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Britney Spears -- Hotel Mommy

10/6/2007 3:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Multiple sources tell TMZ that Britney's first scheduled visit with her children since being stripped of custody was a disaster.

We're told Spears was to have a scheduled visit with her kids at 10:00 AM Thursday, surrendering the kids to K-Fed later that day. Sources say on Wednesday night, Britney decided she wouldn't see her children at either of her homes -- instead, she wanted to visit with her kids at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. We're told K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, went ballistic.

The way we understand it, a parenting coach was supposed to be present for the visit, and Kaplan felt it was appropriate for the coach to counsel Britney on how to take care of her kids at home -- not at a hotel.

We're told Spears, who checked into the Beverly Wilshire Hotel at 6:00 PM Wednesday and then checked out at 2:00 AM Thursday, went back to her Malibu home and decided not to fight for her desire for a hotel visit with her children.

At 10:00 AM Thursday, the scheduled time for visitation, a K-Fed bodyguard arrived at Brit's Malibu home and rang the buzzer. He waited forty minutes -- but no one came out. With the kids inside the car, we're told the plug was finally pulled and they all went back to K-Fed's.


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so far fetched

You are an idiot. You comment on this article and claim Brit hasn't been seen since she missed her visitation when the very next article is about how Brit was all over LA yesterday, most of the time with J. R. Rodem.

Go back to breatheheavy and your fantasies, we're not buying it. The kids were there when they were supposed to be. She is so unpredictable that only a fool would sit and wait on her any longer than they did. It's obvious to me that they contacted Alli because they could not even get a hold of Brit. And we don't know if Alli was even at the home at the time because she moved into her apartment on Wednesday. I'm sure there is more to the story but we'll probably have to wait for another disgruntled employee to blab because no one is talking.

2571 days ago

John Stone    

What a sad world we live in when we consider K-Fed the better parent.

2571 days ago


I'm no fan of Brit or her "parenting", but I find it odd that KFed's lawyer is dictating how she can visit with her kids. ????

2571 days ago

Emily S    

Yea, this is just going to show the judge exactly how much she cares about her kids. She wasnt even there to visit with them - her own children!! As a mother of two boys myself, and a 3rd on the way, I cannot imagine being in her shoes and having my kids taken away from me. BUT, I do know that I would be doing everything in my power to get them back and to see them as much as possible before then. She is a poor excuse for a mother. They should sterilize her so she cant ruin any more kids' lives!

2571 days ago


It is a mistake to compare her to Anna Nicole when she really resembles Virgie Arthur.

2571 days ago

Emily S    

And I have to add - I agree with a previous poster here.. she loved the idea of having kids. They are cute and fun.. until you have to take care of them. Think before you procreate!!!

2571 days ago


Maybe Brit has some other secrets, otherwise why would she not welcome the thought of having her kids " home " with her . A GOOD MOTHER would be cooperating with court orders and doing whatever she needs to so she can be a part of her kids lives again. So sad to see such young children in the middle of a huge battle and not having a really safe place they can be , they need stability not entertainment at a hotel .

2571 days ago

John Stone    

[i]I'm no fan of Brit or her "parenting", but I find it odd that KFed's lawyer is dictating how she can visit with her kids. ????[/i]

It's her actions that are dictating that.

2571 days ago

Margaret Eire    

It is apparent that Britney Spears has no desire to be a mother to the little boys. The story is still out on the dad, but at least he has demonstrated a little more maturity by staying out of the daily tabloids. The press needs to put her in "file 13" starting today and she might get the message that she is just another fading news item. If she doesn't want the little boys, then she should tell the court and give up her parental rights now.

2571 days ago

Your Choice to be Famous    

God, no one can accidentally be this screwed up. She's got be seeing all this as publicity (as in "there's no such thing as bad publicity). She has no concept of putting her children's needs ahead of her own. All she's concerned with is partying, pigging out, tanning, drugs, alcohol, and keeping her face on the front page. Her kids only seem to enter the equation as fashionable appendages. When K-Fed is the lesser of two evils, well, what more can you say? Hopefully, he can grow up in a hurry and learn to be a full-time father and not just a "baby-daddy."

2571 days ago

BGH Quiz    

Maybe she just doesn't want strangers in her home. They should shove it with the coach.

2571 days ago

married with children    

If Brittany didn't have a penny to her name, she would be back in (Is it Louisianna, I forget)
rasing her two boys, having KFed run out on her probably before the kids were even born.

2571 days ago


Alright you brit-twits this is your queen, follow her and her ways and you too can be a future trainwreck. STOP BUYING HER MUSIC & VIDEOS and SHE WILL CHANGE, lets help her come back down to planet Earth cause girl is a space-case.

2571 days ago

married with children    

Mamlee, you got that right! He probably is spending little time with them now because he has a nanny. Most of the mothers in Hollywood do, but they aren't famous enough for us to see every move they make.

2571 days ago

TMZ reader    

I can totally understand why she wants to be at a hotel! I suspect that she doesn't want to be alone, which is a good thing. That's better than isolating herself. I'm also betting that being at home reminds her that her kids are not around and it's very painful for her to deal with.

2571 days ago
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