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Anna Nicole's Mama Takes Manhattan

10/4/2007 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Last night, TMZ cameras caught a shapely, primped-out platinum blonde in a snug black dress, flanked by tall men in dark suits and whisked away by a mega-SUV with tinted windows and big chrome rims.

Paris? No. Hayden? Nope. It's Gummi Bear Virgie!

C'mon, people, we're talking about none other than Virgie Arthur, Anna Nicole Smith's mother, who showed up to Rita Cosby's book party on the far west side of Manhattan looking like the aftershot in one of those cable makeover shows. Like her body?!

At her arrival, she managed to upstage author Cosby herself, distracting cams from catching Rita getting served with legal papers.

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chapter one from Rita's book    

'virgieLOVES the book becuz it tells the truth about Howie

way to go Virgie--- Larry-- dump Howie--- raise your kid away from the
chaos and let Dannie see her grama--

2543 days ago

I just want truth    

I've been reading here for months but haven't posted. I've tried, but between my computer and TMZ, my posts end up somewhere other than here.
The current events are motivating me more and more to say something. I have no desire to bash anyone for their opinions~I just question the motives and the reasoning. Regardless of how you feel about things, how can so many of you be so certain that things happened the way you say they did? People who support Stern & Co. seem to think has has never done anything wrong. You don't question any of his past actions~those past actions are what make others question him and his motives. I don't understand how or why you blindly believe whatever he says. I don't, for a fraction of a second, believe there are paid bloggers on either side. I think it's a ridiculous accusation for anyone to make. Those who are convinced he DID do something at least offer reasons, and provide information on things he has done in the past. Like it or not, we ARE judged by what we're known to have done. Past or present.
The pictures. Whether Anna was "playing for the camera" or not, she is obviously drugged~I don't have a clue as to whether she drugged herself or someone gave her drugs. The point is, people saw her in that condition. I don't care WHAT the reason is behind the photo of her holding Dannielynn. You can't fake that look she has~the way her eyes are. Why do people dismiss that? Why is it ok that those around her supported and even contributed to her drug use? She's holding a baby! She's looking at the camera so she obviously knew (if she could even comprehend) that she was being photographed~does that make it ok that she was doped up while holding a baby? I don't understand how you dismiss that.
Virgie. Why does it bother people that she's taking better care of herself and has lost some weight? For ANYONE else, that's a good thing, but for Virgie she continues to get bashed by some, even for that. Why? She's not living off Anna, Howard and Larry are~Anna by proxy, Dannielynn. Why do people judge her so much because of her looks, when everyone in the world celebrates weight loss? People are saying she's had some work done. So? Larry has had a nose job, I don't hear you complaining about that. How can you say she's living off Anna's image~but not see that Howard and Larry are doing that?
I really don't understand the reasoning and thought behind a lot of the posts here.
I honestly don't think anyone intentionally did anything to kill Anna, but I do believe there was some kind of cover up. Truth doesn't change, and there are too many versions of what happened that day. I just want the truth, and I don't believe we've gotten that. In Daniel's case, there are a lot more questions and I think they need to be answered. He deserves no less, and if Howard didn't do anything wrong then he has nothing to worry about. He only makes himself look guilty by trying to stall everything.
Larry has brought on ALL of his problems himself. He had the support of the nation until he showed his true colors. I supported him 100%~until I saw him selling his child. I haven't seen a photo of him holding her close to him. He's always holding her away from him, where she's facing the camera. The photo TMZ showed of him in Hawaii is a perfect example. He was posing her for the cameras. Most celebrites who are photographed with their children are just with their children. They aren't posing, they're walking down the street or something. I don't consider him a celebrity anyway. From his actions, he's shown me that he's an opportunist.
I don't blindly follow or believe what anyone says. Is Rita's book true? I have no idea, nor do I really care. Nobody here knows what's true or what isn't, unless she came to you and asked you questions. I've formed by opinions based on people's actions, not on what they tell me on camera.
I just don't understand why some people don't seem to ask questions about why and what Howard and Larry have done. I don't understand why you would just believe what they tell you, when their actions have shown something totally different.

2543 days ago

chapter one from Rita's book    

Howie 's goin down--- way to go Virgie
You are one classy lady--

2543 days ago

Deb H    

TMZ says "Like her body?" Not to be mean, but she looks plastic and IMO, if you look at her long enough, she looks like she is hiding Opi under her dress. IMO, Opi is in hiding when it comes to the "Cosby bunch"!

Come out, come out, wherever you are Opi! IMO, you can only distance yourself just so far and then your gonna get caught!

2543 days ago

chapter one from Rita's book    

You look wonderful Virgie.

You look great.

Stay strong-- the truth will come out.

2543 days ago


Looked at that ET photo and she is drugged out of her mind and, obviously, doing deeper under the influence as the photographs were being executed.

2543 days ago


What did Anna do with her Life. She sold her body. She humiliated herself, She took advantage of an old man, She definitely could not act. She took drugs , She slept with a lot of different men, She advertised a Diet Product that didn't work, she lied to the public about how she lost all of her weight. Daniel witnessed Howie taking money from men when they left Anna's bedroom. I think Rita's book was complementary to Anna. Some day their will be a book that tells all the trash about this woman. and her sordid life. Her daughter has a cross to bear and it is her dead Mother. I guess you could say she prostituted herself through life

2543 days ago

chapter one from Rita's book    

Those ET pics
are discusting--- why did Howard take them and why
would he give them to ET to make her look worse than ever-- well
whoever took those picsand gave themto ET should be

Virgie you look great-- so glad Howie didn't break
you--- Inquest is soon Virgie -- we are all so sorry
for your loss-- You have lost two children--
the Inquest looks like it will goforward

YES!!!!!! There is a God.

2543 days ago


Posted at 5:17PM on Oct 4th 2007 by momofcnmc

Diamonds and all. Very Sad.

R.I.P. Anna and Daniel.

Posted at 5:25PM on Oct 4th 2007 by butterfly
At least they are hers, where are Anna's??? Catching Up!! Virgie looks great!!

2543 days ago


Sternies have nothing my cheap vile to spew about physical appearances because the FACTS aren't on their side. Desperation shows.
FACT: The Drugs that KILLED anna were in Howie's name
FACT: Howie is the only one left standing from the Doctor's hospital room.
FACT: Howie takes disgusting pictures and savors anna's worst days like a sociopath!
FACT: Howie lies!

2543 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

Virgie ; You look great ! Wow ; i always knew Vicki got most of her looks from YOUR SIDE ...

WAY TO GO ! DON't give up yet ! Justice for YOUR FAMILY !!

2543 days ago

chapter one from Rita's book    


you look great
Keep your chin up
The truth will come out

2543 days ago

chapter one from Rita's book    

wow she looks wonderful
when is the inquest???

2543 days ago


Tonight's quiz..

How many times will Howie say those disgusting pics were
"what anna wanted" tonight?

SEIDLIN: More impaired than that?

STERN: There are times...

SEIDLIN: Was she impaired in that?

STERN: No. I don't think she was there.

SEIDLIN: You just said more impaired than that.

STERN: Right. More impaired than that. Exactly. Her...

SEIDLIN: Was she impaired? Was she under the influence then?

STERN: No, I don't think so.

SEIDLIN: But you just said to me she was more impaired than that.

Why doesn't TMZ snap some pics of Howie with his duffel bag at the airport?

2543 days ago

chapter one from Rita's book    

I certainly see where Anna got the looks
Virgie--- you look great--
sorry about the pain you have been through --stay strong
Sternies are going down Virgie--

2543 days ago
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