Britney: 101 Ways to Cause Chaos, Part 1

10/6/2007 2:00 PM PDT
Fallen pop idol Britney Spears must not have a care in her weaved head, given the way she is traipsing all over L.A.! TMZ caught the popwreck in several different locations yesterday, and each situation offered behavior more strange than the last!

Unfitney was seen shopping on Melrose yesterday, with producer and latest BFF, J.R. Rotem, when a large group of paparazzi began to swarm inside the store. The boutique employees began to chase paps around the store -- literally -- to get them to leave. Brit Brit was then assisted out of the store with the help from two police officers.

TMZ sources say that from there, Britney went to the recording studio for a few hours. But this is only the beginning of her chaotic day... stay tuned!