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Britney Spears -- Hotel Mommy

10/6/2007 3:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Multiple sources tell TMZ that Britney's first scheduled visit with her children since being stripped of custody was a disaster.

We're told Spears was to have a scheduled visit with her kids at 10:00 AM Thursday, surrendering the kids to K-Fed later that day. Sources say on Wednesday night, Britney decided she wouldn't see her children at either of her homes -- instead, she wanted to visit with her kids at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. We're told K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, went ballistic.

The way we understand it, a parenting coach was supposed to be present for the visit, and Kaplan felt it was appropriate for the coach to counsel Britney on how to take care of her kids at home -- not at a hotel.

We're told Spears, who checked into the Beverly Wilshire Hotel at 6:00 PM Wednesday and then checked out at 2:00 AM Thursday, went back to her Malibu home and decided not to fight for her desire for a hotel visit with her children.

At 10:00 AM Thursday, the scheduled time for visitation, a K-Fed bodyguard arrived at Brit's Malibu home and rang the buzzer. He waited forty minutes -- but no one came out. With the kids inside the car, we're told the plug was finally pulled and they all went back to K-Fed's.


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John Russo    

This girl has gone off the deep end. It is very obvious she does not want to be a mom. That is a shame. She needs to be admitted to a mental hospital because she has to be out of her mind. This is how I ended up with custody of my 3 kids 10 years ago, and now she wants them back. The court told her that you cannot pick and choose when you want to be a parent, once you are a parent act like one...sad part is it will be the children who will suffer for this...

2541 days ago


I worked briefly in Protective Services, and I can tell you that they do NOT cater to the parent. The child comes first with them, and they brook no excuses. "My doorbell/buzzer/whatever was not working" doesn't wash -- She should have made sure everything was in order for their visit -- especially the FIRST one. I think if she cared, she would have.

2541 days ago


245. Britney's mother was shown on other site arriving in LA
MR COMMISSIONER. Let me do your JOB for you Sir since your running this case like a damn circus.
1. Gives those children to the grandmother. There they have a loving home, No drugs/drinking. with family n people around who love and will care for them AWAY from hollywood.

why is her mom any better??? Lets remember she raised Britney!!! those kids need to be adopted!


2541 days ago


"My buzzer wasn't working" is just the very latest in a loooooooonng line of excuses. I think Britney needs a lot of mental-health-issues help, and I personally don't think she is a fit parent at this time.

2541 days ago


324. ummm, that's not how it happened guys. every other blog agrees that it was a broken intercom, which britney was unaware of, that ruined the visitation. they also all agree that she begged k-fed's people to bring the boys back but they refused, leaving her devastated. give her a break guys.

Posted at 7:56PM on Oct 6th 2007 by will
There is a less than 0% chance that the intercom was broken and that's why Britney didn't come out to greet the children. And of course, even if in the remotest of chances, that did happen, K-Fed's people would have returned post haste to allow her the visitation. His camp is far too smart, court and media savvy to have refused that request. They have played this out too well to have dropped the ball on this one. Your information is clearly and irrevocabley faulty.

2541 days ago


I am neither a fan of Britney or Kevin. But so many people go on about him using her for all her money. Why not women have been doing it forever so why shouldn't a guy do it as well? And I have to say you don't see him out every night and making a spectacle of himself. And you know if he where out there would be people all over the story. And even when he got involved with Britney you saw them with his other kids. So it doesn't appear he only takes interest in their two boys.

2541 days ago


#329: To you and those posting who are like you:

It really scares me to think that you don't know mental illness when you see it.

2541 days ago


I wouldn't let Dr. Phil judge at a dog show. Britney doesn't need him. He offers to talk to her because he is all about high ratings for his own show. He would do the same thing to her that David Letterman did to Paris Hilton.

When Lynn and Britney were locking horns several months back - there's nothing wrong with Lynn appealing to Kevin (her grandchildren's father) to let her visit with Sean and Jay.

It wouldn't surprise me that Kevin was sulking that his silly rap crap was not a hit. Britney's silly stripper video is a hit. Britney was hoping that Kev would show up with their kids. Instead Kev sent them over with other people (body guard? Why does Kevin Federline need a bodyguard, oh puhleeez!) Britney threw a tantrum that Kev didn't come over and refused to answer her phone to let the other people in. Maybe she feels threatened by K-Fed's people?

2541 days ago


And enablers are NOT helping her.

2541 days ago

married with children    

The only reason we don't see Federline out every nite is because there isn't even one Paparazzi that gives a rats you know what about photographing Kevin. He is not the news, Britney is.

2541 days ago


Before I was rooting for Brittney..with being a young mom in the public spotlight and knowing Kevin played the girl like a violin....But now with this trainwreck...the kids very much are better where they are at. I heard on a news broadcast that Shar Jackson has said that Kevin was a good father to her two having the mother of your two other kids is a big step up when she could easily say that he was a total ass to them, it goes along way. Being a mom of 3 kids of my own it makes me sick that another mother would choose her own life's wants and partying over the well being and happiness of her children...children she claimed she wanted and was ready for when she was pregnate with the first one..(you know when she was playing mommy to Kevin's first 2 kids).

Brittney's mom needs to step in and slap some since into this immature brat and let her know she is not a teenager who can get her way before she destories herself and the lives of her kids.

Brittney, hun, get out of hollyweird, detox, get your life in order, fight for your kids, get out of showbusiness for a while and be a mama to those 2 adorable little boys you have... with friends and employees you have now who needs enemies?

2541 days ago


hollywoodscoop.. it dosent end here.. her house got broken into and jr rottem tractor sex dude left her there all by herself at 2am to deal with the police on her break in. Someone should just throw a BOMB on her property when the boys arent there.

2541 days ago

married with children    

#329, you are right, and very well stated.

2541 days ago



I don't have any kids but I feel Britney Spears is a failure as a mother and should never be allowed to see them. she is dangerous. perhaps she should take some time to be alone and do some soulsearching, because she seems to hurt everyone she touches in her life.

2541 days ago


People who keep asking about a hotel dont seem to understand that it is the safest place for the rich to buy their drugs. there is more security, less police and very easy for them to buy their goods in an expensive hotel. People dont realize how filthy rich drug sellers sell to the rich. Its done in rich hotels.

2541 days ago
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