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Britney the Hotel Hopper, Part 3

10/5/2007 9:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney's hotel tour isn't showing any signs of stopping -- as the media mess checked into a different hotel for the third night in a row.

TMZ cameras caught the Britster at a gas station on Pacific Coast Highway last night, proudly showing off her terrier while someone pumped gas for her. From there, Spears hightailed it to the Viceroy hotel in Santa Monica, bringing her brand of crazazy for yet another panicked hospitality staff to enjoy.

Sources tell TMZ that Brit left the hotel with an unknown man in a white Lamborghini just before 2:00 AM, though it's not clear if she returned. We hear she pulled the same express check-in-check-out at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills the other night. The exact purpose of Britney's hotel exploits, other than resting up between photo ops, is unknown.


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There is nothing wrong with hotel-hopping. Living out of a hotel room can be a far nicer comfort than apartment living and doesn't carry the responsiblity of maintaining a house.

2542 days ago


Why is she going from hotel to hotel? It's not because her house is too lonely for her...give me a break. The hotels are the most convenient way to buy and use the drug of her choice. Have we all forgotten that CPS has been visiting her home? Can't have the evidence there now can we? Right now the last thing she needs is anyone feeling sorry for her. Those who do are just enabling her.
Britney needs to be in the's not only her meal ticket, it's another addiction. X17 is obviously on her payroll and they will catch "her" rock bottom for the entire world to see. Paps are all she has left...oh and the dog.

2542 days ago


She's checking in and out of hotels so her drug suppliers can get to her easier without being photographed by the paps. They'd be seen going to her house, but at a hotel no one knows they are there to see her. And her video SUCKS. Looks like it was home made instead of professional. Notice how you only see one shot in the video of her cottage cheese ass jiggling around - most of the video is head shots. At least the children are safe now and hopefully the Judge will leave them with their father. This sorry excuse for a woman needs mental help not rehab.

2542 days ago

a Lindsey Lohan lover    

I was the guy in the white lamborghini. Britney is a whole different person in the hotel room when she is under my control.

2542 days ago


I really didn't realize it was a crime to go from hotel to hotel....hell if I had the money she has I wouldn't stay in the same hotel 2 nights in a row! Get a life people!

2542 days ago


That unknown white dude was probably her "friend" that originally introduced herself to meth in another hotel. Gee any guesses what she has been doing again lately? Someone here said she could run but not hide. This is esp true of the Reaper...

2542 days ago


God, what a sad sorry life. Only has a DOG to give love and affection to since her kids are gone. Still going out night after night to meet her drug dealers (of COURSE that is why she's staying at hotels).

2542 days ago


Man she spends A LOT on gas.

2542 days ago

Old, tired, crazy, psycho Britney SUCKED    

That seems about right....I can see stripper poles in her future.

2542 days ago


I heard she's running a high-priced "escort" service out of those hotels and that is why she is renting the rooms by the hour. It's publicity for her new video and CD.

2542 days ago


This would qualify as the "manic" stage of "manic-depressive" (bi-polar). Why are people still blaming the paparazzi? She is addicted to them. This has been widely reported. Why aren't some people seeing/getting it.?

2542 days ago


She seeks them out as much as they do her. It was recently reported that she made the statement that she needs to be photographed every day or people will forget about her.
She is one sick young woman. I agree w/ Dr. Phil (yesterday) that involuntary committment might not be inappropriate at this point.

2542 days ago

just me    

I'm beginning to think Brit's sudden flurry of hotel hopping is a sly tryst. I think some of Brit's occasional hotel check-ins are a cover for a drug transaction. But this is too many check-ins in too short a time for it to be copping drugs. I think this sudden flurry of check-ins might be sly meetings with a lover.

2542 days ago

Allred Tree    

His honor is watching you Britney.....he can see you on TV and here at TMZ just like we can. Have you had any drug testing yet? Have you attended counseling/parenting yet? Have you had EVEN A MONITORED VISIT YET??

If Britney fails to do as she is ordered, she is giving a clear sign she does not want these children. If she continues her erratic behavior, she risks the court's order being changed from monitored visitation to NO CONTACT!

Who are these men she is meeting in these hotel rooms? Her drug dealers?

2542 days ago

rock I.Q    

RASPUTINSLIVER, HELLO, Dumb-ass. Im not a fan nor am I a BRITWIT Actually, I never purchased or Bought into anything made by her. I never bought a single CD . she is not my idol and Im not in denial.
Do you seriously believe everything you read about her. She has yet to make a statement you MORAN. Did the thought ever come to your ignorant head that she did not show in court because it was not mandatory for her to do so maybe suggested but not mandatory,and she might have been scared of the judges reaction to her not making to the drug test. Of course K-fed showed up he has a vested interest $$$ and its not the kids. Im sure we will find that out in the future.Id be very surprised to see him become Mr superdad.I would even stand corrected. Because I know it will not happen.
How do you know she does Cocaine, You don’t know anything personal about her just what you read 24/7 obsessively on this smut fake news website, stop commenting and viewing the latest gossip on her. You are buying into the hate cause it’s the “popular” way to go.At the moment its an easy target.SHAME on you hater. Try standing up for the underdog once in a while. Try living in reality sometime. what do you know about her life. REALLY.. come now.
Like Iv said she is going through difficult time. She needs compassion not haters. No one knows the TRUTH or what she is Really going through at the moment.

2541 days ago
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