Britney the Hotel Hopper, Part 3

10/5/2007 9:07 AM PDT
Britney's hotel tour isn't showing any signs of stopping -- as the media mess checked into a different hotel for the third night in a row.

TMZ cameras caught the Britster at a gas station on Pacific Coast Highway last night, proudly showing off her terrier while someone pumped gas for her. From there, Spears hightailed it to the Viceroy hotel in Santa Monica, bringing her brand of crazazy for yet another panicked hospitality staff to enjoy.

Sources tell TMZ that Brit left the hotel with an unknown man in a white Lamborghini just before 2:00 AM, though it's not clear if she returned. We hear she pulled the same express check-in-check-out at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills the other night. The exact purpose of Britney's hotel exploits, other than resting up between photo ops, is unknown.