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Britney Spears -- Hotel Mommy

10/6/2007 3:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Multiple sources tell TMZ that Britney's first scheduled visit with her children since being stripped of custody was a disaster.

We're told Spears was to have a scheduled visit with her kids at 10:00 AM Thursday, surrendering the kids to K-Fed later that day. Sources say on Wednesday night, Britney decided she wouldn't see her children at either of her homes -- instead, she wanted to visit with her kids at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. We're told K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, went ballistic.

The way we understand it, a parenting coach was supposed to be present for the visit, and Kaplan felt it was appropriate for the coach to counsel Britney on how to take care of her kids at home -- not at a hotel.

We're told Spears, who checked into the Beverly Wilshire Hotel at 6:00 PM Wednesday and then checked out at 2:00 AM Thursday, went back to her Malibu home and decided not to fight for her desire for a hotel visit with her children.

At 10:00 AM Thursday, the scheduled time for visitation, a K-Fed bodyguard arrived at Brit's Malibu home and rang the buzzer. He waited forty minutes -- but no one came out. With the kids inside the car, we're told the plug was finally pulled and they all went back to K-Fed's.


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I agree with Elle, Brittany is doing this on purpose. The reason she's changing hotels every night???>.. well she gets all the attention when she keeps moving, who's gonna take pics of her if she stays in the same hotel and room? She's been seen partying with these "badgering" photographers, and IF she was upset with them hounding her, she'd be MAD (as you've seen so many other celebs), but she's not she's smiling and laughing and puttingon her show.
Those babies are just in her way, and from her actions, it's clear she doesn't want them but when it's convenient to her.
As far as visitation in the hotel, that's a load of crap. The kids need something stable, If Mom can't act stable, they should at least get surroundings they are familiar with.
It's pathetic that so many of you think she's being mistreated, you cheer her on, she continues her actions, and indirectly your support will kill her. You'll soon have no "Brit Brit" to worship. Be proud.

2552 days ago

800 pound gorilla fart    

Hey , Harv , Britney just farted on wilshire Blvd. Hurry .....Hurry just might catch the final whiff !

2552 days ago


Oh My God.. She left her kids sitting in a car waiting to see her and wouldn't even open the door.

As someone who tried for years to have kids and couldn't, I think it is a shame SHE was able to conceive.

2552 days ago


I think there's something in her homes that she doesn't want outsiders to see.

2552 days ago

married with children    

Margaret Eire, KFed couldn't get a tabloid interested in him if he paid them!

2552 days ago

married with children    

Yeah right, all we want to see is KFed's ugly, no-talented, money-grubbing face plastered all over the tabloids. We've seen enough dead-beat dads already. And he is definitely a dead-beat dad who found his way into two female stars beds!

2552 days ago


mamalee- - You said it great and I couldn't have said it better. Something happened to this girl over the last several years that hurt her very, very badly. She was a nice girl, very pretty, had the whole world at her feet. Now it's like she is a completely different person. Everyone stop judging and calling her names. You guys don't know the whole story and probably never will. She is still very young, and her boys are just infants. Hopefully she can work through whatever she is going through and go on to be a great mother and a contributing, functioning member of society.

2552 days ago

Allred Tree    

Where is the poor little dog she was carting around with her the other day? Can you imagine how her little boys felt? I wonder if they were looking forward to seeing "mommy dearest?" But too bad for them - she leaves them outside with a bodyguard for 40 minutes until they finally left. Were the poor kids crying and disappointed or secretly rejoicing that they didn't have to see this lame excuse for a mother?

2552 days ago


I cannot understand how such a nutcase like Mrs. Spears is not in a psychiatric ward yet. It is disgusting to watch her dumb, careless, and out of touch with reality actions every day. I feel so sorry for the boys - what they will find out about their mother later in life and to what they have been exposed to while they were with her - how will this impact their lives ?

If she would not be so famous (for what ? Having musical sex shows on stage and behaving like a slut ???) such a person would be considered trash. I hope the children stay with their Dad, who hopefully grows into a matured person through the challenges and I hope that this on all levels disgusting dumb nut gets eventually a reality check - either in a psychiatric hospital or in prison.

2552 days ago

married with children    

Hey Cat, isn't it time for you to change your "kitty litter"?

2552 days ago

married with children    

If you have to live with the "Snapparrazi" constantly in your face, isn't the best way to deal with it, embracing it?

2552 days ago


She goes to hotels so she can do drugs without being turned in by staff at her houses.
What's wrong with her besides being a drug addict? The fame ho can't get enough of the paps. Gimmie more, it's all about ME. There's nothing left to give the kids. SHE needs all the attention herself. She's a pathologically self obsessed narcissist.

2552 days ago


Deadbeat dads don't visit their kids. This guy wants to make sure they're safe from nutcase mom. I've never been a fan of KFed, but he is acting more responsible at this time, even if he does have a nanny take care of them. At least they're not jetting everywhere so mom can get photo ops and being kept up all night going for fast food at 11pm.
Brittany needs psychiatric help. I only hope she will listen to someone who wants to help her get WELL, and not listen to those of you condoning her bizzare behavior.
As far as KFed getting child support..... well, if he's the one taking care of the kids because mom's too irresponsible, then he should get it.
Otherwise, it's Brittany that's the DEADBEAT MOM.

2552 days ago

married with children    

"Where is the Dog" need to catch up on all the news, it wasn't Brittany's choice to not see the kids.......where have you been........under a rock?

2552 days ago

married with children    

Don't tell me u believe that crap! KFed , home taking care of the kids, Come on, just how old are you? MONEY>>>>>>>>>>>>and grubby little hands!

2552 days ago
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