think that the judge made a good call, when you become a parent everything else comes last.. they wanted to be parents so they both need to step up and act like parent .as for her future ,( I firmly believe you have to help yourself before others step it up to help you) so little britt needs to use this time to get her life straight ,get jesus into her life or something.,just what ever it takes to get strait and she needs people in her life that will help her do that . so on that note best of luck to you and you will be in our thoughts and prayers...

2540 days ago


Johnny-pathetic-UN Fairplay OWNED by DANNY!!!

2540 days ago


Britney is typical white trailer trash.Just another hoe!

2540 days ago


Brittney is a victim of her crummy parents, who have a disfunctional life and Brittney inherited the pain. she is young, and immature of course. has severe problem and her chidlren are victims too. I feel sorry for every one involved. mainly the kids. She needs to face the music, learn, get rehab, grew up a bit and she will pick the pieces and go on with her life like any woman with kids, she may turn to be a fine and a good mom, I believe she is not a bad person, no she is eveil ,but she is a young woman in trouble, I pray for her ,, really I do she deserve a break in life and in time she may get it,,, no one is without mistakes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

2540 days ago
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