Rosie Clams Up on Britney

10/4/2007 3:04 PM PDT
The passionate, fiery, outspoken, relentlessly frank Rosie O'Donnell suddenly went quiet yesterday on one of her favorite topics, Britney Spears.

TMZ caught up with Ro as she came out of Comix, where she took in Roseanne Barr's show -- and even jumped in mid-act to do her own bit. But when we asked her about the popwreck on everyone's tongues, Rosie used that ever-trusty answer-avoidance technique -- the quick, loud, preemptive farewell.

Another Ro -- Roseanne -- had a bit more to say about Britney. "I'm gonna call her," said Barr. "She needs a mother." That thought should put a nice shiver through your bones.