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O.J.'s Rolex: It's a Fake!

10/5/2007 7:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

O.J. SimpsonGetting some measure of justice is proving difficult -- yet again -- for Fred Goldman.

The Goldman's lawyers seized a watch from O.J. (after seeing it on TMZ) to pay off the $33.5 million wrongful death judgment against him. But it isn't a Rolex like they hoped -- it's a knock-off from China, worth about $100.

If the watch were a genuine Rolex, it would have been worth as much as $22,000. But now they have to return the watch to Simpson, since it falls under an exemption in the judgment -- for jewelry worth less than $6,075.

Goldman recently won the rights to O.J.'s hypothetical confession book, "If I Did it," which has gone on to become a New York Times bestseller.


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stop the madness    

Move on? you idoits wouldnt say that if he killed your son.

2576 days ago


The Goldmans have turned into money grubbing pigs. I feel very sorry for their loss but for them to continue to try to make a living/fast buck off their dead son's back is disgraceful. The book and now this. They do no honor to their son by behaving this way.

2576 days ago


It has nothing to do with their being Jewish. I had forgotten they were until I read this post. If the book "If I did it" was explotational trash when OJ wanted to publish it why isn't it the same for them too?

2576 days ago


I just can't believe that the Goldman's are still this obsessed with OJ.
When Ms. Goldman got lippy with Oprah when she dared suggest that they find peace - I knew something was not right here.
Our human nature allows us have the pain eased over time - - we do not have control over it, it just happens. Why isn't it happening for them? Not quite sure...and I'd be worried if I were them. They should be cringing at OJ getting publicity - not giving it to him.

2576 days ago

loving grandmother    

When will all this bs stop. Just let it go everyone. OJ is a pig and everyone knows it. He is crazy as hell and it is only a matter of time before he really goes off the deep end and does harm to someone else. He should not even be free to be causing pain on others. The Goldman's need to leave it alone. Let it go. There is nothing you can say or do that will bring your son back and OJ just loves to get things over on you. Just let it go and justice will come to him one day.

2576 days ago

Drink apple juice, OJ will kill you

2576 days ago


Whether one believed justice was served or not. OJ did go to trial and was tried by a jury of his peers and found NOT GUILTY. If you all believe there was something wrong with the verdict then you should be addressing your justice system not balming OJ. He did have his day in court . Mr Goldman needs to move on. If OJ is indeed guilty he will be served judgement by the Universe, under the law of Karma, nobody gets away from Universal law.

I am sorry for the loss of the Goldmans, but they have behaved highly undignified and money does bring out the worst in people. It is obvious they have not gone through any healing and should seek psychiatric care. I honestly hope the book does well so they can make their money and disappear. They are not the first to have lost a son violently, but at some point you just have to let go and let God. This watch incident is just a sign to them that it is time to let go.

2576 days ago


I hope Mr Goldman continues to be that piece of crap oj his worst nightmare.
Go Fred!

2576 days ago

Just my opinion    


I love it! Goldman, go earn some money!

2576 days ago


hahahaha! This is wonderful news. The Goldman's are really getting on my nerves. The whole watch thing was just too petty for me.

2576 days ago

Michael Richards    

O.J. is a class act! He gonna be the bell of the ball at the pokey!!!!

2576 days ago


Oj & Goldman should settle this once & for all...IN THE RING!

2576 days ago


I would be doing exactly what Fred Goldman is doing. Make OJ's life as miserable as possible. He is not doing it for the money like OJ fans believe. He has a successful business on his own. He is doing it so OJ can't reap any profit for himself. No one else cares to hold Simpson responsible for anything. Goldman will stay on him till he dies. I hope Goldman outlives OJ. OJ deserves his smug ass to rot in hell. Goldman's just trying to get a jump shot on it. Right on, Fred.

Oh, and #11: Someone needs to make you squeal like a pig. You need help!

2576 days ago



2576 days ago


I will say it over and over, the Goldman's are eating, drinking, thinking, consuming themselves with OJ after 13 yrs.. OJ on the other hand is probably laughing. OJ may not own a Rolex BUT he owns something more valuable to him I'm sure, the Goldman's. He is in their every waking thought while he on the otherhand is golfing, going about his business. Of course he can afford a Rolex, probably has one hidden, but he would never give them the satisfaction. I am NOT an OJ fan but it is so plain to see...

2576 days ago
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